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Architectural Heritage Of The Piscataqua
Howells, John M.
(Architectural Book Publishing Company, 1937)

Photographs of houses & gardens in & near Portsmouth, N.H. with descriptive text.

By Good Hands: New Hampshire Folk Art
Doty, Robert M.
(Currier Gallery of Art, 1989)

This exhibition catalog shows that folk art in N.H. was fostered by pragmatism & everything was made to realize a purpose. The works have been grouped in broad categories that suggest the reasons for which they were made, such as : Commemoration, Decoration, Communication, Documentation & Self-Satisfaction.

Childe Hassam: An Island Garden Revisited
Curry, David Park
(Denver Art Museum, 1990)

Catalog of an exhibition. The first comprehensive selection of Hassam's Isles of Shoals works in one place. The informative text moves from Celia Thaxter's parlor on Appledore & the rocky shore beyond, tracing the development of Childe Hassam's images on the Isles of Shoals.

A Circle Of Friends: Art Colonies Of Cornish And Dublin
Ramsay, Shirley G.
(University of New Hampshire, 1985)

Catalog of exhibition held in 1985 at the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, Keene State College, Dartmouth College, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site & University Art Galleries, University of New Hampshire. Includes description of art colonies & the artists who lived there.

Deeply Rooted: New Hampshire Traditions In Wood
Linzee, Jill I. & Michael P. Chaney
(Univ. of NH Art Gallery, 1998)

Catalog of an exhibit of New Hampshire wood crafts.

Drawn To Art; A Nineteenth Century American Dream
Korzenik, Diana
(University Press of New England, 1985)

How a group of working class people aspired to become artists in 19th century America is narrated in this interesting book. It focuses on the Cross family of Manchester, N.H. Joel Foster, Emma & Henry Clay Cross became professional artists & engravers. This work will be of value to art, social & cultural historians. Some of the artists' works are included.

Dunlap Cabinetmakers: A Tradition In Craftsmanship
Zea, Philip & Donald Dunlap
(Stackpole Books, 1994)

Furniture built by the Dunlaps in the 18th century have their origins in the cultural traditions brought by the Scots-Irish settlers to NH. A descendant, Donald Dunlap of Antrim, NH, makes reproductions of the furniture. Photographs of the original furniture and the reproductions illustrate how he is carrying on that tradition. Scaled drawings and construction notes are provided for the experienced woodworker.

Hands That Built New Hampshire
New Hampshire Writers Program
(Stephen Daye, 1940)

The story of N. H. handicrafts & the skillful artists who made many useful articles.

In Female Worth And Elegance: Sampler And Needlework Students And Teachers In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1741-1840
LaBranche, John F.
(Peter E. Randall, 1996)

Instruction in needlework played an important part well into the late nineteenth century in the education of Portsmouth females, who were daughters of sea captains, shipbuilders, merchants, politicians, and gentleman farmers. Many of the teachers were widows, or those women who needed to support themselves. The book includes chronologies of teachers and students, information on the samplers worked by the young women, and twenty-four samplers reproduced in full color.

Instruments Of Change: New Hampshire Hand Tools And Their Makers, 1800-1900
Garvin, James L. & Donna Belle
(Phoenix Publishing, 1985)

Catalog of an exhibit at New Hampshire Historical Society 1984-85.

Linen-Making In New England, 1640-1860
Coons, Martha
(Merrimack Valley Textile Museum, 1980)

Catalog of an exhibit presented the summer of 1980 at the New Hampshire Historical Society.

Music In New Hampshire, 1623-1800
Pichierri, Louis
(Columbia, 1960)

An interesting & intimate view of early musical life in N.H.

New Hampshire Architecture: An Illustrated Guide
Tolles, Bryant
(University Press of New England, 1979)

Over 300 examples of residential, ecclesiastical, civic, industrial, educational & commercial structures are reviewed. Photographs, maps,& line drawings of architectural features illustrate the text.

New Hampshire Clocks And Clockmakers
Parsons, Charles S.
(Adams Brown Company, 1976)

The author has made an extensive study of clocks & clockmakers of N.H.

New Hampshire Clocks, Silver, And Furniture: A Salute To Charles S. Parsons
(Currier Gallery of Art, 1988)

Catalog of an exhibition in honor of Charles Summer Parsons, tracing his evolving interests from N.H. clocks to silver & from furniture by the Dunlaps to the work of other early cabinetmakers.

New Hampshire Photographs: The Portrait And The Environment
(Peter E. Randall, 1985)

Based on an exhibit at the Currier Gallery of Art which brought together N.H. photographers working on a common theme. By taking photographs of their subjects in their natural living environment, they were able to reveal a part of the subject's character.

New Hampshire Scenery: A Dictionary Of Nineteenth-Century Artists Of New Hampshire Mountain Landscapes
Campbell, Catherine H.
(Phoenix Publishing, 1985)

This definitive reference work contains data on approximately 450 artists & well over 6,000 N.H. mountain landscape paintings & related graphic works during the 19th century.

New Hampshire Silver
Parsons, Charles S.
(Adams Brown Company, 1983)

The author provides information on N.H. silversmiths, silver marks, silver articles, with a special section on spoons.

The Piscataqua Gundalow: Work Horse For A Tidal Basin Empire
Winslow, Richard E., III
(Portsmouth Marine Society, 1983)

For more than 200 years, gundalows were the dominant cargo bearers of the Piscataqua River, forming an indispensable link in a transportation network from the river ports to Portsmouth, N.H. on the seacoast. This study traces the evolution of the design, reviews its history & tells the story of the men who made their living from its decks.

Piscataqua River Gundalow
Adams, John P.   (the author, 1982)

Gundalows were a type of freight barge used on N.E. rivers in the 19th century. The author provides information on how the gundalow evolved, how it was constructed & how it was used.

Plain & Elegant, Rich & Common; Documented New Hampshire Furniture, 1750-1850
(New Hampshire Historical Society, 1979)

Examples of 18th & 19th century furniture are illustrated in this catalog, with an introductory essay on the history of N.H. cabinetmaking.

Portsmouth Furniture: Masterworks From The New Hampshire Seacoast
Jobe, Brock
(Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, 1993)

This catalog places the furniture makers of Portsmouth, N.H. as creators of some of the finest early American furniture. Includes essays on the social history of Portsmouth & furniture production in the 18th & early 19th centuries. The book provides the first comprehensive study of the defining characteristics of Portsmouth furniture from 1670-1840.

Quick Tunes And Good Times
Tolman, Newton F.
(William L. Bauhan, 1972)

The author & musician explains "New England square dance music" as to its forms, origins & present acceptance. The account is enlivened by the attention given to various characters on & off the bandstand.

Rufus Porter, Yankee Pioneer
Lipman, Jean
(C.M. Potter, 1968)

Description and illustrations of murals painted on the walls of taverns and homes in New Hampshire by itinerant artist Rufus Porter in the early 1800's.

A Shaker Sister's Drawings: Wild Plants Illustrated by Cora Helena Sarle
Sarle, Cora Helena
(Monacelli Press, 1997)

In the 1880's, Shaker Sister Sarle lived at Canterbury Shaker Village. She filled two notebooks with 180 color illustrations of the wild plants, herbs and flowers around the village.

Sixty Years' Memories Of Art And Artists
Champney, Benjamin
(Wallace and Andrews, 1900)

The memoirs of a N.H. born artist who for many years lived & painted at North Conway, N.H.

The Survival Of The Bark Canoe
McPhee, John
(Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1975)

In Greenville, N.H., Henri Vaillancourt made birch-bark canoes in the same manner that the Indians used.

Sweaters From A New England Village
Strick, Candace Eisner
(Down East Books, 1996)

Inspired by the colorful yarns she saw at Harrisville Designs showroom, the author began to design her own sweaters. Twenty of her patterns make up this diverse collection, including Fair Isle and single-hue pullovers. She provides an enlightening historical portrait of Harrisville, New Hampshire, and its woolen mill.

"A Sweet Foretaste Of Heaven": Artists In The White Mountains, 1830-1930
McGrath, Robert
(University Press Of New England, 1988)

Catalogue of an exhibition at Hood Museum of Art (Dartmouth College) in the fall of 1988. Two essays provide historical background on the artists & landscape painting in the White Mountains. Biographical sketches of the artists are included.

"When I Wanted The Sun To Shine" : Kilburn And Other Littleton, New Hampshire, Stereographers
McShane, Linda   (the author, 1993)

Littleton, N.H., was at one time the stereographic capital of the world. Making use of the extensive view cards in the collections of the Littleton Public Library and Littleton Historical Society, as well as her own collection, the author chronicles the history of the stereoscopic view companies of Littleton, N.H., namely the Kilburn Brothers, F.G. Weller, G.H. Aldrich, & the Littleton View Company.

Yankee Glass: A History Of Glassmaking In New Hampshire, 1790-1886, With A Brief History Of The Yankee Bottle Club
(Yankee Bottle Club, 1990)

The Yankee Bottle Club, formed in 1968 to commemorate the famous glass produced in N.H., has published a brief account of the state's early glass industry. It reveals why the industry came into existence in the Granite State & the reason for its demise. Color photographs illustrate the text, which includes chapters on the Temple Glassworks, Franklin Glass Company, Glassworks of Keene, Glasshouses of Stoddard, & Lyndeborough Glass Company. skip navigation
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