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The bestseller report compiled monthly by NLS combines information taken from the bestseller lists of the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Bestsellers are included in the report when they appear on one of the above bestseller lists for a month or more.

The acronyms used for newspapers and book clubs in the NLS bestseller report are

LAT - Los Angeles Times
NYT - New York Times
WP - Washington Post

The November 2017 Bestsellers List


Fiction Bestsellers

Burning Girl, The Messud, Claire LAT DB
Cuban Affair, The Demille, Nelson WP/LAT/NYT DB 89340
Deep Freeze Sandford, John WP/LAT/NYT DB 89136/BR 22080
Don't Let Go Coben, Harlan WP/LAT/NYT DB 89453/BR
Enemy of the State Mills, Kyle WP/LAT/NYT DB
Fairytale Steel, Danielle WP/NYT DB
Fresh Complaint Eugenides, Jeffrey LAT DB 89516
Glass Houses Penny, Louise LAT/NYT BR
Good Daughter, The Slaughter, Karin NYT BR 22063
Late Show, The Connelly, Michael WP/LAT/NYT BR 22065
Manhattan Beach Egan, Jennifer WP/LAT/NYT DB 89445
Merry and Bright Macomber, Debbie WP DB 89198
Right Time, The Steel, Danielle NYT DB
Room of White Fire, The Parker, T. Jefferson LAT DB 89418
Rooster Bar, The Grisham, John WP/LAT/NYT DB 89359/BR
Rules of Magic, The Hoffman, Alice LAT DB 89446/BR
Sleeping Beauties King, Stephen WP/LAT/NYT DB 89381
To Be Where You Are Karon, Jan WP/NYT BR
Two Kinds of Truth Connelly, Michael WP/NYT DB 89408
Uncommon Type Hanks, Tom WP/LAT/NYT DB 89526

Nonfiction Bestsellers

American Spirit, The McCullough, David WP/LAT/NYT DB 89507
Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans Kilmeade, Brian WP/LAT/NYT DB
Anxious for Nothing Lucado, Max WP DB
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry Tyson, Neil deGrasse WP/LAT/NYT DB
Autobiography of Gucci Mane, The Mane, Gucci NYT DB 89458
Autumn Knausgaard, Karl Ove LAT DB
Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Civil War Fisher, David NYT DB
Blindsided Ferraro, James LAT DB
Bobby Kennedy Matthews, Chris WP/NYT Pending
Capital Gaines Gaines, Chip WP DB
Colony in a Nation, A Hayes, Chris NYT DB
Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, The Lee, Bandy X. LAT/NYT DB 89425
Devotion Smith, Patti LAT DB 89497
Endurance Kelly, Scott WP/NYT DB 89525
Fantasyland Andersen, Kurt WP/LAT/NYT DB 89375
From Here to Eternity Doughty, Caitlin LAT DB
Grant Chernow, Ron WP/LAT/NYT DB 89541
Hue 1968 Bowden, Mark LAT/NYT DB
Leonardo da Vinci Isaacson, Walter WP/LAT/NYT DB
Martin Luther Metaxas, Eric NYT DB 89353
No Is Not Enough Klein, Naomi NYT DB
Principles Dalio, Ray WP DB
Scalia Speaks Scalia, Antonin WP DB 89521
Sisters First Hager, Jenna Bush WP/NYT DB
Sun and Her Flowers, The Kaur, Rupi WP/NYT DB/BR
TB12 Method, The Brady, Tom WP DB 89475
Thanks, Obama Litt, David WP DB
Unbelievable Tur, Katy WP/LAT/NYT DB
Vietnam War, The Ward, Geoffrey C. NYT DB 89374
We Were Eight Years in Power Coates, Ta-Nehisi NYT DB 89524
We're Going to Need More Wine Union, Gabrielle WP/NYT DB
Wisdom of Sundays, The Winfrey, Oprah WP DB
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me Alexie, Sherman LAT/NYT DB/BR

Key to Status   Status Meaning
On Order   The book has been ordered and is under consideration for addition to the collection.
BR and/or DB with no number   The book has been selected for inclusion in the collection and the media for production has been determined: BR denotes braille, DB denotes digital audio
BR and/orDB with a number   The book has been assigned to a producer and the book is on the current copy allotment list or will be on the next copy allotment list. Numbered books on this list will not appear on the next bestseller list.
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