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For Librarians - Services to NH Libraries - Van Delivery Service - Fact Sheet
To receive any type of van delivery service a library must be an active member of NHAIS.


The goal of the State Library's van delivery service is to facilitate the exchange of interlibrary loan materials between NH libraries. The State Library uses state and federal funds to provide a free van delivery service to the majority of NH's libraries as often as feasible. The availability of funding does not always keep pace with the increase in library resource sharing in an ever-growing state. State Library staff will do their best to provide timely van delivery service to NHAIS libraries with the resources available to us.

Van Service via Drop Off Library

Any type of library can receive van service indirectly via a drop off library.

Items received and sent to the library are addressed to the library via a library that already receives van service. The library must travel on a weekly basis to the library receiving van service to pick up and deliver materials.

To do so, the library must first receive permission from the library receiving van service, and then contact Reference and Information Services Section of the State Library.

Direct Van Service

In general, only public libraries receive direct van service. There are exceptions.

To determine if a public library is eligible to receive direct van service and/or to determine the number of van stops a library should receive in a week, several factors are examined.

The most current Interlibrary Loan statistics as published in Public Library Statistics and/or the ILL statistics provided by NHAIS are reviewed to determine the total number of annual ILL transactions (number of books borrowed plus the number of books loaned) for a library.

Other major factors used to determine the number of stops a library receives each week are the geographic location, the number of stops that other libraries receive in the same area and available NH State Library staff to provide the service.

For questions about the Van Delivery Service please contact Charles Shipman (271-3302) or Diana DeCota (271-2206).


This project is made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Sciences

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