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Library Services and Technology Act Five Year Plan, 2002 - 2007 (October 2002) - TOC - Timeframe

Since LSTA was put into place in 1997, statewide services provided by the New Hampshire State Library have increased dramatically. The highest priority in this Five-Year Plan is to achieve the greatest impact. The New Hampshire State Library has demonstrated that it can take small amounts of money and maximize the impact via statewide services. It is this successful past model of spending federal funds for widespread use of proven services coupled with supporting local innovation that guides the timing of objective implementation in this plan.

In this era of rapidly changing technology and exploitation of the many opportunities which lie before us, care will be taken to appropriate federal funds that will ensure New Hampshire's libraries maintain a momentum of technological and service oriented success in the 21st century. This program of LSTA in New Hampshire encompasses five years, while not targeting any specific year(s) for goals and objectives to be reached in order to establish a consistent level of goal fulfillment. It is highly possible that some programs may even extend beyond the timeframe of the plan as LSTA goals nurture and develop the best innovations until they become an accepted part of library practice in New Hampshire.

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