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For the Public - Town Records Index
The primary purpose of this index is to provide a composite tool for locating diverse NH resources of genealogically related material available at the New Hampshire State Library. The current compilation contains the following information for each town:


Dates for Town Report:

*Availability of vital statistics in Town Reports: Yes or No

Compiled Town Vital Records: Yes or No Call No. Date

City Directories: Yes or No Call No. Date

Published Town History: Yes or No

Cemetery Records: Yes or No Call No.

Town Register: Yes or No Call No. Date

Quick Links to:

History & Genealogy NH Index to newspapers & periodical citations NH Municipal Information MapQuest or MapBlast

* Vital statistics for each town were required by law to be published in the town reports between 1889-1937; many towns continue to publish abbreviated vital statistics to the present day. If a town is listed as "yes" for vital statistics it means that the town has continued to publish its vital statistics in the town reports.

Select the city or town from an alphabetical list

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