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Birth Of The Republican Party
Gregg, Hugh & Georgi Hippauf
(Resources of New Hampshire, Inc., 1995)

Where was the first meeting of what became the Republican Party? This book presents an irrefutable case that it was New Hampshire. The Birth of the Republican Party is a summary of research into the life of Amos Tuck, a Congressman from Exeter, N.H.. It documents how he initiated a movement in 1845, which grew into the founding of the Republican Party on October 12, 1853, at a meeting in Exeter, a year before any dates claimed by other states.

The Candidates: See How They Run
Gregg, Hugh
(Resources of NH Inc., 1990)

An insider's view of the Republican presidential primary in the Granite State. Former Governor Hugh Gregg was N.H. campaign manager for George Bush, Ronald Reagan & Nelson Rockefeller. He recounts his memories of those campaigns. The second part of the book deals with the election process, how a campaign organization works & the merits of keeping the N.H. primary as the first in the nation.

Church & State: The Struggle For Separation In New Hampshire, 1630-1900
Kinney, Charles B., Jr.
(Columbia, 1955)

Scholarly study of a long-standing problem stemming from the early days of settlement.

The Fear Brokers
McIntyre, Thomas J.
(Pilgrim Press, 1979)

From 1962 to 1978, McIntyre was N.H.'s United States Senator. In this book he discusses the forces & personalities of the New Right across the nation, focusing particularly on the struggle in his home state.

First In The Nation: New Hampshire And The Premier Presidential Primary
Brereton, Charles
(Peter E. Randall, 1987)

A history of the N.H. primary from 1952 to 1984. Anecdotes about the personalities involved in the campaigns make interesting reading.

First Primary: Presidential Politics In New Hampshire
(Union Leader Corporation, 1987)

A complete chronicle of N.H.'s 'first in the nation primary', taken from contemporary newspaper accounts & supplemented with written text & graphs.

Grass Roots: One Year In The Life Of The New Hampshire Presidential Primary
Duncan, Dayton
(Viking, 1991)

The efforts of volunteers who work tirelessly in election campaigns are often forgotten after the election is over. Dayton Duncan tries to remedy this by interviewing those people in Cheshire County, N.H., who worked in the 1988 presidential election. He describes the various "grass roots" tasks they performed, such as operating phone banks, mailing campaign literature & canvassing door-to-door & the motivations that led them to become involved in campaign politics.

Hart And Soul: Gary Hart's New Hampshire Odyssey And Beyond
Casey, Susan Berry
(NHI Press, 1986)

The author, who was co-director of Gary Hart's 1984 presidential primary campaign in N.H., gives an insider's account of that campaign.

Judicial Beginnings In New Hampshire, 1640-1700
Page, Elwin L.
(New Hampshire Historical Society, 1959)

The lawyer as well as the layman will enjoy the excellent "side-lights" on social history, & upon the independent economic & political ideas of the early settlers, more than a century prior to the American revolution.

The Liberty Key: The Story Of The New Hampshire Constitution
Rosal, Lorenca Consuelo
(Equity Publishing, 1986)

Prepared as part of the New Hampshire Constitutional Literacy Program as classroom materials to help N.H. students & teachers explore the history & principles of the New Hampshire Constitution.

Media And Momentum: The New Hampshire Primary And Nomination Politics
Orren, Gary R. & Nelson W. Polsby (editors)
(Chatham House Publishers, 1987)

The essays in this volume discuss presidential election news coverage & its effects on the candidates & their campaigns. The authors explain how & why the N.H. primary has become the most influential single event in the presidential nominating process. One chapter examines the Manchester Union Leader and its influence on the N.H. primary.

A New Constitution For New Hampshire?
Dishman, Robert B.
(University of New Hampshire, 1956)

A study of the New Hampshire constitution.

New Hampshire: The State That Made Us A Nation: A Celebration Of The Bicentennial Of The United States Constitution
(Peter E. Randall, 1989)

This volume discusses the state's ratification process & records N.H.'s observance of the 200th anniversary of the United States Constitution. A chapter reports on the commission's work through many activities & efforts to bring a greater awareness of the constitution to the people of N.H.

New Hampshire Presidential Primary Rulebook
(Primary Watchers, Inc., 1983)

Combined effort of N.H. illustrator, Mel Bolden, radio personality, David Wysocki & lawyer, Charles Russell, has produced this book of political cartoons on the N.H. presidential primary.

The New Hampshire Primary And The American Electoral Process
Palmer, Niall A.
(Praeger, 1997)

This book summarizes the history of the New Hampshire Primary, and its significance in the process of electing the president of the United States. Despite efforts by other states to change its position, New Hampshire is still the first in the nation to hold its presidential primary. Since the advent of television, the New Hampshire Primary has gained national attention. The author analyzes the effect of the news media on the political process.

The New Hampshire Primer: An Almost Fool-Proof Guide For Winning The New Hampshire Primary
Beagle, M.J.
(Moose Country Press, 1995)

A dog's eye view of the New Hampshire primary. M.J. Beagle takes a humorous look at the presidential primary, its history, including how Franklin Pierce got elected without really trying.

New Hampshire Votes
Brereton, Charles
 (the author, 1989)

Compilation of N.H. voting statistics covering state primaries & general elections from 1978 through 1988.

Patriots, Pirates, Politicians And Profit Seekers: New Hampshire Cases And The United States Supreme Court
Blanchard, Joan M. and Martin J. Bender
(New Hampshire Bar Association Law-Related Education Program, 1996)

This book presents New Hampshire cases argued in the United States Supreme Court, many of which have made constitutional history. Cases include rights of privateers in the American Revolution, boundary disputes, sales of alcoholic beverages in the 1840s, commuter taxes, and pink margarine. Written by former librarian Joan Blanchard, and attorney Martin Bender, this work was designed to be used in New Hampshire high schools.

Printers, The People & Politics: The New Hampshire Press And Ratification
Clark, Charles E.
(New Hampshire Humanities Council, 1989)

Two hundred years ago when N.H. had to decide whether to ratify the proposed federal constitution, people were informed by newspaper articles. Twenty articles from that time are reprinted here with an explanatory introduction to each one.

The Progressive Yankees: Republican Reformers In New Hampshire, 1906-1916
Wright, James
(University Press of New England, 1987)

This book describes the individuals who led the progressive movement in the N.H. Republican Party, their successful efforts to elect Robert Perkins Bass as governor & the reforms his administration brought about in the short time before the movement was splintered by political differences.

Project Valiant: Presidential Politicking In The New Hampshire Primaries
Doerschuck, Georgiana
(First Amendment Press, 1995)

The author, a Presidential candidate in the 1992 elections, takes us behind the scenes of the New Hampshire primary. In this personal account, she records her honest observations and opinions, and describes the strategies and struggles of the participants.

Protect The President, And Other Outrageous Editorials From The Ultra-Right Newspaper Publisher, William Leob
Mayer, Andrew, editor
(Intervale Publishing Company, 1979)

This collection of editorials from the Manchester Union Leader are accompanied by cartoons drawn by Donald D. Johnson

Seabrook Station: Citizen Politics And Nuclear Power
Bedford, Henry F.
(University of Massachusetts Press, 1990)

The decision of Public Service Company of New Hampshire to build twin nuclear reactors in Seabrook, N.H. set off a prolonged battle. This book describes the effort to construct, license,& operate the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant & provides a lucid account of that struggle. A story of bureaucratic incompetence, political interference & public frustration.

A Tall State Revisited: A Republican Perspective
Gregg, Hugh
(Resources of New Hampshire, 1993)

Former Governor Gregg, an active leader in Republican politics, reviews the events leading up to the 1992 presidential primary election in N.H. He sees the continuing displacement of grassroots involvement in favor of professional control adversely affecting the outcome of presidential elections. The results of all N.H. primary elections from 1952 through 1992, along with a complete list of all delegates to the national conventions during that period are contained in an appendix.

To This Day: The 300 Years Of The New Hampshire Legislature
Anderson, Leon
(Phoenix Publishing, 1981)

The evolution of the 3d largest legislative body in the free world. skip navigation
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