Books About New Hampshire
Legends and Folklore
The Algonquin Legends Of New England
Leland, Charles G.
(Houghton, 1898)

Myths of the Abenakis gathered by the author from the descendants of a tribe that once lived in the state.

The Connecticut
Hard, Walter R.
(Rinehart, 1947)

Legends & stories of the river born in the lakes of northern N.H.

Indian Legends Of The White Mountains
English, J.S.
(Rand Avery, 1915)

Folklore of the "Crystal Hills" gathered from tales of the old settlers & records in historical societies & town libraries.

Isles Of Shoals In Lore And Legend
Rutledge, Lyman V.
(Barre, 1965)

History of the Isles of Shoals, first used as a major fishing port, then as a summer resort, then a religious conference center.

More New Hampshire Folk Tales
Gore, Effie K. & Eva A. Speare
(privately printed, 1936)

A continuation of the authors' earlier compilation.

New Hampshire Folk Tales
Speare, Eva A., compiler
(NH Federation of Women's Clubs, 1932)

Favorite legends of early days in N.H.

Passaconaway In The White Mountains
Beals, Charles E.
(Badger, 1916)

Description of the mountains interspersed with legends.

Rozella Of Laconia
Scribner, I.W.
(A.A. Kelley, 1855)

Throughout this story of Rozella Langdell & her companions are a multitude of folktales of N.H.

Tales Of The White Hills
Hawthorne, Nathaniel
(Houghton, 1889)

The Great Stone Face & other famous stories.

The White Hills
King, Thomas S.
(Crosby Nichols, 1860)

This volume of legends, landscape & poetry is still a favorite & useful book.

Winnipesaukee Whoppers: Fabulous Legends Of The Lake Once Called Winnipiseogee
Wilkin, Elizabeth Crawford
(Pine Point Press, 1949)

Folklore of the Lake Winnipesaukee area. skip navigation
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Books About New Hampshire