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Library Services and Technology Act Five Year Plan, 2002 - 2007 (October 2002) - TOC - Stakeholder Involvement and the Implementation Process

It was with considerable optimism and enthusiasm that the State Library embarked on the identification process of statewide initiatives that would form the foundation of its Five-Year Plan. Statewide benefit and impact for all New Hampshire libraries propelled stakeholder involvement and implementation strategies. The New Hampshire State Library Advisory Council (NHSLAC) and the New Hampshire Automated Information System (NHAIS) Board have produced a Five Year Plan that defines future priorities and strives to carry the progress and momentum of success established in the past five years. In many ways this working document builds upon a long and proud tradition of excellence and dedicated service to library communities of all kinds.

The NHSLAC and NHAIS Board reflect the characteristics of New Hampshire libraries and its people. These are the two groups that are in place to gauge stakeholder needs. These groups are the State Library's "ears to the rails" to assess the needs of New Hampshire library communities. The NHSLAC will ensure that the Five-Year Plan is executed according to intended directions and priorities. Using federal funds, the New Hampshire State Library will develop programs that will assist New Hampshire libraries in enhanced services that would not be possible given current funding at the state and local level.

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