Books About New Hampshire
Very Poor And Of A Lo Make: The Journal Of Abner Sanger, Covering The Years 1774-1782 In Keene, New Hampshire, And 1791-1794 In Dublin, New Hampshire

Stabler, Lois, K., editor
(Peter E. Randall, 1986)

The journal of Abner Sanger has been transcribed in its entirety from the manuscript copy in the Library of Congress. Sanger was a common man, who played no significant role in the settlement of his community. He was literate, well read & well informed about current affairs. He wrote about food, clothing, education & literature; illness & medicine, & house and tools. The journal refers to more than a thousand people, for many of whom the editor has supplied biographical notes. This is a good social history of an important period in American history.
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Books About New Hampshire