Books About New Hampshire
Banks, Russell
(Harper, 1989)

Set in the fictional town of Lawford, N.H., this novel tells the story of a part-time policeman who goes on a rampage & his brother's struggle to understand the reasons behind his actions.

Amos Jackman
Doan, Daniel
(Beacon, 1957)

The story of a hill farm in N.H. in the early 1930's & the hopeless fight by its owner to keep it going in an age of machinery.

Aunt Sarah, Woman Of The Dawnland
Parker, Trudy Ann
(Dawnland Publications - Lancaster, N.H., 1994)

Through family legends, the story of the American Indian has been passed down from generation to generation. This book is a fictionalized account of one Abenaki woman, Aunt Sarah, who was a basket maker & a healing woman, daughter of an Indian chief. She died at the age of 108 years old in Lunenburg, VT. Her story begins when her family leaves St.Francis, Quebec & makes the journey to Lancaster, N.H.

Beachcombing For A Shipwrecked God
Coomer, Joe
(Graywolf, 1995)

Charlotte, newly widowed after her husband dies in a car crash, escapes to Portsmouth, NH to get away from her in-laws, and deal with her own grief. She rents a room on a wooden houseboat, which she shares with an emotional seventeen-year-old girl, and the boat's owner, an aging blue-haired widow, becoming involved in their lives. She joins an archaeological dig, working to reconstruct the past of an ancient graveyard while burying her own recent history.

Before And After
Brown, Rosellen
(Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1992)

Set in the fictional town of Hyland, N.H., this novel tells the story of the bludgeoning to death of a pregnant teenage girl by her 17-year-old boyfriend, & the effect of this act on the boy's family & the community.

O'Donnell, Eugene
(Rinehart, 1960)

A novel set in a small New Hampshire town concerns the conflict between two men - a lusty, reckless young logger, and the prudent, tight-fisted son of the town's richest man - both of whom fall in love with the same girl.

The Best Revenge
Rule, Rebecca
(Univ. Press of New England, 1995)

In nineteen finely honed, deftly realized short stories, Rule crafts with gentle wit and striking clarity a conglomeration of appealing small town New Hampshire characters. Her stories maintain a fine balance between humor and pathos.

The Big Fish Of Barston Falls
Noon, Jack
(Moose Country Press, 1995)

Set in the summer of 1822, this is a story of a young girl and an old Abenaki man who, on a bet, set out to catch a big fish and, in the process, make an astounding discovery.

Black Tide
Dubois, Brendan
(Otto Penzler Books, 1995)

Lewis Cole, a magazine writer and amateur detective, living in Tyler, a fictional New Hampshire beach resort, spies a headless body floating in the Atlantic Ocean. The dead body is somehow linked to a preventable oil spill, and stolen paintings. Readers of the previous Cole mystery, Dead Sand, will enjoy the second in the series.

Boon Island
Roberts, Kenneth
(Doubleday, 1956)

In the winter of 1710 a British ship was wrecked on a small, rocky island off the coast of Portsmouth, NH. This novel, based on fact, is a first-person narrative by one of the group of survivors who were finally rescued by people from the mainland.

Calls From the Granite State: Stories
Merrill, Richard
(John Daniel & Co., 1997)

A collection of stories featuring family dramas. They are set in New Hampshire and comprise alienation, partings and reunions.

Christus Judex
Roth, Edward
(Cupples, 1892)

The story of an Italian painter who sought a face to represent "a Christian's idea of a God of Justice" & after years of searching found the model in the Old Man of the Mountain.

The Cold Journey
Stone, Grace Z.
(Morrow, 1934)

Fictional account of the weary march of captives from Deerfield to Quebec, through New Hampshire.

Churchill, Winston
(Macmillan, 1906)

A story of love & politics, 1860-1870

Crawford's Horn Winding: A Biographical Novel About Ethan Allen Crawford And His Wife Lucy Of Crawford Notch
Mann, Helen R.
(Peter E. Randall, 1997)

Using Lucy Crawford's classic book, History of the White Mountains, along with correspondence from Crawford descendants, and research in archives and libraries, the author presents a vivid story of the Crawfords and their life in the rugged wilderness of New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Dead Sand
Dubois, Brendan
(Otto Penzler Books, 1994)

First in a mystery series set in the N.H. seacoast. The book introduces amateur sleuth Lewis Cole, who lives & works in Tyler, N.H. (fictional equivalent of Hampton, N.H.) for a monthly magazine after recovering from an accident that occurred while he was employed by the Pentagon.

Deadly Suitor
Richmond, Robert
(Carlton Press Co., 1996)

Fictional account of a murder that took place in Hanover, New Hampshire in 1891. A young girl, Christie Warden, was brutally murdered by Frank Almy, when she rejected his amorous advances. Richmond draws parallels with Almy's trial in the 1890s and the subsequent revision of New Hampshire's capital punishment laws.

The Devil And Daniel Webster
Benet, Stephen V.
(Farrar, 1937)

A tale of N.H.'s famous son that is destined to become a classic.

Morrissey, Bill
(Knopf, 1996)

Henry Corvine first came to Edson, New Hampshire, a typical New England mill town, as a promising musician. When he returns fifteen years later, recently divorced and out of work, he is on the verge of giving up completely or starting all over again. Morrissey, a folksinger and songwriter, brings his writing talents to his first novel.

Endless Love
Shapiro, Lisa
(Naiad Press, 1998)

Writer Andrea Stern is trying to rebuild her life after a devastating tragedy. She returns home to New Hampshire in an effort to reconnect with her family, but dealing with her disapproving mother, unexpressive father, and mentally ill sister only deepens her emotional void. She teeters on the edge of despair, until she meets Gwen Severence.

The Final Judgement
Patterson, Richard North
(Knopf, 1995)

At a heady moment of triumph in her legal career, Caroline Masters is summoned home to New Hampshire to defend her niece who has been charged with the murder of her lover. Caroline soon finds herself engulfed by her own past and struggling to maintain the "withdrawal of feeling" that has been the cornerstone of her professional success.

Gabe's Fall And Other Climbing Stories
Sandberg, Peter Lars
(Birchfield Books, 1987)

A collection of short stories, each of which has appeared separately in several national magazines. The book cover illustration is of Cathedral Ledge (North Conway, N.H.) which was the stimulus for the title story "Gabe's Fall." The author describes the origin & inspiration for each story in an introductory note.

Gallant Warrior
Mann, Helen R.
(Erdmans, 1954)

A fictional interpretation of recorded facts concerning the renowned Hannah Dustin who slew her Indian captors at the junction of the Contoocook & Merrimack Rivers.

Gaut Gurley; Or The Trappers Of Umbagog
Thompson, Daniel Pierce
(John P. Jewett, 1857)

A novel about trappers in the Errol, NH, region.

Gold Struck, 1852: A New Hampshire Tale And A River Rising
Newman, Doris Nelson
(Doris Nelson Newman, 1992)

Retired school teacher and Goshen historian, Newman has written two historical novels based on Charles Emerson of Newport, New Hampshire. Gold Struck, 1852, tells of his voyage around Cape Horn en route for California, where he worked in the gold mines. He earned enough money to buy a farm in New Hampshire for himself and his bride. The second novel, A River Rising, follows Charles' experiences in the Union Army training camp in Concord, and his Civil War service in the 16th NH regiment. Both novels portray the lives of his family back in New Hampshire awaiting his return.

The Governor's Lady
Raddall, Thomas H.
(Doubleday, 1960)

A biographical novel which follows closely the life of John Wentworth, the last royal governor of N.H. It covers his years of exile, ending with his appointment as governor of Nova Scotia in 1792.

Guardian Heart
Yates, Elizabeth
(Coward, 1950)

The love story of a sturdy unspoiled girl of the New Hampshire hills, the descendant of a long line of pioneers, and the young college trained mill owner.

Cannon, Cornelia J.
(Little, Brown, 1930)

A story of a small industrial community where mill owners & immigrants mingle & solve mutual problems.

Hero Jesse
Millman, Lawrence
(University Press of New England, 1994)
(orginally published in 1982)

Describes how a retarded boy in a remote N.H. village (Hollinsford) reacts to the Vietnam War. Told from Jesse's point of view, the book is at once a compassionate exploration of a retarded boy's mind & a commentary on senseless violence.

Homer's Hill
Hayes, Marjorie
(Lippincott, 1944)

In diary form a Boston librarian tells the story of a summer in New Hampshire, where she went to take charge of Mr. Prescott Peabody Lovell's children and his summer home. The time is 1943 and Miss Hamlin has her troubles with rationing, no servants, and the youth problem. but the end of the season finds her happy in the knowledge that she has made a success of her summer and that her future will not be lonely.

A House Full Of Angels
Duprey, Richard
(Lippincott, 1964)

Partly autobiographical novel describing the boyhood of Paul Normandin, of Indian & French Catholic descent, whose parents buy a decaying mansion in Manchester, N.H. in an effort to better themselves.

The House On Blackberry Lane
Mimnaugh, Edith
(Peter Randall, 1990)

Set in N.H., this novel tells the story of a couple in their 40's who, after 15 years of marriage, are expecting their 1st child. A humorous & poignant account of how they cope with bringing up their son & an ever-increasing generation gap.

If the Tiger
Farish, Terry
(Steerforth Press, 1995)

This is a fast-paced, engaging read told from the point of view of Laurel, a beautiful Air Force brat whose already shaky sense of self becomes further unseated by her father's deployment to the Gulf War. Set mostly in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, this book explores issues such as racism and domestic violence without simplifying or offering solutions. The language is concise, direct and often beautiful.

Infinity's Child
Stein, Harry
(Delacorte, 1997)

A medical thriller set in New Hampshire, pitting a pregnant woman against the dark side of genetic research. A group of ruthless scientists has found the key to longevity - in the genetic makeup of the woman's unborn child.

The Island Queen: Celia Thaxter Of The Isles Of Shoals
Older, Julia
(Appledore Books, 1994)

This biographical novel focuses on the poet, Celia Laighton Thaxter, who died in 1894. After marrying her childhood tutor, Levi Thaxter, she returned each summer to the Isles of Shoals to help run the family hotel. Many well-known writers, such as Charles Dickens & John Greenleaf Whittier, her constant companion, mentor and secret love, stayed at the hotel and attended her soirees, both literary and musical. Julia Older, author of two poetry collections, brings this romantic literary era to life in her very readable first novel.

King - Of Kearsarge
Friel, Arthur
(A.L. Burt, 1921)

A novel of romance and adventure set on Mt. Kearsarge, in Warner, NH.

The Last Gentleman
Barker, Shirley
(Random, 1960)

A member of John Wentworth's houshold, Lydia March, witnesses the N.H. governor's noble loyalty to England in pre-Revolutionary turmoil of 1774-75.

Leah, New Hampshire: Collected Stories Of Thomas Williams
Williams, Thomas
(Morrow, 1992)

All the stories in this posthumously published collection are set in the fictional town of Leah, N.H. An introduction is provided by John Irving, a former student of Thomas Williams.

Lisbeth Wilson, A Daughter Of New Hampshire Hills
Blair, Eliza N.
(Lothrop, 1895)

Of interest for its description of daily life in N.H. in the days of quilting.

Live Free Or Die
Hebert, Ernest
(Viking, 1990)

Live free or die is the concluding volume in the series, which portrays the small fictional town of Darby, N.H., where grand passions-greed, lust & revenge-threaten not only love & hope, but the entire social fabric. The earlier novels are Dogs of March, A little more than kin, Whisper my name & The passion of Estelle Jordan.

Look To The Mountain
Cannon, LeGrand, Jr.
(Holt, 1942)

A moving love story of pioneer life in Tamworth, N.H. near Mt. Chocorua.

Lost Virgin
Bowen, Charles F.
(Humphries, 1959)

An historical novel set in the last years of New France, the story deals with the attack & massacre at the St. Francis Mission near Lac Saint-Pierre by Major Robert Rogers & his Rangers.

The Mad Camerons, A Novel Of New Hampshire
Sinniger, Agnes Finlay
(Exposition Press, 1955)

A novel about a troubled family in a small New Hampshire town, just before World War II.

The Marlinspike
Wissink, Lynne
(Peter Randall, 1991)

Historical novel set in 19th century Dover, N.H., based on the life of a young man, Thomas Hayes. Through his eyes, the reader experiences the growth & eventual demise of the industry along the Cocheco River. Dover, N.H. was a thriving seaport, receiving & shipping cargoes throughout the world until fires & floods ended the enterprise. The book will appeal to adolescent & adult readers alike. Illustrated with historical photographs from the period.

Meadow Grass; Tales Of New England Life
Brown, Alice
(Copeland and Day, 1895)

Short stories about New Hampshire country life.

Metallak, His Legacy
Noyes, Alice Daley
(Jordan Associates, 1988)

A fictional account of the life of Metallak, who belonged to the Cohos tribe of the Abenakis. Spanning the 1720's to the mid 1800's, this book covers a period of major transition for the North Country. Metallak lived to see the culture on which his people based their foundations change with the increasing influence of the white man.

Monoosook Valley
Hyde, Elizabeth
(Delta Books, 1989)

This novel, set in a small N.H. town, focuses on the awakening emotions of a 35 year old woman whose feelings have been in a deep freeze since her husband's untimely death 12 years ago.

Moonrise Over The Landfill
Schmidtchen, Ferne F.
(Aries Publishing Company - Londonderry, N.H., 1993)

First novel by a Londonderry, N.H. resident set in a small N.E. town which has grown a thousandfold in 40 years. The author has covered the news of her town for 2 decades.

Mr. Crewe's Career
Churchill, Winston
(Macmillan, 1908)

Political story of the struggle between the owners of a N.E. railroad & reform political leaders.

Murder At Crawford Notch
Burns, Mary Loveland
(Bruce Humphries, 1944)

A murder mystery set in the White Mountains.

The Nancy Flyer
Poole, Ernest
(Crowell, 1949)

A stagecoach epic.

Next To Valour
Jennings, John E.
(Macmillan, 1939)

Life along the Merrimack River at the time of the French & Indian War.

Niece Of Abraham Pein
Wallis, James H.
(Dutton, 1943)

A refugee Jew and his niece settle in New Hampshire.

The Night Of Trees
Williams, Thomas
(Macmillan, 1961)

A New York businessman (whose wife has just left him) and his estranged son come to New Hampshire for a hunting trip.

Northwest Passage
Roberts, Kenneth
(Doubleday, 1937)

Portsmouth, Dunbarton, N.H., and towns along the Connecticut River figure in this historical novel of Roger's Rangers.

Novemberfest: A Novel
Weesner, Theodore
(Knopf, 1994)

Glen Cady, a professor of German literature at a small New Hampshire college, is facing midlife crisis. His devotion as a teacher does not ensure tenure, and uncertain future prospects make him turn away from his loving family, and seek solace in the arms of a young student.

Old Sam's Thunder
Noon, Jack
(Moose Country Press, 1998)

Barston Falls needs a cannon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of American independence, but there are none to be begged or borrowed. This is the story of Old Sam Barston's quest through the Connecticut River Valley in search of a cannon.

Out Of Season
Brown, Humphrey
(Audenreed Press, 1997)

The main character, Roger, decides to go hunting out of season. This illegal act is the catalyst that sets off a chain of events that includes robbery and murder. As Roger becomes more and more embroiled in these life threatening events, the reader will keep turning the pages.

Abbott, Jane Ludlow
(Lippincott, 1948)

The story of a New Hampshire valley town. The granddaughter of the town's late mill owner, who had grown up outside the community , takes over the mills. Her fight for recognition among the town's conservative inhabitants is aided by the town's other "outsiders".

Peyton Place
Metalious, Grace
(Simon & Schuster, 1956)

An inside look at a small N.H. town.

Pilgrim Soul
Downes, Anne M.
(Lippincott, 1952)

Hayes & Dolly Copp & their home in the mountains.

Pinkham's Notch
Hayes, Carol
(Peter Randall Publisher, 1998)

This is the story of Daniel Pinkham, a yound mid-mineteenth century farmer in the town of Adams (now Jackson), NH, who had a vision of building the first road through the rugged White Mountain notch. Given three years to build the road, Pinkham nearly reached his goal, when a terrific storm washed away his effort, bringing financial ruin.

Playing The Game: A Novel
Lelchuk, Alan
(Baskerville Publishers, 1995)

After being promoted from recruiter to head coach of a down-and-out Ivy League basketball team, Sydney Berger puts together a team from his discarded recruits. Not much is expected from his motley crew. However, his unorthodox methods, such as reading the works of Parkman, Santayana, Bourne, and Audobon to his team at half-time, inspire them to a higher level of play, and the team displays magic on the basketball court.. The fictional college resembles Dartmouth. The author lives in Canaan, NH.

River Dogs
Olmstead, Robert
(Vintage Books, 1987)

Characters such as wily dairymen, onion planters, small-time hunters, & drifting hustlers populate these stories set in rural N.H.

Rivers Parting
Barker, Shirley
(Crown, 1950)

A vivid story of the early settlement at Portsmouth, N.H.

Sally Thomas: Servant Girl
Hemphill, Phyllis M.
(Winston-Derek Publishers, 1989)

Historical novel portraying the life of Sally Thomas, who lived from 1769-1813. Orphaned at a very young age & hired as a servant for Daniel Chase, Esquire, of Cornish, N.H., she is faced with all the pain & hardships of life during those times.

Shadow And The Glory
Jennings, John E.
(Reynal, 1943)

Historical novel of the American Revolution, beginning with the assault on the British fort at Portsmouth, N.H.

MacDougall, Ruth Doan
(St. Martin's Press, 1993)

This novel, sequel to The Cheerleader, chronicles the next 30 years of Snowy, after she leaves the fictional N.H.'s Gunthwaite High School in the 1950's, through college, marriage, career & beyond.

Willey, George F.
(New Hampshire Publishing Corporation, 1902)

A romance of the Willey slide & the White Mountains.

The Strange Death Of Mistress Coffin
Begiebing, Robert J.
(Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 1991)

Set in 17th century N.H., this novel is based on the actual unsolved murder of a woman found in the Piscataqua River. The author has woven a tale that includes witchcraft, religion, evil & human desire in a historical setting. A mystery for history buffs!

Suburban Guerrillas: A Novel
Freda, Joseph
(Norton, 1995)

The author, winner of a writer's fellowship from the NH State Council on the Arts, has set his first novel in the fictional town of Hurley, in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. Some of the residents are up in arms against a real estate developer who is destroying the wooded areas around their neighborhood. They become "suburban guerrillas", performing minor acts of sabotage, trying to prevent the further development of the neighboring property.

Summer Will End
Yeager, Dorian
(St. Martins Press, 1996)

During the prime tourist season in the seaside village of Dovekey Beach, New Hampshire, visitors are slowly disappearing, and it is up to Elizabeth Will to solve the mystery and find the killer out to destroy the town's tourist industry by eliminating its tourists.

Survival Games
Gaines, Charles
(Atlantic Monthly, 1997)

Two best-friend couples spend a long weekend at their country home, a sheep farm in New Hampshire. While the busbands have gone duck hunting, their wives are kidnapped by local laborers. The husbands use real-life survival skills in their hunt for their missing wives and the brutal kidnappers in this suspenseful novel.

The Terrace
Kent, Louise Andrews
(Houghton, 1934)

Set in Orford, NH, where the five white mansions of this novel were built as wedding presents to five brothers.

The Tory Lover
Jewett, Sarah Orne
(Houghton, 1901)

Historical novel of the Revolution with the scene laid around Portsmouth, N.H. & Berwick, ME.

Town Burning
Williams, Thomas
(Macmillan, 1959)

A penetrating picture of northern N.E., specifically a static town in N.H.

Tracked In The Whites
Eslick, Tom
(Write Way Publishing, 1997)

In his action-packed thriller set in the White Mountains, Eslick propels his main character from the bucolic life of a small-town teacher to the quarry of an unknown killer with high-tech weaponry and sinister cunning.

Banks, Russell
(Houghton Mifflin, 1981)

The setting for this work of fiction is a trailerpark in central N.H.

The Twelfth Step
Randall, Thomas
(Scribner, 1957)

A novel about alcoholism, centered on six people who meet at Greenleaf Hill, an AA drying-out place where they spend six days together, then follows them on their return to their homes.

An Untold Tale
Strong, Jonathan
(Zoland Books, 1993)

A mysterious prodigal son returns to the New Hampshire mill village of Otis Pond.

The Vacation Of The Kelwyns: An Idyl Of The Middle Eighteen-Seventies
Howells, William Dean
(Harper & Brothers, 1920)

A novel about a family vacation in a New Hampshire country home with awful caretakers.

A Walk With Molly Ockett
Noyes, Alice Daley
 he Author, 1997)

A novel of a Pigwacket medicine woman, well known in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Fryeburg, Maine areas, where she assisted the sick, and delivered the babies.

The Wall: The Battle Of Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862
Roberts, Harold A.
(Harold A. Roberts, 1994)

Collection of fictionalized stories about the men who fought at the Wall, victims of the Civil War. One story is based on a father and son from Lempster, New Hampshire. The father died at Fredericksburg; the son returned home crippled for life.

Weight Of Water
Shreve, Anita
(Little, Brown, 1997)

Two parallel stories of jealousy and tragic consequences are told in this novel set in the Isles of Shoals. Jean, on assignment to photograph the scene of the murder of two women on Smuttynose Island in 1873, becomes suspicious of her husband's involvement with another woman. She comes across a diary containing an eyewitness account of the Smuttynose murders, purportedly written by the only survivor, Maren Hontvedt. Excerpts from the journal alternate with Jean's narrative of her own tragic story.

Whipple's Castle
Williams, Thomas
(Random, 1969)

Engrossing story of the Whipple family of Leah, N.H., covers the years from 1942-1958.

The Wisest Man In America
Wetherell, W. D.
(Univ. Press of New England, 1995)

Ferris, a retired logger, living in the White Mountains, has gained a reputation for correctly predicting the results of the New Hampshire primary. Max, a journalist, consults with Ferris for every primary election. In this novel, Wetherell explores their fifty year friendship, and their ever increasing disillusionment with American society.

Women Of Granite
Jennings, Dana Andrew
(Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1992)

This novel depicts life in a fictional poverty-stricken rural N.H. village named Granite. The women of Granite look to the matriarch of the Page Family, who deals relentlessly with the vicissitudes of life at the lower end of the social scale. When her son rapes his eleven year old niece, Nanna Page sets fire to his shack, burning him alive.

Wood Heat: Stories From Up North
Rule, Rebecca
(Nightshade Press, 1992)

Collection of stories by N.H. author, two of which were previously published in New Fiction from New England. The author writes a book review column in the Sunday Monitor newspaper. skip navigation
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