Books About New Hampshire
People of New Hampshire
Abbott H. Thayer
White, N.C.
(Connecticut Printers, 1951)

Painter & naturalist of the Monadnock region.

American In Europe: The Life Of Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford
Larsen, Egon
(Rider, 1954)

Life of Thompson, creator of the modern theory of heat, inventor of soup kitchens and the kitchen range, the first nutrition expert, and one-time resident of Concord, NH.

Among The White Hills: The Life And Times Of Guy Shorey
Gosselin, Guy
(Peter E. Randall, 1998)

This book contains a biography of noted turn of the century photographer Guy L. Shorey of Gorham, an historic overview of the Gorham-Berlin area and over 200 examples of Shorey's work, both scenic and historic.

Amos Tuck
Corning, Charles R.
(News Letter Press, 1902)

A life of the Exeter , N.H. lawyer & leader of the Republican party who is said to have suggested the name for the party & called its first meeting.

Amy Beach, Passionate Victorian: The Life And Works Of An American Composer, 1867-1944
Block, Adrienne Fried
(Oxford University Press, 1998)

Amy Beach, composer and pianist, was born in Henniker, New Hampshire. She later moved to Boston, where she made her professional debut in 1884. This biography of America's first notable female composer describes her major works, and provides samples of the scores.

Barry Faulkner: Sketches From An Artist's Life
Faulkner, Barry
(William L. Bauhan, 1973)

Barry Faulkner, born in Keene, N.H. in 1881, was one of America's foremost mural painters. These sketches speak of his boyhood, his years of study & the 3 great artists who influenced him, Abbott Thayer, George de Forest Bush & Augustus Saint Gaudens.

Cap. John Mason: The Founder Of New Hampshire
Dean, John Ward
(Prince Society, 1887)

Contains a memoir of Captain Mason's life & times, with a chapter on his ancestors & descendants, along with charters, letters, & documents relating to his explorations.

The Checkered Career Of Tobias Lear
Brighton, Ray
(Portsmouth Marine Society, 1984)

Tobias Lear, a Portsmouth native, was George Washington's secretary from 1786-1799. After the president's death, he was placed in charge of the presidential papers. He was later accused of destroying some papers that might have been embarrassing to some of Washington's associates & enemies.

Colonel John Goffe
Brown, William H.
(L.A. Cummings, 1950)

An influential 18th century N.H. man.

Count Rumford
Bradley, Duane
(Van Nostrand, 1967)

A biography of the talented American scientist and social reformer whose expatriation, animosity and dishonest dealings erased his name from prominence in history.

Count Rumford, Physicist Extraordinary
Brown, Sanborn C.
(Anchor, 1962)

A biography of the scientist, inventor and Tory sympathizer, who lived in Concord, NH.

Dana Of The Sun
Fenton, Alfred H.
(Farrar, 1941)

Young adult biography of New Hampshire native Charles Anderson Dana, influential journalist and owner of the New York Sun.

A Dandelion In Winter: A Story About Ruth Ethel Clement Farr
Titcomb, Esther
(Ruth Ethel Clement Farr Art Fund, 1994)

The author brings to life this eccentric but literate Deering, New Hampshire, woman, in whose memory the Ruth Ethel Clement Farr Art Fund was created. This fund has paid for many artistic performances in that rural community since 1979.

Daniel Webster
Fuess, Claude M.
(Little, Brown, 1930)

"It is my hope...that Daniel Webster will emerge from these pages, not a legendary figure, but a human personage, with weaknesses & shortcomings, perhaps, but also with something of the glorious magnetism which thrilled those whom he met"

Daniel Webster Reader
Rothe, Bertha
(Oceana Publications, 1956)

A handy introduction to N.H.'s most illustrious son. Contains a short biography & text of Webster's most famous orations.

A Decent Boldness: The Lifetime Achievement of Maynard Sundman At Littleton Stamp & Coin Company
O'Traynor, Michael
(Littleton Coin Press, 1995)

When he was a teenager, Maynard Sundman discovered the fascinating hobby of stamp collecting, which, as a young man, he turned into a mail order business. This book tells the story of the Littleton Stamp & Coin Company, which was founded over fifty years ago by Sundman. His wit, determination, and optimistic personality shine through this account of a successful businessman and his New Hampshire-based company.

Depraved: The Shocking True Story Of America's First Serial Killer
Schechter, Harold
(Pocket Books, 1994)

H. H. Holmes, serial killer, carried out his crimes in Chicago during the last quarter of the 19th century. He built a castle style residence with a labyrinth of trap doors and winding passageways, soundproof vaults and torture chambers, where he killed his victims. This "monster of depravity" was born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. His real name was Herman Mudgett. This book describes his life in terrifying detail.

Dick Richardson: Old Time New Hampshire Fiddler
Laufman, Dudley & Corinne Nash
(Historical Society of Cheshire County, 1992)

This book/tape combination documents the life of old time N.H. fiddler Halton "Dick" Richardson who fiddled in both VT & N.H. from 1903 to the 1970s. This book is alive with pictures of Richardson, old Monadnock dance halls, bands & many aspects of rural N.E. life. It provides a whimsical glimpse of the dance world of N.H. earlier in the century. The tape contains some great tunes of the past & reflects the old Yankee fiddling combined with some French-Canadian influence.

Doc: The Story Of Dennis Littky And His Fight For A Better School
Kammeraad-Campbell, Susan
(Contemporary Books, 1989)

The students of Thayer High School, along with their parents, fought to reinstate their principal, Dennis Littky, whose controversial firing by the school board over his unorthodox teaching methods had split the town of Winchester, N.H. into two opposing factions. The author, a journalist, follows the story & reports the results of their efforts.

Drury And St. Paul's; The Scars Of A Schoolmaster
Drury, Roger Wolcott
(Little, Brown, 1964)

A biography of Dr. Samuel Drury, rector of St. Paul's School
(Concord, NH) from 1911 to 1938.

Eleazar Wheelock
McCallum, James D.
(Dartmouth, 1939)

The founder of Dartmouth College who established his Charity School for Indians at Hanover, N.H.

>Elizabeth Abbott Hazeltine, 1733-1834: Reflections Of A Pioneer Lady In Concord, New Hampshire
Brown, Janet & Roger   (The Author, 1998)

Encouraged by their creative writing teacher, the authors researched the life of Elizabeth Hazeltine and the social life of Concord at that time. This book, illustrated by pen and ink sketches, recreates the life and times of Elizabeth, her family, and friends.

Ernest Harold Baynes, Naturalist And Crusader
Gorges, Raymond
(Houghton, 1928)

Naturalist, writer & lecturer, Mr. Baynes was the moving spirit in founding the Meriden Bird Sanctuary.

Fields Of The Atlantic Monthly; Letters To An Editor, 1861-1870
Austin, James C.
(Huntington Library, 1953)

Life of James T. Fields, a native of Portsmouth, NH and editor of the Atlantic Monthly.

Flight Without Wings
Fairlie, Gerard
(Hodder & Stoughton, 1957)

Biography of North Conway, NH, resident Hannes Schneider, who grew up in Austria, became a professional skier, originated new techniques and his own system of teaching the sport, and during World War II taught skiing to American troops.

Frank Jones: King Of The Alemakers
Brighton, Ray
(Peter E. Randall, 1976)

Frank Jones of Portsmouth was his era's largest producer of ale. He became president of the Boston & Maine Railroad, served as Portsmouth's mayor & a Democratic congressman for 4 years.

Franklin Pierce: A Bibliography
Bisson, Wilfred J., compiler
(Greenwood Press, 1993)

Since the administration of Franklin Pierce, who was the only President of the United Sates from New Hampshire, very few scholarly works have been written about him and his administration. However, this title in the Bibliographies of the Presidents of the United States series contains over a hundred pages of manuscripts, books and articles about this "forgotten" president's life and times.

Franklin Pierce: Young Hickory Of The Granite State
Nichols, Roy F.
(University of Pennsylvania Press, 1931)

A straightfoward portrayal of N.H.'s only president with emphasis on his political aims & ideals.

A General Of The Revolution: John Sullivan Of New Hampshire
Whittemore, Charles
(Columbia, 1961)

A balanced & scholarly treatment of a too long neglected figure. Usually embroiled in controversy, Sullivan was one of Washington's most active lieutenants & later governor of N.H.

George H. Moses: A Profile
Gallagher, Edward J.
(Citizen Publishing Company, 1975)

Sketch of Moses, a colorful figure in N.H. politics. He was elected 3 times to the U.S. Senate from 1918-1933 & Ambassador to Greece.

"A Good Poor Man's Wife"
Bushman, Claudia L.
(University Press of New England, 1981)

At the age of 10, Harriet Hanson Robinson went to work in the Lowell Mills. Drawing from her experiences there, she later wrote Loom and spindle, or life among the early mill girls. After her marriage, she became involved in MA politics & women's suffrage.

Governor John Wentworth And The American Revolution: The English Connection
Wilderson, Paul W.
(Univ. Press of New England, 1994)

John Wentworth was the last royal governor of New Hampshire from 1767-1775. To find out why Wentworth broke with his family and native land and became a loyalist, Wilderson examines his life and career and the special connection Wentworth had with England through his distant relative, the Marquis of Rockingham.

Hall Jackson And The Purple Foxglove: Medical Practice And Research In Revolutionary America, 1760-1820
Estes, J. Worth
(University Press of New England, 1979)

Dr. Jackson, a prominent Portsmouth, N.H. physician & surgeon, was responsible for the introduction of digitalis into America. The practice of medicine in 18th century American & Jackson's role in medical research are discussed.

Harlan Fiske Stone: Pillar Of The Law
Mason, Alpheus T.
(Viking, 1957)

Biography of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Stone, who was born in Chesterfield, NH.

Harps In The Wind
Brink, Carol Ryrie
(Macmillian, 1947)

The singing Hutchinsons of Milford, N.H. & their part in the abolitionist movement.

The Healing Revelations Of Mary Baker Eddy: The Rise And Fall Of Christian Science
Gardner, Martin
(Prometheus Books, 1993)

Written with humor & insight, this detailed assessment of Mary Baker Eddy & the international movement of Christian Science will in turn please sceptics & infuriate true believers.

Hopkins Of Dartmouth: The Story Of Ernest Martin Hopkins And His Presidency Of Dartmouth College
Widmayer, Charles E.
(University Press of New England, 1977)

Hopkins, President of Dartmouth College from 1916 to 1945, was a prestigious figure in American higher education. The author focuses on the presidency, but tells us a lot about the man who was a strong advocate for liberal education & academic freedom.

Horace Greeley, Printer, Editor, Crusader
Stoddard, Henry L.
(Putnam, 1946)

Biography of the founder of the New York Tribune, and an early advocate of woman's rights, who came from a poor home in New Hampshire, and rose to prominence in the New York of the mid-nineteenth century.

I Conquered My Mountain: The Autobiography Of Ellen Crawford Teague
Teague, Ellen Crawford
(Phoenix Publishing, 1982)

The author was the wife of Arthur Teague, manager & owner of the Mt. Washington Cog Railway. Her story, her triumphs & tragedies, are intertwined with those of the railway.

"I Touch The Future...": The Story Of Christa McAuliffe
Hohler, Robert T.
(Random House, 1986)

Christa McAuliffe, a Concord High School teacher, was selected by the National Aeronautics & Space Administration to be the first teacher in space. Concord Monitor reporter Hohler, covered the story for his newspaper & interviewed her almost daily during the 7 months of her training. This biography describes her life before & after her application to NASA, the intense months of preparation, the effect on her family, the unrelenting media attention & finally the Challenger shuttle tragedy that shocked the world.

Inside Peyton Place: The Life Of Grace Metalious
Toth, Emily
(Doubleday, 1981)

Toth has written a complete & sympathetic account of the life of Grace Metalious, whose book, Peyton Place, shocked the people of N.H. when it was published in the 1950's.

James Franklin Gilman, Nineteenth Century Painter
Dawson, Adele G.
(Phoenix Publishing, 1975)

Gilman was an itinerant artist who traveled throughout N. E. & left behind in his paintings a record of the life in N.E. villages. For a short time he lived in Concord, N.H., became friends with Mary Baker Eddy & illustrated her book, Christ and Christmas.

Jeremy Belknap: A Biography
Kirsch, George B.
(Arno Press, 1982)

This is the first full scale biography of Belknap, the author of the 3 volume History of New Hampshire published in 1812. Belknap served as a minister in Dover, N.H. & Boston, MA. In 1791 he founded the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Joe Dodge: One New Hampshire Institution
Putnam, William Lowell
(Phoenix Publishing, 1986)

The story of Joseph Brooks Dodge, Huts manager of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Pinkham Notch, N.H. for 31 years, is recounted here through a series of anecdotes & vignettes. He built the AMC Hut system & was the individual chiefly responsible for the Mt. Washington Weather Observatory. Putnam brings to life this remarkable character, who was blunt in his speech, but had tremendous knowledge of the outdoors, which he passed along to anyone who would listen.

John Langdon Of New Hampshire
Mayo, Lawrence S.
(Rumford Press, 1937)

"The history of New Hampshire from 1775 to 1812 in the form of a biography"

John P. Hale And The Politics Of Abolition
Sewell, Richard H.
(Harvard University Press, 1965)

A biography of New Hampshirite Hale, state representative, U.S. Senator, candidate for the presidency, and pioneer abolitionist.

John Sloan Dickey: A Chronicle Of His Presidency Of Dartmouth College
Widmayer, Charles E.
(University of New England Press, 1991)

This study of Dickey covers his presidency of Dartmouth College from 1945-1970. He aspired to have Dartmouth educate men for a lifetime of fulfillment & service. During his administration he challenged students, faculty & administrators alike to make a commitment to the "liberating arts." Key events: the Great Issues Course; refounding of the Dartmouth Medial School; establishment of the Hopkins Center & student dissent in the sixties.

John Sloan Dickey: The Dartmouth Experience
Lathem, Edward Connery, editor
(University Press of New England, 1977)

Convocation addresses delivered at the annual exercises opening the college, valedictories to the graduating class & selected honorary degree citations from the years of his Dartmouth presidency 1945-1970.

John Taber And John Taber, Jr., Two New England Clay Tobacco Pipemakers: A Family History And Illustrated Catalogue
Jung, S. Paul   (the author, 1996)

The author acquired a collection of clay pipes made in Wolfeboro. His research on the manufacturer, John Taber, Jr., and his father, John Taber of Wells, Maine, resulted in this book which provides information on the manufacture of clay pipes and an illustrated catalog.

John Wentworth, Governor of New Hampshire, 1767-1775
Mayo, L.S.
(Harvard University Press, 1921)

Governor of N.H., 1767-1775.

John Wheelwright, 1592-1679
Heard, John, Jr.
(Houghton, 1930)

A founder of Exeter, N.H. & one-time minister at Hampton, N.H. this friend of Oliver Cromwell believed in religious freedom of a sort that was not possible until 2 centuries later.

Jonathan Belcher, Colonial Governor
Batinski, Michael C.
(University Press of Kentucky, 1996)

When Jonathan Belcher was governor of Massachusetts, he deftly maneuvered longstanding rivals toward a political settlement. However, when he became governor of New Hampshire, he was embroiled in factional disputes that destroyed his administration. This political biography depicts a man unusually riddled with contradictions.

A Journal For Christa
Corrigan, Grace George
(University of Nebraska, 1993)

Biography of Christa McAuliffe by her mother begins with the Challenger disaster, then looks back at her life & achievements leading up to her selection as First Teacher in Space.

Journey Into Fame; The Life Of Daniel Chester French
Cresson, Margaret French
(Harvard University Press, 1947)

The life of Daniel Chester French, New Hampshire resident, by his daughter. The sculptor's journey was not a long one, for he became famous in his early twenties, when he completed the Minute Man in Concord
(MA). From then on, with few pauses, he went from triumph to triumph, reaching his peak with the colossal figure of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial.

Journey Of A Johnny-Come-Lately
Bradley, David J.
(Dartmouth Publications, 1957)

A biography of John McLane Clark who was the editor & publisher of the Claremont Eagle when he drowned in 1950 at the age of 39. An affectionate, searching portrait of a complex personality.

Lady Of Godey's, Sarah Josepha Hale
Finley, Ruth Elbright
(Lippincott, 1931)

A biography of Sarah Josepha Hale of Newport, New Hampshire, editor of Godey's Lady's Book.

Legacy Of Honor: President Grover Cleveland And Son Francis
Topalian, Naomi Getsoyan
(Baikar Publications, 1995)

Francis Cleveland, the youngest son of President Grover Cleveland, and the founder of the Barnstorners Summer Theatre, Tamworth, New Hampshire, was 92 years of age when he died in 1995. The author interviewed Francis several times, and was privileged to read his mother's unpublished diary, written prior to her White House Wedding. Topalian has written an interesting biography of the former president, focusing on his family life. The life and career of the president's son, Francis, is also profiled in this work.

A Life Of General John Stark Of New Hampshire
Moore, Howard, P.   (the author, 1949)

Full-length biography of this fine soldier & patriot of the Revolution.

The Life Of Mary Baker G. Eddy & The History Of Christian Science
Cather, Willa & Georgia Milmine
(University of Nebraska, 1992)

When this history was first published in serial form in McClure's Magazine, 1907-1908, Georgia Milmine was listed as the author. However, evidence was uncovered after Willa Cather's death that she, in fact, was the principal author, having written the work based on the enormous amount of material Milmine has collected on Mary Baker Eddy & the Christian Science Church. This biography of Mary Baker Eddy is considered to be the fullest portrait to date of the founder of the Christian Science Church.

The Life Of Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Greenslet, Ferris
(Houghton, 1908)

A Portsmouth, N.H. boyhood was one of the major influences on the writings of this poet, editor & storyteller.

Life Of William Plumer
Plumer, William, Jr.
(Phillips, Sampson & Company, 1857)

Governor, congressman, man of letters.

Lost Boundaries
White, William L.
(Harcourt, 1948)

The true story of the "passing" of a Negro family in a New Hampshire community, and the effect it had on the oldest child when he discovered he was not white.

The Loyalist Governor: Biography Of Sir John Wentworth
Cuthbertson, Brian C.
(Petheric Press, 1983)

John Wentworth was governor of N.H. from 1766 to the outbreak of the American Revolution, when he was forced to flee from the governor's residence. After 5 years of exile in England, he was appointed Surveyor General of the King's Woods, & sent to Nova Scotia, where in 1792 he became governor. Nova Scotia matured both economically & socially under his influence. This biography concentrates on the Nova Scotia years.

DeMar, Clarence
(Stephen Daye Press, 1937)

The autobiography of an Olympic marathoner, who was also an instructor at Keene Normal School.

Mary Baker Eddy: An Interpretive Biography Of The Founder Of Christian Science
Silberger, Julius
(Little, Brown, 1980)

Mary Baker's life from its N.H. beginnings is set forth in this biography by psychoanalyst Julius Silberger, showing her shortcomings & idiosyncrasies as well as her strengths, special talents & enduring contributions to the American scene.

Mary Baker Eddy And Her Books
Orcutt, William D.
(Christian Science Publishing Co., 1950)

A biography of the New Hampshire native and founder of Christian Science religion.

Memoir And Official Correspondence Of Gen. John Stark
Stark, Caleb
(Eastman, 1860)

The story of the hero of many Revolutionary battles.

Military Services and Public Life Of Major-General John Sullivan
Amory, Thomas C.
(Wiggin & Lunt, 1868)

Revolutionary War General.

Mine Eyes Have Seen
Poling, Daniel A.
(McGraw-Hill, 1960)

A Protestant minister, and resident of Deerfield, NH, writes of the causes he has supported; temperance, religious brotherhood, social welfare, patriotism, and anti-communism. He has been a novelist and candidate for public office as well as minister and editor.

New Hampshire Learnin' Days: Dudley Leavitt, "Master": An Historic Review
Heald, Bruce D.
(Heald Enterprises, 1987)

This historic review of the early days of education in N.H. concentrates on the district school, the first teachers & the life & works of Dudley Leavitt, schoolmaster, author, astronomer, historian & creator of Leavitts Farmers Almanack. Includes early maps, documents & a genealogy of Dudley Leavitt, who lived & worked in Meredith, N.H.

New Hampshire Notables: Presenting Biographical Sketches Of Men And Women Who Have Helped Shape The Character Of The Granite State
Brereton, Charles
(Peter E. Randall, 1986)

Representatives from the arts, business & government are included in this new edition of New Hampshire Notables, which provides biographical sketches of over 400 people in N.H.

Ninety Years At The Isles Of Shoals
Laighton, Oscar
(Beacon Press, 1930)

Reminiscences of a long life of ninety years, much of it spent on the Isles of Shoals. The author is the brother of poet Celia Thaxter.

Nora S. Unwin, Artist And Wood Engraver
McGoldrick, Linda Clark
(William L. Bauhan, 1990)

Wood engraving is enjoying a widespread renewal of interest. This account of the life & art of Peterborough, N.H. resident & children's book illustrator, Nora Unwin, will find an enthusiastic audience. Examples of her work illustrate the text.

On The Other Hand
Adams, Rachel
(Harper, 1963)

Humor, warmth & considerable Yankee tartness enrich this distaff view of life in the upper reaches of government - the personal story of Mrs. Sherman Adams.

One Writer's Way
Yates, Elizabeth
(Westminster Press, 1984)

This book, covering the years 1931 to 1951, completes the author's autobiographical trilogy. Living in England & travelling on the continent with her husband, William McGreal, she began to make a name for herself as a writer. At the outbreak of WW II, they returned to the U.S., making their home in Peterborough, N.H., where they face the challenge of Bill's impending blindness. The story concludes when she receives the Newbery Medal for her book, Amos Fortune.

Pandora's Pride
Gruber, May
(Lyle Stuart, 1984)

In the 1940's the author & her husband started the Pandora knitting factory in Manchester, N.H. Her autobiography tells of her childhood in N.Y., her courtship & marriage, going into business with her father, then their move to N.H. After her husband died, she overcame many obstacles & became president of the company.

Poet On Demand: The Life, Letters And Works of Celia Thaxter
Vallier, Jane E.
(Down East Books, 1982)

During the last quarter of the 19th century, Celia Thaxter was the most popular of American women poets. In this biography, Vallier explains the meaning & symbolism of Thaxter's poetry. 53 of her poems are included, plus a reprint of A memorable murder, the story of the killing of 2 women on Smuttynose Island in 1873.

The Presidency Of Franklin Pierce
Gara, Larry
(University Press of Kansas, 1991)

This work examines the presidency of Franklin Pierce, the "dark horse of the Granite State," who was born in Hillsboro, N.H. in 1804. It provides an analysis of American politics & foreign policy in the 1850's. This study of Pierce's storm-tossed presidency helps us to understand one of the most crucial chapters of American history.

Prince Of Darkness
Noyes, Alice   (the author, 1993)

A biographical study of Metallak, a chief of the Abenaki Indians, who lived in the 17th century. The author attempts to reconstruct a partial family tree & trace the background of this legendary chief.

Put It In Writing: A Way Of Life For Three Generations Of A New Hampshire Family, Books, Journals And Letters, 1892-1996
Sulloway, Alvah W., edit.
(NH Historical Society, 1998)

A history of the Sulloway family, through their writings.

Reminisciences Of A Yankee Jurist
Morris, George F.
(Courier Print Co., 1953)

Autobiography of a New Hampshire judge.

Reverend Abiel Abbot Of Peterborough, New Hampshire
Harrer, John A.
(author, 1978)

Abbot was born in 1765 in Wilton, N.H., educated at Phillips Academy in Andover, N.H., then at Harvard, preached for many years in CT where he was charged with heresy. When he was in his 60s he took over a church in Peterborough, N.H., where his desire to educate the community led to the founding of the Peterborough Town Library.

Richard Hovey, Man And Craftsman
MacDonald, Allan
(Duke University Press, 1957)

A biography of Richard Hovey, poet laureate of Dartmouth College.

Robber Baron
Gallagher, Edward J.
(Citizen Publishing Co., 1967)

Story of Mark Shinburn, bank burglar, who escaped from the state prison in Concord, fled to Europe, where he bought a castle & title.

Robert Frost
Munson, Gorham B.
(Doran, 1927)

"A study in sensibility and good sense"

Robert Frost: The Aim Was Song
Gould, Jean
(Dodd, 1964)

A biography of Frost containing all the essential facts of his life, including his N.H. years.

Robert Frost: The Early Years, 1874-1915
Thompson, Lawrance
(Holt, 1966)

First volume of a critical & interpretive biography by the official Frost biographer.

Robert Frost: Farm-Poultryman
Latham, Edward Connery, ed.
(Dartmouth Pubns, 1963)

The story of Frost's career as a breeder and fancier of hens and the texts of eleven prose contributions by the poet, to New Englnad poultry journals in 1903-05, during his years of farming at Derry, NH.

Robert Frost; The Trial By Existence
Sergeant, Elizabeth S.
(Holt, 1960)

The author draws upon personal reminiscences of her long acquaintance wtih Frost to present a selective record of the poet's life.

Robert Frost & John Bartlett
Anderson, Margaret B.
(Holt, 1963)

John Bartlett & his future wife were students of Frost at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, N.H. & lifelong friends. Offers valuable insights into Frost's character & describes his early life in N.H.

Robert Rogers Of The Rangers
Cuneo, John R.
(Oxford, 1959)

Noted military figure of the colonial period.

Roses in December
Keyes, Frances Parkinson
(Doubleday, 1961)

The author, a best-selling novelist, recalls her girlhood at the turn of the century, her New England upbringing, her schooling in Boston private schools and her education and travels abroad. The book concludes with the author's marriage to a man many years her senior. The author lived in Haverhill, NH.

Salmon P. Chase: A Biography
Niven, John
(Oxford University Press, 1995)

Salmon P. Chase, born in Cornish, NH, was a leader in the fight to end slavery. During the Civil War, he was Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury. Later, he was appointed chief justice, whose most important case was the attempted impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. This well-researched biography provides an intimate portrait of the personal and political life of an eminent statesman.

Samuel Morey: The Edison Of His Day
Carter, George C.
(Rumford Press, 1943)

In the early years of the 19th century, Orford, N.H. was the home of a busy inventor of many useful articles. VT & N.H. claim this man, whose steamboat predated Fulton's invention.

Sandpiper; The Life & Letters Of Celia Thaxter
Thaxter, Rosamond
(Wake-Brook, 1962)

Born in Portsmouth, N.H. in 1835, Celia Thaxter, poet & author, grew up on the Isles of Shoals. After her marriage she moved to Boston, MA & became a part of the intellectual & artistic life. Her granddaughter has used family letters & reminiscences to write this biography.

Sarah Josepha Hale: A New England Pioneer
Rogers, Sherbrooke
(Tompson, & Rutter, 1985)

Hale, born in Newport, N.H., was perhaps the best known American woman journalist in the 19th century. Editor of Ladies' Magazine & Godey's Lady's Book, she became involved in social reform such as the establishment of the Seamen's Aid Society; motivated women into raising funds for the completion of the Bunker Hill Monument & campaigned for a national Thanksgiving Day. She also authored the poem "Mary's Lamb".

Singin' Yankees
Jordan, Philip D.
(University of Minnesota, 1946)

The story of the Hutchinson family of Milford, 19th century singers.

So Fell The Angels
Belden, Thomas Graham and Marva Robins Belden
(Little, 1956)

Biography of New Hampshire native Salmon Portland Chase, Abraham Lincoln's Chief Justice.

Spread The Truth; The Life Of Horace Greeley
Granberg, Wilbur J.
(Dutton, 1959)

A biography of Horace Greeley, covering his life from childhood and early farm days in New Hampshire to his successful career as founder and editor of the New York Tribune, his entry into politics, and tragic death.

Standing Tall: The Life Story Of Senator Norris Cotton
Bixby, Roland   (the author, 1988)

The author of the History of Warren has now written a biography of one of its native sons, former U.S. Senator Norris Cotton.

Sylvanus Thayer Of West Point
Eliot, George F.
(Messner, 1959)

Thayer, who lived in Washington, NH, and attended Dartmouth College, became superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He also established the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.

They Paved The Way
Tardiff, Olive
(Heritage Books, 1980)

Twenty-five biographical vignettes of notable N.H. women of the 18th & 19th century. A portrait accompanies each biography & a bibliography is provided for further reading.

Uncommon Clay: The Life And Works Of Augustus Saint Gaudens
Wilkinson, Burke
(Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1985)

Augustus Saint Gaudens was born in Dublin, Ireland, of a French father & Irish mother, in 1848. He died in 1907 in Cornish, N.H. How the son of a French cobbler became one of America's greatest public sculptors is narrated in this thoroughly researched biography. Photographs of some of his best known sculptures are included.

Walter Kittredge, Minstrel Of The Merrimack
Carter, George C.   (the author, 1953)

A biography of New Hampshire native Kittredge, author of the Civil War song, "Tenting on the old campground".

Will Barnet
Doty, Robert
(Abrams, 1984)

The first monograph that deals with Will Barnet's major works in oil from 1935 to the present. 91 works are reproduced.

William E. Chandler, Republican
Richardson, Leon B.
(Dodd, 1940)

"The story told in these pages is a story of N. H."

William Plumer Of New Hampshire, 1759-1850
Turner, Lynn W.
(North Carolina, 1962)

Biography of the N.H. lawyer, politician, senator & governor, furnishes unique insight into state, local & national politics in the formative period of party development. skip navigation
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