Books About New Hampshire
Books for Children and Young Adults

Amos Fortune, Free Man
Yates, Elizabeth
(Aladdin, 1950)

Story of a remarkable man who once lived in Jaffrey, N.H. Born free he became a slave & had to buy his freedom & at his death left a gift for all to share.

Apple Rush
Keeler, Katherine S.
(Nelson, 1945)

A little boy helps his father harvest apples on a N.H. farm.

As The Wheel Turns
Tufts, Anne
(Holt, 1952)

An exciting story of Quakers & of the beginning of the textile industry in N.H.

The Bear That Heard Crying
Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie
(Cobblehill Books, 1994)

A fictionalized retelling of the true story of Sarah Whitcher who, in 1783, was lost in the woods near Warren, N.H. & was protected by a bear until her rescue a few days later. Sarah Whitcher was the great great great great great aunt of the author.

Big Jack
Greene, Roswell & Robert Candy
(Houghton, 1957)

The life story of a rainbow trout in a N.H. stream.

Biggity Bantam
McCready, Thomas L., Jr.
(Farrar, 1954)

Some troublesome bantam chickens find a congenial home on the N.H. farm of the Warner family. Other books about the Warner children are:

Adventures of a beagle   (Farrar, 1959)
Increase rabbit   (Farrar, 1958)
Mr. Stubbs   (Farrar, 1956)
Pekin White   (Farrar, 1955)

Black River Captive
Lathrop, West
(Random, 1946)

A stirring account of a N.H. lad's encounter with the Indians during the French & Indian War.

Books And Beaux
Campbell, Rosemae W.
(Westminster, 1958)

A N.Y. girl finds that she enjoys the work on a bookmobile in N.H. with romance as an added bonus.

Boy With A Pack
Meader, Stephen W.
(Harcourt, 1939)

How 17-year-old Bill Crawford bought a trunk of Yankee notions & set out on foot from N.H. for the Ohio country.

The Brandy Story
Piper, Vivian Gregory
(Montshire Press, 1977)

A moving story about 3 sisters growing up with their horses on a hill farm in Lyme Center, N.H.

Brite And Fair; A Sequel To The Real Diary Of A Real Boy
Shute, Henry A.
(Noone House, 1968)

A longer, deeper & perhaps even funnier look at boyhood in the 1860's than the original.

Buckboard Stranger
Meader, Stephen W.
(Harcourt, 1954)

During the summer of 1906 two teenage boys prevent a robbery in a small N.H. village.

The Cabin On The Silver Tongue
Dustin, Agnes Barden
(Wilde, 1946)

Story of colonial life on the New Hampshire frontier in 1780.

Candidate For Truth
Cournos, Helen
(Holt, 1953)

A story of Daniel Webster.

Cap'n Ezra, Privateer
Adams, James Douglas
(Harcourt, 1940)

About a boy who lives in Jaffrey, NH, in 1811, then goes to Boston where he meets Cap'n Ezra.

Carolina's Courage
Yates, Elizabeth
(Dutton, 1964)

The story of a little N.H. farm girl's journey west in covered wagon days.

Celia, Country Reporter
Vitray, Laura
(Dodd, Mead, 1958)

A year in the life of beginning journalist Celia at a New Hampshire country newspaper.

Celia's Lighthouse
Molloy, Ann
(Houghton, 1949)

Celia Thaxter, the poetress, is the heroine of this fine story of family life on the Isles of Shoals.

Child Of The Silent Night
Hunter, Edith F.
(Houghton, 1963)

The story of Lara Bridgman who lived near Hanover, N.H., & was the first deaf, blind & mute child taught to speak & understand others.

Children Of The Border: A Story Of New Hampshire Pioneers
Bowles, Ella S.
(Lippincott, 1929)

An exciting tale of early life in N.H.

Colonial Life In New Hampshire
Fassett, James H.
(Ginn, 1899)

A concise story of provincial N.H.

Colonial New Hampshire
Davies, Julia E.
(Ebbert & Richardson, 1932)

Through the cooperation of the Colonial Dames of Ohio this story of N.H. in colonial times was prepared for school use. All who wish a short account of the period will find it useful.

Come Summer
Bare, Virginia M.
(Longmans, 1936)

Girl's story about N.H. & Dartmouth carnival.

The Corbin Covered Bridge
Christie, Sharon Holm
 (the author, 1994)

As the third covered bridge to be destroyed by arson in a three-month period in 1993, the Corbin Covered Bridge in Newport, NH inspired local authors to write this book aimed at educating young readers about historical preservation. With clear, simple text and delightful pen-and-ink illustrations, this book has become popular throughout New Hampshire.

Bailey, Carolyn, S.
(Viking, 1942)

Year's experiences of a girl in Hillsboro, N.H.

The Crystal Years
Doan, Daniel
(Abelard, 1952)

Roy Martin's family moved from Boston to a small New Hampshire town when Roy was in the sixth grade. His efforts to fit into his new life are hampered by his parents' snobbery and his struggles to understand the business of family relationships.

Dan Webster, Union Boy
Smith, Bradford
(Bobbs, 1954)

Biography in fiction form.

Daniel Webster
Steinberg, Alfred
(Putnam, 1959)

A readable biography which also explains the principles on which our country was founded.

The Day The Indians Came
Richmond, Robert P.
(VanNostrand, 1966)

Rousing story of frontier life in N.H. in 1755.

Dear Mount Washington
Hundley, Eunice Roberts
(Sugar Hill Gallery - Franconia, 1993)

Franconia, NH resident Hundley, an established children's book illustrator, has written her first storybook, based on a letter sent to the Mount Washington Hotel by a young girl, who had left her teddy bear behind. The story takes place in 1916, & the book is illustrated by 15-year-old Kathy Starring, of Littleton, N.H., whose detailed pen & ink drawings capture what Mount Washington Hotel must have been like in the early part of this century.

A December Gift From The Shoals
Jesep, Paul Peter & John Bowdren
(Seacoast Publications of New England, 1993)

Second in series of children's books about the Isles of Shoals intended to make N.E. history & folklore come alive. Because his lobster boat was badly damaged in a storm, Grandpa George is unable to provide for his family. His grandson Jim tries to help by searching for pirate treasure on the Shoals.

Deerwander Farm; The Story Of Nancy Hartwell
Dustin, Agnes Barden
(Page, 1944)

Story of a courageous 16 year old girl who made a home for herself, her two younger sisters, and a kindly old uncle, on a New Hampshire farm.

Down The Mast Road
Duncan, John M.
(McGraw, 1956)

Rugged experiences of a boy working with men in the cutting of trees for ship's masts & getting them down to Portsmouth, N.H. from Durham, N.H. in the early years of the American Revolution.

Edward MacDowell And His Cabin In The Pines
Wheeler, Opal
(Dutton, 1940)

Biography of the musician who spent much of his life in Peterborough, N.H.

Enchanted Village
Bailey, Carolyn S.
(Viking, 1953)

A boy & a girl of 16 make an old apple orchard pay & take part in community activities.

The Enormous Egg
Butterworth, Oliver
(Little, Brown, 1956)

An unusual & amusing story of the finding of a dinosaur's egg in Freedom, N.H, how it hatched & the resulting complications.

The Farm Summer 1942
Hall, Donald
(Dial Books, 1994)

In the summer of 1942, 9 year old Peter flew across the country from his home in San Francisco, CA to stay with his grandparents on their farm in N.H.

Fighting Yankee
Pike, Robert E.
(Abelard-Schuman, 1955)

The childhood & early manhood of General John Stark, including his many exciting adventures in the French & Indian War.

Finnegan II, His Nine Lives
Bailey, Carolyn S.
(Viking, 1953)

Delightful story of a cat's 9 lives-3 lost in the city & 6 spent in the woods & fields of N.H.

First Woman Editor, Sarah J. Hale
Burt, Olive W.
(Messner, 1960)

Mrs. Hale, who was a native of Newport, N.H., wrote "Mary's Little Lamb" and edited "Godey's Lady's Book".

The Flicker's Feather
Allen, Merritt P.
(Longmans, 1953)

The exciting & sometimes humorous experiences of a N.H. boy who served as a scout with Rogers' Rangers.

Franconia Stories
Abbott, Jacob
(Harper, 1904)

Several volumes of stories about New Hampshire domestic life.

The Hero Of The Hills: A Tale Of The Captive-Ground, St. Francis, And Life In The Northern Wilderness In The Days Of The Pioneers
Browne, George Waldo
(S.C. Page, 1901)

A novel for young people about life in pioneer New Hampshire.

Hickory Wings
Philbrook, Clement E.
(Macmillan, 1951)

Skiing & life in a boys' school.

A Home For Jamie
Piper, Doris D.

Jamie, an orphan from Portsmouth, N.H., is sent to Meredith Bridge (now Laconia, N.H.) as an apprentice to the owner of a sawmill.

Home On Star Island
Welch, Christina M.
(Little, 1962)

The story of the adventures of the Deane Children who went to live with their grandparents on Star Island off the coast of N.H.

Homespun Playdays
Bailey, Carolyn Sherwin
(Viking, 1941)

Stories of the good times of American children before the advent of movies, radio and television.

Horace Greeley: Newspaperman
Winders, Gertrude H.
(Day, 1962)

A carefully researched biography of N.H. born Horace Greeley, who founded the New York Tribune, supported the abolitionist movement & ran for president in 1872.

How Far Is It To Bethlehem?
Jones, Elizabeth Orton
(Horn Book, 1955)

Describes a nativity play presented by crippled children at a rehabilitation center (Crotched Mountain), telling how each participant achieved a small miracle as he sought to overcome physical disability and perform his role.

Hue And Cry
Yates, Elizabeth
(Coward-McCann, 1953)

In the 1830's, a young man accused of horse theft is helped by a N.H. farm family, especially by gentle, deaf, Melody.

It Happened At Pickle Lake
Kleitsch, Christel & True Kelley
(Dutton, 1993)

Rachel wanted to go on vacation to Disneyland with her friend, but her parents insisted that she go with them & experience "roughing it" in a rustic cabin by a mountain lake. She was not too happy with her first experience at canoeing, nor did she enjoy being bitten by insects, while hiking up the mountain. Children will enjoy N.H. artist True Kelley's humorous drawings that illustrate the story.

Just For The Summer
Mango, Karin N.
(Harper & Row, 1990)

Jenny is spending the summer working as a lifeguard at a N.H. lake. Here she meets Rollo, an intense, brooding, unfriendly boy who has not been able to come to grips with his father's apparent suicide. She has left behind Alec, a deaf boy whose romantic attentions she rejected & as a result, is now suffering from guilt feelings about her behavior toward him.

Keep My Flag Flying, Daniel Webster
Carroll, Mary T.
(Longmans, 1945)

Includes N.H. background of Webster's life.

King Of The Hills
Meader, Stephen W.
(Harcourt, 1993)

A hunting adventure in the N.H. hills.

King's Powder
Dudley, Albertus T.
(Lothrop, 1923)

The exciting story of Fort William.

Lady-Ghost Of The Isles Of Shoals
Josep, Paul Peter & John Bowdren
(Seacoast Publications of New England, 1992)

Visiting Celia Thaxter on Appledore Island, 2 young children, Jim & Mary, learn from her some of the folklore of the Isles of Shoals. On the way there, Jim's cat ran off on Smuttynose Island, which is said to be haunted by Lady-Ghost, wife of the pirate Blackbeard. Returning to Smuttynose, Jim meets Lady-Ghost who shows him where to find his cat.

Land Of The Free
Flanders, Mildred G.
(Northern Publishing House, 1949)

A very simple story of the everyday life of an English family who settled in Dover, N.H. around 1630.

Legends Of New England
Browne, George W.
(Standard Book Company, 1925)

Familiar legends of N.E. briefly retold.

The Little Girl Of Long Ago
Bickford, Elizabeth
(Bruce Humphries, 1956)

A story of life in colonial New Hampshire, revolving around seven year old Emma.

A Little Maid Of New Hampshire
Curtis, Alice T.
(Knopf, 1928, 1954)

Nancy lives near Portsmouth, N.H. during the Revolution, visits Mrs. Washington & meets the General.

Little Red Schoolhouse
Bailey, Carolyn S.
(Viking, 1957)

A city boy learns the joys of a 2-room country school near Temple, N.H. as well as independence & cooperation.

Lost Pond
Melcher, Marguerite F.
(Viking, 1956)

A well-written story about 15-year-old Pauline living in a N.H. village a generation ago.

Lucy's Christmas
Hall, Donald
(Harcourt Brace & Company, 1994)

A picture book about how Christmas was celebrated a long time ago; by renowned poet Donald Hall.

Lucy's Summer
Hall, Donald
(Voyager Picture Books, 1998)

In this companion to Lucy's Christmas, poet Hall and illustrator Michael McCurdy recreate the memorable summer of 1910 in the life of young Lucy Wells. The setting is a New Hampshire farm.

Meader, Stephen W.
(Harcourt, 1934)

Lumbering in N.H., giving a real sense of the pine woods & the excitement of a lumber camp.

Marilda's House
Bates, Esther W.
(McKay, 1956)

Marilda, a ward of the state, & several of her friends try to earn money to save the old house she has inherited.

Martha Of Moosehorn Mountain
Dustin, Agnes Barden
(Wilde, 1950)

A novel of pioneer life in New Hampshire in the 1780s.

Mary Baker Eddy: Child Of Promise
King, Marian
(Prentice-Hall, 1968)

A biography for youth of Eddy, New Hampshire native and founder of the Christian Science religion.

Meredith's Ann
Gray, Elizabeth J.
(Sun Dial, 1927)

A summer vacation with fun & excitement & the unraveling of a mystery in the mountain's of N.E.

Miss Hickory
Bailey, Carolyn S.
(Viking, 1946)

A delightful story of a hickory nut doll who lives in outdoor N.H.

Mission To Fort No.4
Andler, Kenneth

In 1775, orphaned after the Battle of Lexington, 15 year old Davey Bradford traveled to Bedford, N.H. to join his uncle. Davey & his uncle undertook a scouting mission for Col. John Goffe to Fort No.4 in Charlestown, N.H.

Molly In The Middle
Lattimore, Eleanor F.
(Morrow, 1956)

Everyday experiences one summer of a large family of children in a N.H. village.

Mystery At The Shoals
Bradley, Duane
(Lippincott, 1962)

With his cousin, Patrick has an exciting summer in a search for buried treasure on the island of Smuttynose, off the N.H. coast.

Mystery Of The Auction Trunk
Honness, Elizabeth
(Lippincott, 1956)

How the purchase of an old trunk at an auction led to a valuable discovery in an old farmhouse near New London, N.H.

Mystery Of The Wooden Indian
Honness, Elizabeth
(Lippincott, 1958)

The Hollands return to their summer home for Christmas & find another mystery.

Nature Notebook
Candy, Robert
(Houghton, 1953)

Woods, streams, plants & animals of the state appear in picture & description in this story of a father-son excursion.

New England Colonial Days
Duffe, Marcelle Laval
(Grosset, 1941)

Nate Jeffries' colonial days are filled with chores, school, church, hunting, and building a trading ship in the New Hampshire town of Portsmouth.

The New Hampshire Colony
Fradin, Dennis B.
(Children's Press, 1988)

One of the 13 colonies series, this book focuses on N.H., the first colony to form its own government & the 9th ratifier of the United States Constitution. Biographical sketches of historical figures enliven this survey of N.H. colonial history.

Nick Of Time
Lindbergh, Anne
(Little, 1994)

Jericho, age 13, lives in N.H. with his father & sister. Jericho meets Nick, a time traveller from the year 2094. Jericho visits Nick's era & finds a dull yet strange world.

Obadiah Comes Fourteen
Spring, Elizabeth

The story of the 8 Butterfield children & their widowed mother set in Old Dunstable (now Nashua, N.H.) takes place on May 23, 1775, Obadiah's 14th birthday, when his mother names him head of the family.

Ocean-Born Mary
Lenski, Lois
(Stokes, 1939)

The legend furnishes the background for this picture of Portsmouth, N.H. in colonial days.

Old Home Day
Hall, Donald
(Browndeer Press, 1996)

Many people leave northern New England and then return for Old Home Day. Donald Hall tells the story of Old Home Day, which was first proclaimed by the governor of New Hampshire in 1899. Illustrated by Caldecott Medal Winner, Arnold McCully.

Old Peppersass: The Locomotive That Climbed Mount Washington
Stevens, Leonard A.
(Dodd, Mead, 1959)

An exciting idea for building a railroad up Mt. Washington in the 1860's & how it was done, in fiction form.

Our Year Began In April
Reed, Meredith
(Lothrop, 1963)

Three little towns in the White Mountain's of N.H. are the locale of this story of a school girl in the early 1900's whose English teacher was Robert Frost.

Over The River And Through The Years For Children
Blaisdell, Katharine

 (the author, 1989)

The author has adapted her Over the River series for children. Book 1 tells the early history of the Upper Connecticut Valley. Book 2, written for older children & adults, supplements the 6 books in the original series. Almost half of the book contains new material on subjects such as home life, one-room schools, inventors & covered bridges.

Patterns On The Wall
Yates, Elizabeth
(Knopf, 1943)

Story of an itinerant painter, who decorated farm homes with stencils in the early 19th century & of the girl he loved. Hue and cry continues the story.

Ray, Mary Lyn
(Harcourt, 1994)

"Pianna...Began with a story told me by a neighbor, now in her eighties, who lived in a pumpkin-colored house and rode the train to Boston every Saturday, 1071/2 miles each way, for a piano lesson."

Place For Peter
Yates, Elizabeth
(Coward-McCann, 1952)

A pleasant story of farm life.

Cote, Phyllis N.
(Doubleday, 1944)

An 11 year-old learns the old art of weaving during her vacation in N.H.

The Real Diary Of A Real Boy
Shute, Henry A.
(Everett, 1902)

The "diary" of an 11/12 year old boy growing up in Exeter, N.H. in the late 1860's.

Real Legends Of New England
Browne, George W.
(Whitman, 1930)

Several N.H. legends are included in this collection of stories from colonial through industrial times.

Rear-View Mirrors
Fleischman, Paul
(Harper & Row, 1986)

Californian Olive Tate reluctantly accepted a terse invitation to spend the summer with her father in rural N.H., their first contact since her parents divorced in her infancy. Now a year later, after her high school graduation, her father is dead; &, as a tribute to him, she returns briefly to his home & undertakes the 70-mile, day-long bicycle ride that was his annual ritual.

Red Horse Hill
Meader, Stephen W.
(Harcourt, 1930)

A horse story with an interesting background of N.H. life.

Reluctant Hero: A Snowy Road To Salem In 1802
Brady, Philip
(Walker and Co., 1990)

Historical novel set in N.H. in the 1890's. Teenager Cutting Favour sets off from Weare's Town when a winter storm is brewing, taking a sled load of shingles & furs to sell in Salem, MA. His family desperately needs the money to buy food. He faces many hardships on the way, such as being caught in a fierce blizzard, being attacked & having his oxen stolen. Will he return home in time to save his family from starvation? Read it & find out!

Restless Robin
Flack, Marjorie
(Houghton, 1937)

A picture book about an American robin's summer in N.H.

A River Ran Wild: An Environmental History
Cherry, Lynn
(Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1992)

This richly illustrated children's book chronicles the environmental history of the Nashua River from its discovery by Indians until the present day. During the Industrial Revolution the river was polluted by waste dumped from the textile mills & other industries. The clean-up of the river was initiated by the Nashua River Cleanup Committee. This book reminds people of all ages what can happen to the environment when unrestricted dumping of waste is allowed.

Rogers' Rangers And The French And Indian War
Smith, Bradford
(Random, 1956)

A simply written book about events of the 1750's.

Sally Saucer
Weiss, Edna S.
(Houghton, 1956)

Ten-year old Sally & her cousin Penny Saucer live on neighboring farms, go to a one-room school & help with family activities, including a sugaring-off party.

Gray, Elizabeth J.
(Viking, 1945)

A 17-year-old girl spends her summer as a waitress in a N.H. inn.

A Separate Peace
Knowles, John
(Macmillan, 1960)

The classic novel of adolescence is set at Phillips Exeter Academy around 1943.

Shaker Boy
Ray, Mary Lyn
(Harcourt, 1994)

At the age of six, Caleb is sent to live with the Shakers in Canterbury, NH. This delightful children's book tells of his life among the Shaker Community.

Shaker Children: True Stories And Crafts
Thorne-Thomsen, Kathleen
(Chicago Review Press, 1996)

Children will enjoy learning all about what it was like to grow up in the Canterbury Shaker community. This book contains biographies of a boy and girl who spent their childhood there, and includes information and instruction on some Shaker crafts.

The Signal Net
Andler, Kenneth
(Farrar, 1953)

Two boys get involved with a hermit and some smugglers.

Philbrook, Clement E.
(Macmillan, 1955)

A skiing competition & the Dartmouth Winter Carnival.

Spread The Truth: The Life Of Horace Greeley
Granberg, W.J.
(Dutton, 1959)

Concerned mainly with Greeley's early life in N.H. & VT & briefly his life in New York City.

The Spy At Tory Hole
Honness, Elizabeth

Seth Leigh, 14, of Claremont, N.H. learned from his cousin Jason of a secret hiding place used by Tories traveling North to Canada. They become involved in an adventure which leads to the capture of a Tory spy.

Star Wish
Maloy, Lois
(Scribner, 1940)

A wholesome family story which imparts a real feeling for the country & reveals the kindliness & neighborliness of its people.

Stark Of The North Country
Dean, Leon W.
(Farrar, 1941)

Story about John Stark's boyhood & his military career during the Revolution.

Stay Tuned
Corcoran, Barbara
(Atheneum, 1991)

En route to stay with a relative she has never seen, 14 year old Stevie meets three other young people with no place to live & takes a detour with them into a new life in the N.H. woods.

Story Of A Bad Boy
Aldrich, Thomas B.
(Houghton, 1923)

Autobiography of a Portsmouth, N.H. lad slightly concealed by changing of names & places.

The Summer I Was Lost
Viereck, Philip
(Day, 1965)

Paul, lost on an overnight hike at summer camp, successfully meets the challenge of staying alive & finding his way back to safety & in so doing finds himself.

The Tale Of Fabian And Gilead-Brown
Gosselin, Shirley, A.
(Peter E. Randall, 1986)

A nature story set in the White Mountains, written & photographed by Gosselin, of Shelburne, N.H.

Talking In Animal
Farish, Terry
(Greenwillow Books, 1996)

This heartfelt children's novel, set in a small New Hampshire town, tells the story of a young girl's devotion to her dog, and how she learns to love by loving animals.

Tammy Camps Out
Baker, Elizabeth
(Houghton, 1958)

Two children on a camping trip with their father in the White Mountains encounter a landslide.

Thaddeus Lowe: America's One-Man Air Corps
Hoehling, Mary D.
(Messner, 1958)

Although his own experiments failed, Mr. Lowe's (1832-1913) faith in the future of the aerostat was justified.

They Stood Alone
Nadig, Henry D. & George Avison
(Dutton, 1955)

Dan Dexter goes to Indian Stream with Luther Parker & his many adventures living in the little know "Republic" that is now the Connecticut Lakes Region.

Three Sides Of Agiochook; A Tale Of The New England Frontier In 1775
Kelly, Eric P.
(Macmillan, 1935)

The early days of Dartmouth & Mt. Washington. A young Indian furnishes adventure in this tale of the American Revolution.

Tidewater Tales
Locklin, Anne L.
(Viking, 1942)

Actual boys' adventures along the Swampscott River which have been recounted to the author by her father.

Timothy And The Blue Cart
Whitney, Elinor
(Stokes, 1930)

Three children enjoy the summer in N.H. all the more because of the vegetable man who didn't like automobiles.

Tim's Place
Evans, Eva Knox
(Putnam, 1950)

An Austrian boy comes to a N.H. farm after WW II.

Tomahawk Trail

The story of a journey through the wilderness by a boy from Maine, who had been captured by the Indians, the daughter of a French Voyageur, and her Indian nurse. Their escape was in the year that Deerfield was sacked & their journey extended from Champlain country to Portsmouth.

We, The People
Yates, Elizabeth

A family in Temple, N.H. is caught up in the war in 1775.

When Abigail Was Seven
White, Eliza O.
(Houghton, 1931)

Abigail, who lived in N.H., was 7 years old in 1828 when she made a visit to Salem, N.H.

When Willard Met Babe Ruth
Hall, Donald
(Harcourt, Brace, 1996)

A baseball story for kids of all ages. Young Willard helps pull Babe Ruth's car out of a New Hampshire ditch, and the story of his life is intertwined with the career of the best hitter in baseball.

Who Rides In The Dark?
Meader, Stephen W.
(Harcourt, 1937)

A full-flavored tale of early N.H., not long after the war of 1812.

The Wonderful Fashion Doll
Bannon, Laura M.
(Houghton, 1953)

A charming tale of a Peterborough, N.H. doll. skip navigation
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