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For Librarians - Library Laws
Chapter 5
Local Government Records Management Improvement Program
5:47 Definitions
5:48 Fund established
5:49 Duties of Local Government Records Manager; Position established
5:50 Grants Review Committee
5:51 Grants for Local Government Improvement
Chapter 20
Publication and Distribution of Bills, Joint Resolutions, Legislative Manual, Statutues, Journals, and Reports
20:1 Laws
20:1-a -Advance Printing and Distribution of Acts and Resolves
20:2-b Revised Statutes Annotated
20:3 Daily Journals
20:3-a Permanent Journals
20:3-b Indexing by state librarian
20:4 Bills and Resolutions
20:5 Manual
20:9 State and Provincial Records
20:10 Distribution of Records
20:11 Distribution of Publications and Reports
20:12 Distribution Discontinued
20:13 Disposition of Books and Reports
Chapter 21
Definition of NH Resident
21:6 Resident; Inhabitant
21:6-a Residence
Chapter 31
Powers and Duties of Towns
31:9-a Sponsoring Certain Benefits Trust Funds
31:19 In General
31:19-a Trust Funds Created by Towns
31:19-b Deferred Compensation Plan Trusts
31:25 Custody; Investments
31:25-a Retention of Nonlegal Securities
31:25-b Prudent Investment Defined
31:25-c Report to the Attorney General
31:26 Investments by Single Trustee
31:27 Collective Investments
31:36 Deposits Power to Make Bylaws
31:39 Purpose and Penalties
31:39-a Conflict of Interest Ordinances Town Central Purchasing Department
31:59-a Authority Granted
31:59-b Purchasing Agent
31:59-c Definitions
31:59-d Application of Subdivision Miscellaneous
31:95 Budget
31:95-b Appropriation for Funds Made Available During Year
31:95-f Geographic Information System
31:95-g Option to Assign Appraisal Responsibility Liability for Damages Limited, Indemnification, Insurance
31:104 Liability of Municipal Executive
31:105 Indemnification for Damages
31:106 Indemnification; Civil Rights Suits
31:107 Purchase of Insurance
31:108 Attachment, Trustee Process Prohibit
Chapter 32
Municipal Budget Law
Chapter 33-A
Disposition of Municipal Record

Chapter 41

Town Officers

41:6 Surety Bond Required Town Clerk
41:20 Reports on Public Libraries
41:21 --Library Defined
41:22 Reports for State Library
41:23 Penalty for Failure to Make or Supply Preservation of Public Records, Books and Documents of Towns
41:58 Deposit with Clerk
41:59 Care and Preservation
41:60 Copying Records
41:61 Inspection
41:62 Books and Pamphlets
41:63 Delivery by Clerk
41:64 Old Records Copied by State
41:65 Unrecorded Documents
41:66 Copies Evidence
41:67 Certification
41:68 Unauthorized Destruction; Penalty

Chapter 91-A
Access to Public Records and Meetings
Chapter 155
Definitions for Public Accommondations; Indoor Smoking Act
Bylaws and Inspection
155:1 Bylaws
155:2 Regulations
155:2-a Double Door Safety
155:3 Inspection Requiring Alterations
155:4 Procedure; Orders
155:5 Appeal from Orders
155:6 Penalty for Violation of Orders Places of Public Accommodations; Physically Disabled Persons
155:39-a Definition of Place of Public Accommodation
155:39-b Public Accommodations Discrimination
155:39-c Existing Facilities; Public Accommodations
155:39-d Public Accommodations Constructed After January 1, 1992 Indoor Smoking Act
155:64 Purpose
155:65 Definitions
155:66 Smoking Prohibited
155:67 Exemptions
155:68 Written Policies
155:69 Smoking-Permitted Areas; Procedures
155:70 Signs
155:71 Rulemaking
155:72 Retaliation; Applicability
155:73 Noncompliance
155:74 Complaints; Investigations; Confidentiality
155:75 Waiver
Chapter 155-A
Construction and Inspection of Public Buildings
Chapter 201-A
The State Library
Chapter 201-B
Interstate Library Compact
Chapter 201-D
Statewide Library Development System
Chapter 201-E
Museum Property Act
Chapter 202-A
Public Libraries
Chapter 202-B
Distribution of Public Documents
Chapter 276-A
Youth Employment Laws
Chapter 277
Safety and Health of Employees
277:1-b Definitions Maintenance of First Aide Equipment, Appliances, etc
277:6 Medical Chests
277:7 Penalty
277:10 Sanitation, Provision for
277:11 Safeguards
277:12 Interference with. Inspections and Orders by Commissioner
277:13 Inspection
277:13-a Petition for Inspection
Chapter 279
Minimum Wage
279:21 Minimum Hourly Rate
279:27 Records of Hours and Wages
Chapter 352
Authors' and Artists' Productions
Chapter 508
Limitation of Actions
508:17 Volunteers; Nonprofit Organizations; Liability Limited
Chapter 633
Interference with Freedom
633:3-a Stalking
Chapter 643
Abuse of Office
Chapter 644
Breaches of the Peace and Related Offenses
Disorderly Conduct
644:2 Disorderly Conduct
644:2-a Exposing the Public to Toxic Biological or Chemical Substances False Public Alarms
644:3 False Public Alarms Harassment
644:4 Harassment Loitering or Prowling
644:6 Loitering or Prowling
Chapter 645
Public Indecency
645:1 Indecent Exposure and Lewdness
Chapter 650
Obscene Matter
Chapter 651
Section 651:1 Applicability
Section 651:2 Sentences and Limitations
Chapter 664
Political Advertising
644:17 Placement and Removal of Political Advertising
Chapter 669
Town Elections
669.16 Optional Officers to be Elected by Ballot; Interim Officers. Officers Elected
669.75 Vacancies in Other Offices
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Town of Littleton v. Kathyrn Taylor April 12, 1994

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