Books About New Hampshire
Poetry and Drama
Ad Hoc Monadnock: A Literary Anthology
(Monadnock Writers' Group, 1995)

Prose and poetry written by residents, or with some relationship to the Monadnock area.

After The Revolution: A Collage For Town Voices
Magidson, David J.
(Peter E. Randall, 1987)

This play, which was first presented to the N.H. legislature in 1976, dramatizes the debates in Exeter & Concord, N.H. in 1788 on the Federal Constitution. This book has been published as part of the bicentennial celebration of the United States Constitution.

An Anthology Of New Hampshire Poetry New Hampshire Federation of Women's Clubs
(Clarke Press, 1938)

"All the poems have been written by people associated with our own state".

As Does New Hampshire, And Other Poems
Sarton, May
(William L. Bauhan, 1987)

Revised edition of a work first published in 1967. In these poems the author celebrates the land, the people & the changing seasons of the upland N.H. village where she lived for many years.

Beginning At The Williams Monument: The Poems Of Heman Chase
Chase, Heman
(William L. Bauhan, 1981)

A lifetime of surveying land, people & events in N.H. & VT is reflected in this N.H. poet's first published collection.

The Chickadees Come, And Other Poems
Unwin, Nora
(Partridge Press, 1977)

A collection of poems by the well-known illustrator. Illustrated with woodcuts by the author.

Chocorua And Other Poems
Whitman, Cedric
(William L. Bauhan, 1983)

After Whitman climbed Mt. Chocorua for the first time in 1943, he began writing the poem based on the legend of the N.H. mountain & the Indian chief who jumped to his death from the mountain top.

Collected Poems
Frost, Robert
(Holt, 1942)

The sections entitled North of Boston, Mountain Interval & New Hampshire, have poems about N.H.

Complete Poetical Works
Whittier, John G.
(Houghton, 1894)

Many of Whittier's poems are based on N.H. legends; - The Bride of Penacook, Mary Garvin, Truce of Piscataqua, How the Women Went From Dover.

Cora Fry
Brown, Rosellen
(Unicorn Press, 1988)

First published in 1977 & out of print for many years, this collection of poems depicts a woman's life in a small N.H. village.

Cora Fry's Pillow Book
Brown, Rosellen
(Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1994)

Cora Fry, published in 1977, was a collection of poems written about a New Hampshire woman and her life. In Cora Fry's Pillow Book, the poet returns to the fictional town of Oxford, NH, to find out what has changed and what has stayed the same for Cora Fry and her family.

A Dartmouth Reader
Brown, Frances, editor
(Dartmouth Publications, 1969)

Fiction, nonfiction & poetry are included in this anthology which gives the reader a feeling for what life has been like at Dartmouth.

Discoveries And Inventions
McKaye, Percy
(Warner Press, 1950)

Poetic recollections by the author on events in the 66 years of his life, 1883-1949. The author lived in Plainfield.

The Faces Of Americans In 1853
McNair, Wesley
(University of Missouri Press, 1983)

This collection of poems leads us on a dark journey into the pasts of northern N.E., the nation & the poet. Winner of the Devins Award for Poetry.

A Fatherless Country
Link, William R.
(William L. Bauhan, 1979)

This Dublin, N.H. author has used his experience of life in N.H. as themes for this collection of poems previously published in Apple Tree Review.

Grandmother's Quilt
Buffler, Esther
(Golden Quill Press, 1988)

Collection of poems by the author of String of Beads. In the title poem, the author recalls her childhood & visits to her grandmother.

Granite Blossoms
Waldron, Hermine
(Waldron, 1983)

According to the author, a resident of Portsmouth N.H., this collection of poems "express aspects of unfolding, in shyness, reflection and passion."

Higher Latitudes
Older, Julia
(Appledore Books, 1995)

Third poetry collection by award-winning poet. These lyrical poems are arranged by themes, Woodland, Village Green, Coastal Waters, and evoke New Hampshire land and seascapes.

I Love This Dark World
Fogel, Alice B.
(Zoland Books, 1996)

In her latest collection of poetry, Fogel writes of elements of the New Hampshire landscape -- snow, trees, deer -- but she looks beyond surfaces, to a sense of spiritual discovery.

In The Orchard
Pratt, Charles W.
(Tidal Press, 1986)

The author moved with his family to a small apple orchard in 1984. From his job, English instructor at Phillips Exeter Academy, he took a year's leave of absence to work the orchard. Out of his experience has come this collection of poems, which dramatize the events of everyday life in rural N.E.

Fowler, William P.
(Bruce Humphries, 1954)

Poems of people, the Isles of Shoals & N.H.'s short sea coast.

Life In The Slow Lane: New Hampshire Verse Light To Medium
Greene, Frank E.
(the author, 1990)

A collection of poems about rural life in N.H. written in a humorous vein by the retired Reverend Greene. Readers will enjoy these, especially one entitled "The traffic lights of Center Harbor."

The Loggers Of Warner
Morrison, Roy
(Essential Book Publishers, 1998)

Collection of prose poems, describing life in a rural community, the activities of friends and neighbors, the birth of his child, and the loggers of Warner.

The Monadnock Writer
(Monadnock Writers Group, 1985)

Poetry, prose, sketches, stories, humor & illustrations by 43 N.H. writers & artists, mostly from the Monadnock region.

Mosaic: Poems Of An Ancient Order
Hirsh, Lester
(Bone & Flesh Publications, 1995)

Collection of lyrical, narrative poems by singer-songwriter Hirsh. Most of the poems deal with relationships. His poem "Reflections; a visit with Jane Kenyon", written after a hospital visit with the poet laureate, reveals her concern for his welfare, despite her own pain.

The Mothering Land; Selected Poems
Mowrer, Paul Scott
(Golden Quill Press, 1960)

The author, a Pulitzer Prize foreign correspondent, lived in Tamworth, N.H. This book, a selection from 6 previous volumes of his verse, contains 8 poems about N.H. & N.E.

Mountain Creed
Nutter, Medora A.
(Morow, 1950)

"...expression of deep feelings for country things in New Hampshire."

The Mountain Maid
Proctor, Edna D.
(Houghton, 1900)

A collection of poems about N.H. by a poetess born in Henniker, N.H.

My Favorite Poems: From My Heart To You
Roberts, Harold A.
(the author, 1995)

A child sleeping in her grandfather's arms, explaining death to a child, the death of a family dog, the injustice of war - these are some of the inspirations of the poems in this book.

New England Harvest
Babcock, Donald C.
(Indiana, 1953)

Poems of rural life.

New Hampshire Literature : A Sampler
Gilmore, Robert C., editor
(University Press of New England, 1981)

Excerpts from historical narratives, diaries, sermons, poems, & short stories combine to tell a story of evolving social attitudes in this anthology of N.H. literature.

Nine Children
Buffler, Esther
(Phineas Press, 1990)

This epic poem has 3 voices: Narrator, Aphrodite & the Children, speaking to us & each other. Jane Dwyer's animated pen-and-ink drawings complement the text.

The Old Life
Hall, Donald
(Houghton Mifflin, 1996)

The title poem, "The Old Life," is autobiographical and takes Hall from his boyhood in New Haven, his summers, and eventual settling in New Hampshire, through his happy second marriage to Jane Kenyon. The shorter poems in this collection includes "without", a heartbreaking lyric that commemorates the illness of his wife.

On Going To Live In New Hampshire
Mowrer, Paul Scott
(Wake-Brook, 1953)

A book of poems.

Our Town
Wilder, Thornton
(Coward-McCann, 1938)

Grover's Corners, scene of this 3-act play, could be any small N.H. town.

Poems For Monadnock
Jack, Cami L. & Jack, William L., editors
(Golden Quill Press, 1993)

A collection of verse about Monadnock by 23 poets, such as Emerson, Whittier, Thoreau, and New Hampshire poets such as William Holmes Davis, and Martha Robinson, a junior high student from Marlborough.

The Poets Of New Hampshire
Chapin, Bela, Compiler
(Adams, 1883)

Specimen poems of 300 poets of the Granite State, with biographical notes.

Ramblin' Round The North Country
Epstein, George
(the author, 1986)

This poetry collection is illustrated with pen & ink drawings of North Country landmarks. The first poem introduces "Mr. North Country," the late Sherman Adams. Other poems included are "New Hampshire's Other Logo" which is an ode to the Old Man of the Mountain ; "A North Country Calendar," celebrating the changing seasons ; "One of summer's delights," about the annoying mosquito ; & "King of the Hills," describing Mount Washington.

The Reminding Salt
Holden, Raymond
(Dodd, 1964)

Mr. Holden here gathers together the poetic fruit of a lifetime of work & thought.

Robert Frost: A Tribute To The Source
Bradley, David
(Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1979)

This attractive book contains Frost's poems inspired by the N.E. landscape. Color photographs complement the text, which examines Frost's life in N.E. & its influence on his poetry.

Run Off
Proctor, A.
(Sunink Publications, 1978)

Poetry from Proctor Academy, in Andover, New Hampshire.

Star Songs: "Two On The Isle"
Firth, Ernestine Bellamy & Gladys Hale Bellamy

Ernestine Firth has spent many summers at the Isles of Shoals. One of her ancestors was Samuel Haley of Smuttynose Island, whose homestead is said to be the oldest house in the State of Maine. The spirit of the Isles come alive in this collection of poems, which includes some sea poems written by her mother, Gladys Hale Bellamy.

String Of Beads
Buffler, Esther
(Golden Quill Press, 1981)

The author, a resident of Portsmouth, N.H. has had a varied career as a writer & actress. She conveys her passion & zest for life in her first book of poetry.

Sunset Wings: Lyrics And Selected Sonnets Of William Plumer Fowler
Fowler, William Plumer
(Peter E. Randall, 1981)

The best lyrics from this N.H. poet's earlier works, Flashing Wings, Granite Ledges, & Landmarks, with 12 new lyrics & sonnets.

Twigs From My Tree
Chase, Edith Newlin
(William L. Bauhan, 1984)

The author, a resident of Alstead, N.H., describes her book as "straight-forward poems for people who want to preserve the old uncomplicated values of country living & a haven for inner peace in a turbulent world."

Unflappable Women
Buffler, Esther
(Golden Quill Press, 1994)

A collection of poems which celebrates the women who have influenced this New Hampshire poet. An epic poem recounts the life of Buffler's mother, a farmer's wife and schoolteacher, who lost her job during the Depression because she was a married woman taking a job away from a man. She resumed teaching during WWII when male teachers were off to war.

Up Country: Poems Of New England
Kumin, Maxine
(Harper & Row, 1972)

All of the poems have a rural setting around the Kumin farm in Warner, N.H.

Verse Eines Amerika - Deutschen: The German And English Poetry Of Gerhard Rudolf Schade
Schade, Gerhard Rudolf
(Peter Lang, 1996)

Schade, who was born in Silesia in 1906, and emigrated to American in 1926, was a German teacher at St. Paul's School, Concord, for 40 years. until his retirement in 1971. He wrote poetry in German and English. This collection includes poems written about New Hampshire, such as "The Last Canterbury, New Hampshire Shaker"; "Hopkinton pasture"; and "Tree on Mount Kearsarge"

The White Hills In Poetry
Musgrove, Eugene R., compiler
(Houghton, 1912)

An anthology "with the spirit of the White Hills as its thread of unity."

Whitton's Well ; 43 Poems
Watson, Albert
(Emerson Spring Press, 1976)

These poems which tell of the people, buildings & ruins of the North Division of Madison, N.H., were written by a man who summered in Madison, N.H.

A Window In New Hampshire
Templeton, Theodora
(Village Press, 1967)

Poems about New Hampshire by a native poet.

Yankee Boundaries
Hurd, Harry Elmore
(John Day, 1946)

N.H. born poet writes of the rural life he knows & loves. skip navigation
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