Books About New Hampshire
Around the State: Natural Landscape and Guidebooks
20 Bicycle Tours In New Hampshire
Heavey, Tom
(New Hampshire Publishing Company, 1979)

The author has compiled "a guide to selected back country roads from the Monadnock Region to the North County" for those who enjoy cycling. They vary in length from 14 miles to over 100 miles, & range from easy to challenging.

25 Ski Tours In New Hampshire: From The White Mountains To The Sea
Schweiker, Roioli
(The Countryman Press, 1988)

For each cross-country ski tour the author provides a map, driving directions, where to park, concise trail descriptions, distance of trail, degree of difficulty, and notes on historical & natural background

25 Ski Tours In The White Mountains
Ford, Sally & Daniel
(New Hampshire Publishing Company, 1977)

The title says it all.

25 Walks In The Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region
Kibling, Mary L.
(New Hampshire Publishing Company, 1979)

Beaver ponds, ornamental pools, bogs & mountains are among the natural & historic points of interest you will enjoy on these walks designed for the beginning & experienced walker. A map of each walk is included.

30 Bicycle Tours In New Hampshire
Bernotas, Adolphe & Tom and Susan Heavey (1991)

The third edition of Tom & Susan Heavey's classic guide to bicycling in the Granite State has been revised & expanded by Bernotas, a leading N.H. cyclist. 7 new rides are included, some within easy reach of southern N.H.'s population centers, others go through the White Mountains & the Connecticut River Valley.

AMC White Mountain Guide
(Appalachian Mountain Club)

Precise locations, distances of ascent & average climbing times for all the White Mountains, plus Mt. Monadnock. Many maps.

All Creation And The Isles Of Shoals
Randall, Peter E.
(Down East Books, 1980)

This photographic essay on the Isles of Shoals includes a brief history of the Islands.

Appalachian Mountain Club Quiet Water Canoe Guide: New Hampshire, Vermont
Wilson, Alex
(AMC, 1992)

Guide to the best paddling lakes and ponds in NH and VT. Includes information on how to get there, description with map of each lake and pond, flora and fauna, and tips on safe canoeing.

At The North Of Bearcamp Water: Chronicles Of A Stroller In New England From July To December
Bolles, Frank
(Houghton, 1893)

The flora & fauna of the mountain region of N.H. are described in essays which are also descriptive of the countryside.

Atlas Of Breeding Birds In New Hampshire
Foss, Carol R.
(Arcadia, 1994)

This comprehensive volume documents the breeding distribution and status of all bird species which nest in New Hampshire. Physical description, historical analysis, details of breeding ecology, a summary of breeding evidence, and a map showing distribution and breeding status is provided for each species.

Atlas Of New Hampshire Trout Ponds
(Northern Cartographic, 1983)

The first comprehensive field guide to stillwater trout & salmon fishing in the state provides maps of more than 250 lakes & ponds. Includes charts on each pond, detailing species, depths & elevations, & tips on locating fish.

Behold The White Mountains
Early, Eleanor
(Little, Brown, 1935)

A chatty book giving advice on what to see in the mountains.

Best Hikes With Children In Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine
Lewis, Cynthia C. & Thomas J. Lewis
(The Mountaineers, 1991)

This guidebook includes 20 hikes in the White Mountains. For each hike, the authors have indicated the degree of difficulty, distances, hiking time, & includes detailed directions & a map.

The Big Game Record Book
(New Hampshire Antler and Skull Trophy Club, 1993)

A compilation of statistics & photographs of trophy big game animals from the State of New Hampshire.

Biogeochemistry Of A Forested Ecosystem
Likens, Gene E., and Bormann, F. Herbert
(Springer-Verlag, 1995)

Based on the classic ecosystem studies at Hubbard Brook in New Hampshire, this book presents an in-depth analysis of the biogeochemistry of a terrestrial ecosystem

A Birder's Guide To New Hampshire
Delorey, Alan
(American Birding Association, 1996)

The first comprehensive bird finding guide to New Hampshire is arranged by regions. The author suggests 21 trips for the birder to take, which provides the most diversity of habitat and species. A suggested season and length of time is given for each route. An introductory section helps to familiarize the reader with the area and services available for the traveler.

Birds Between The Monadnocks
Hill, William P.
(Transcript Printing Company, 1956)

A preliminary study designed to be used by birdwatchers in the Peterborough-Dublin-Jaffrey-Harrisville area of N.H. as a helpful guide throughout the seasons of the year. It tells where birds of the region are most likely to be found, under what conditions in nature, & gives some information as to their distribution.

The Book Of The White Mountains
Anderson, John & Stearns Morse
(Minton, Balch & Company, 1930)

The beauty of the mountains & the many pleasures available to the mountain climber are described.

Bradford On Mount Washington
Washburn, Bradford
(Putnam, 1928)

Account of mountain adventure.

Brief Guide To The Natural History Of The White Mountains
Audobon Society of New Hampshire
(Evans Printing Company, 1967)

Covers animal life, geological history, trees, wild flowers, etc.

The Cabin
O'Kane, Walter C.
(Wake-Brook, 1955)

Natural history by personal observation. Also Beyond the cabin door by same author.

Canoe Camping: Vermont And New Hampshire Rivers
Schweiker, Roioli
(New Hampshire Publishing Company, 1977)

Includes 29 maps for 15 river trips.

Country Roads Of New Hampshire
Sherman, Steve
(Country Roads Press, 1993)

Historical anecdotes are interspersed with descriptions of picturesque villages, farms, covered bridges & country stores in this guidebook to the rural areas of the Granite State.

Covered Bridges Of New Hampshire: Directory And Guide To Find Covered Bridges In New Hampshire And Other Pertinent Information
Sims, Alice L. Murray
(Alice L.M. Sims, 1994)

Black and white photographs of New Hampshire covered bridges with accompanying information, such as year of construction, type of truss, location, measurement, builder if known, condition and World Guide number.

Cycling The Backroads Of Southern New Hampshire: 30 Scenic Tours
Chestney, Linda
(Nicolin Fields Publishing, 1994)

For cycling enthusiasts, this guidebook offers 30 scenic tours of the backroads of southern N.H. from Concord to Nashua. Each ride is easily accessible, & includes detailed directions, a map, suggestions on interesting historic or scenic attractions along the way.

Ferns And Fern Allies Of New Hampshire
Scamman, Edith
(New Hampshire Academy of Science, 1947)

In this fern flora of N.H. an attempt has been made to include all species, varieties, forms & hybrids of the true ferns & fern allies which have been seen in herbarium collections or mentioned in fern literature.

Fifty Hikes: Walks, Day Hikes, And Backpacking Trips In New Hampshire's White Mountains
Doan, Daniel
(New Hampshire Publishing Company, 1973)

A well organized guide to hiking the White Mountains.

Fifty More Hikes In New Hampshire
Doan, Daniel
(Backcountry Publications, 1991)

This guidebook to day hikes & backpacking trips from Mt. Monadnock to King Ravine has been updated. The 3d edition includes new composite maps, featuring sections of government topographic sheets with the trails superimposed on them.

Footing It In Franconia
Torrey, Bradford
(Houghton, 1901)

Essays on the flowers, birds & natural beauties to be found in this region.

Footprints In Time: A Walk Where New Hampshire Began
Crosby, Howard S., Wendy W. Lull, Richard T. MacIntyre
(Alan Sutton, 1994)

Based on a walking tour popular at Odiorne State Park since 1988, this guide provides information on the cultural and natural history of the "Birthplace of New Hampshire", with fascinating stories about the people who lived at Odiorne Point.

From The Mountains To The Sea: Images From The White Mountains in New Hampshire and Acadia National Park in Maine
Theodore, Chuck
(Rivendell Art Photography, 1991)

Stunning color photographs capture images of the White Mountains of New Hampshire & Acadia National Park in Maine.

Gardening From The Merrimack To The Kennebec: A Personal Approach To Growing Flowers, Herbs, Fruit, Vegetables
Piscataqua Garden Club
(Heritage Books, 1978)

This is a new edition of the book originally published in 1965 with the title Piscataqua Papers.

Geology Of New Hampshire
Goldthwait, James W.
(Rumford Press, 1925)

Hitchcock's Geology Of New Hampshire published in the 1870's in 3 volumes is standard but technical. This short account by a Dartmouth professor of geology will be useful to the novice & to the teacher.

Gift From The Sky
Milne, Lorus & Margery
(Atheneum, 1967)

When a female mute swan settled down on a mill pond in Durham, N.H. the townspeople, reacting with excitement & interest, found a mate for her.

Gold, Gold? In New Hampshire
Orchard, Jeff
(Cider Press, 1995)

Looking for gold in New Hampshire? This handy book is for you. Information on 60 locations is provided along with maps, history, geology, techniques, and environmental issues. The author also relates some humorous anecdotes of his own experiences panning for gold.

Grand Monadnock: Exploring The Most Popular Mountain In America
Older, Julia & Steve Sherman
(Appledore Books, 1990)

Grand Monadnock, climbed by over 125,000 people each year, offers views of the 6 N.E. states. This mountain has attracted such famous people as Henry David Thoreau & Mark Twain. Using many color photographs & historical snapshots, the authors highlight many facets of the mountain, from the era of inns & Indians to its present status as a protected state park. The book concludes with a collection of interviews underlining the peak's popularity, such as one with a choreographer who presents dances on the summit.

Guide To Crawford Notch
Dickerman, Mike
(Bondcliff Books, 1997)

This comprehensive guidebook contains the natural, social, and geological history of the Crawford Notch area. Provides information on the early settlers of the Notch, including the Crawford family, the hotels of the Notch, the story of railroading through the rugged mountain pass, the Willey landslide of 1826, the plant and wild life of the region, and description of local hiking trails. Photographs of the grand hotels and the natural features of the area complement the text.

Guide To Fishing Holes Belknap County, New Hampshire
(Good News Promos, 1995)

This guide describes the ponds and lakes located in each town. It provides information such as the size of the pond, the maximum depth, whether there is boat access, fish species, camping availability, fishing and boating regulations. Similar guides have been published for Carroll and Coos counties.

Guide To Trails From Canada To The Atlantic Ocean: The New Hampshire Heritage Trail & The Massachusetts Merrimack River Trail
(Merrimack River Watershed Council, 1995)

This handy little guidebook is just the right size to carry with you when you explore the trails described within its pages. From Lancaster to Nashua, you can follow the New Hampshire Heritage Trail, then go down the Massachusetts Merrimack River Trail from Tyngsboro to Newbury. Natural features and historical lore are included in each trail description.

Heart Of The White Mountains
Drake, Samuel Adams
(Higginson Books, 1995)

Facsimile reprint of the 1882 edition of this classic book on the White Mountains.

High Huts Of The White Mountains
Reifsnyder, William E.
(Appalachian Mountain Club, 1980)

Nine mountain hostels stretching from Franconia Notch in the west to Carter Notch in the east make up the nearly century old AMC hut system in the White Mountains. The topography, geology, flora & fauna of the area surrounding each hut are described along with the history.

High Huts Of The White Mountains: Nature Walks, Natural History, And Day Hikes Around The AMC's Mountain Hotels
Reifsnyder, William
(Appalachian Mountain Club, 1993)

Second edition of the guidebook first published in 1979. Includes chapters on White Mountain weather & climate, geology, vegetation & ecology.

The Hiker's Guide To New Hampshire
Pletcher, Larry
(Falcon Press, 1995)

Pletcher details 80 hikes from Pisgah State Park in Winchester to Odiorne State Park in Rye to the fourth Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg. His selections will appeal to a variety of hikers, from rugged climber to the family with small children.

Hiking The Monadnock Region
Adamowicz, Joe
(New England Cartographic, 1996)

A guidebook to 25 day hikes and nature walks in the heart of southwestern New Hampshire. Includes details on the flora and fauna, local history and sightseeing in the nearby area.

Historical Relics Of The White Mountains, Also A Concise White Mountain Guide
Spaulding, John H.
(Bondcliff Books, 1998)

Originally printed in 1855, this title has long been considered a classic. Written by Spaulding, manager of two early summit hotels atop Mount Washington, the book was a combination history and tourism guide. Besides offering a fascinating look back at the events and people who figured prominently in the region's settlement, Historical Relics describes in great detail the many natural wonders of the White Mountains.

A History Of New Hampshire Game And Furbearers
Silver, Helenette
(New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, 1957)

Analyzes the contributing factors which have affected the abundance & distribution of N.H. game & furbearers from the early days.

Let Me Show You New Hampshire
Bowles, Ella S.
(Knopf, 1938)

"This book is not a history, nor a guidebook of N.H., but is simply a series of my own impressions, supplemented by personal research in historical background..."

Life At The Top: Tales, Truths And Trusted Recipes From The Mount Washington Observatory
Pinder, Eric
(Down East Books, 1997)

What is it like living and working on Mount Washington's summit, "home of the world's worst weather?" Eric Pinder, weather observer, describes life at the top, and explains Mount Washington's geology and weather. The second half of the book contains favorite recipes contributed by Observatory staff, who, in winter, like their food hot and spicy when the temperature grows colder.

The Moosilaukee Reader
Averill, Robert W.
(Moose Country Press, 1999)

A sampler of Moosilauke's literature; a survey of 19th and 20th century prose responses to the mountain from various writers. Flora and fauna, forest history, bird inhabitants, the Moosilauke Summit Camp, are just a few of the topics covered.

Mount Washington In Winter: Photographs And Recollections, 1923-1940
Pote, Winston
(Down East Books, 1985)

After his first expedition to the White Mountains in the winter of 1923, Pote returned often to Mt. Washington in all seasons. He took the earliest movies & aerial photographs of the mountain. The black & white photographs in this book show the magnificence of Mt. Washington in winter & the people who braved the high slopes in the days before plowed roads, ski lifts & luxury resorts.

Mountain Bike! New Hampshire: A Guide To The Classic Trails
Faust, Jeff
(Menasha Ridge Press, 1998)

Much of New Hampshire's mountain biking is done on old unmaintained roads. Over 60 classic rides, including tours through the White Mountains and the Lakes Region, are described in this guide, which contains trail maps, degrees of technical difficulty, special features of the scenery, descriptions of native flora and fauna, and suggested reading.

Mountain Bike Steve's Wilderness Treks: A Guide To New Hampshire's Remote Northern Territory
Langella, Steve
(Nicolin Fields Publishing, 1996)

Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing leisure activities in America. Langella has written this book for the rugged individualist who wants a real challenge. The first book to map extensive mountain bike trails in the North Country timberland region offers information on how to prepare for wilderness mountain biking, route notes, survival tips, and several essays on Mountain Bike Steve's experiences while trekking the remote north country.

Mountain Biking New Hampshire: A Guide To The Best 25 Places To Ride
Johnstone, Stuart
(Active Publications, 1993)

Mountain biking has become a popular way of enjoying the countryside & backwoods of N.H. The places described in this guidebook include national forest lands, state parks and forests & locally owned areas. Provides trail descriptions along with maps, suggested destinations & interesting background information.

Mountain Biking New Hampshire's State Parks And Forests
Chestney, Linda
(Nicolin Fields Publishing, 1996)

New Hampshire has 164, 000 acres of state parks, forests, and nature areas, and up to now there has been no guidebook to the mountain bike trails contained in them. Linda Chestney, a longtime cyclist, and author of Cycling the Backroads of New Hampshire, presents information on hundreds of miles of trail rides for all levels of riders, gives details about the surrounding regions, nearby attractions, and provides maps for each trail.

Mountain Guide: The White Mountains Of New Hampshire And Maine
Frost, Ed & Roon Frost
(Glove Compartment Books, 1988)

This guide to the White Mountains for car, bike & foot includes maps & information on skiing, dining, fishing, shopping, hiking & more.

Mushrooms Of The Northeastern Woods: A Visual Guide
Hurley, Jean
(Birchfield Books, 1987)

Revised edition of White Mountain Mushrooms. Describes 115 of the most common mushrooms. Tells where to look for them, how to collect them, which are edible & how to prepare them & other mushroom lore.

Natural Wonders Of New Hampshire: A Guide To Parks, Preserves & Wild Places
Casanave, Suki
(Country Roads Press, 1994)

If you are interested in exploring the outdoors & its wildlife, this guidebook is an ideal companion. Arranged by regions, it lists preserves, wildlife and bird sanctuaries, parks and gardens & describes activities available such as walking, birdwatching, cross-country skiing & environmental programs.

Nature Hikes In The White Mountains
Buschbaum, Robert N.
(Appalachian Mountain Club, 1995)

This guidebook describes day hikes for families. Information includes distance of hike, level of difficulty, trail directions, maps, natural sites, and activities that children will enjoy. The author also provides an illustrated natural history of the area.

Nature Walks In The New Hampshire Lakes Region
Older, Julia & Steve Sherman
(Appalachian Mountain Club Books, 1997)

The 50 walks described in this guide are located north of Concord to the base of the White Mountains and west from the Connecticut River to the eastern border of Maine. These are all short day walks. Each entry includes a map, directions, photographs and wonderful descriptions that make you want to get in your car and go there.

Nature's School: Essays On The White Mountain Environment And Beyond
Twaronite, Gene
(Boreal Publications, 1985)

Some essays deal with particular places, plants, animals or people; others describe the various changes in the landscape & the seasons of N.H. & discuss environmental problems on both a local & a global level.

New England Mountain Flowers: A High Country Heritage
Wallner, Jeff & Mario J. DiGregorio
(Mountain Press Publishing Company, 1997)

This handy reference guide to 85 species of wildflowers found in New England also lists each state's endangered plants. Wallner, a naturalist, spent over 25 years studying the White Mountain area. DiGregorio specializes in rare plant preservation for New England plant conservation programs.

New England's White Mountains: At Home In The Wild
Atkinson, Brooks & W. Kent Olson
(Appalachian Mountain Club & New York Graphic Society, 1987)

In this book the relationship between the AMC & the White Mountains is explored. Brooks Atkinson's "Skyline promenades," first published in 1925, is reprinted here, telling of hiking trips in the White Mountains. Color photographs display the beauty of the White Mountains.

New Hampshire
Jennison, Keith
(R.R. Smith, 1962)

Reprint of 1944 publication with photographs & captions revealing the beauty of N.H. & characteristics of its inhabitants.

New Hampshire
Pratson, Frederick J.
(Stephen Greene Press, 1974)

A collection of black & white photographs accompanied by Pratson's personal statements about N.H.

New Hampshire
Randall, Peter E.
(Down East Books, 1979)

Beautiful color photographic essay of N.H.

New Hampshire: A Living Landscape
Randall, Peter & Jager, Ronald
(Peter Randall Publisher, 1996)

This impressive book of panoramic photographs by well-known photographer Peter E. Randall is the result of a five-year project documenting the variety and complexity of New Hampshire's landscape. An introductory essay by Ronald Jager accompanies Randall's spectacular images of the "Granite State" -- it's seacoast, it's mountains, it's forests, it's historic buildings, and it's miles of stone walls.

New Hampshire: A Scenic Discovery
Smith, Clyde H.
(Foremost Publishers, 1983)

This pictorial essay shows the beauty of N.H. in all seasons.

New Hampshire: Off The Beaten Path
Rogers, Barbara Radcliffe & Stillman Rogers
(Globe Pequot Press, 1992)

As the authors state in the preface, "the whole state is off the beaten path." This guidebook is divided into the various sections of the state, points out sights to see, recommends where to stay & where to dine. Places of interest include the Foolish Frog, a museum of hundreds of frogs made out of every conceivable material.

New Hampshire Atlas And Gazetteer
(David DeLorme & Company, 1977)

Sixty pages of maps. Includes information on trails, canoe trips & fishing spots.

New Hampshire Backroads
Scheller, William
(American Geographic Publishing, 1989)

Guide to N.H. backroads covers the coast to the North County, with separate chapters on Portsmouth, Concord & Manchester, N.H. Historical facts are combined with beautiful color photographs of the state.

New Hampshire Fishing Maps
Swasey, Charlton, J. & Donald A. Wilson
(DeLorme Publishing Company, 1984)

This book describes in detail over 100 of the best fishing spots in N.H. Each two-color map shows access roads, boat launch sites, water depths, islands, marshes & more.

New Hampshire Life: Photographs From The Union Leader And New Hampshire Sunday News
(Peter E. Randall, 1995)

This selection of color photographs show New Hampshire and her people at work and play. The old adage that one picture is worth more than 10,000 words is evident in this vibrant collection.

New Hampshire Mines And Mineral Localities
Morrill, Philip
(Dartmouth College Museum, 1960)

Records in one publication as much information as is pertinent about each mineral locality in the state, both past & present. Old sites for which the locality data has been lost are also indicated.

New Hampshire Nature Notes
Siegler, Hilbert R.
(Equity Publishing Corporation, 1962)

Covers bird, animal & aquatic life in N.H. with a special section including such material as animal hibernation & autumn foliage. Attractive pen & ink sketches illustrate the text, written by a New Hampshire Fish & Game Department biologist.

New Hampshire Wildlife Viewing Guide
Silverberg, Judith K.
(Falcon Press, 1997)

A volume in the Watchable Wildlife series, this guide lists 73 sites for viewing wildlife, with information on species present, optimal times for viewing, detailed directions, access and facilities. Illustrated with magnificent color photos and artwork.

New Hampshire's First Tourists In The Lakes And Mountains
Lane, Charles Stuart
(Old Print Bar, 1992)

The history of N.H.'s first tourists is chronicled through excerpts from the earliest journals of travelers to the White Mountains & the Lakes Region. The president of Yale College, Timothy Dwight, because of health reasons, began a regular course of traveling, starting in 1796 & ending with his death in 1817. Through reading his travels in N.E. & N.Y., we are able to follow the development of the tourist industry in the White Mountains in the early 19th century. A list of hotels open for the season in 1892 provides information on the proprietors & daily fee for board & lodging.

Norm Gauthier's Guide To More New Hampshire Haunted Places You Can Visit, Plus Vermont-Maine-Massachusetts
Gauthier, Norm   (the author, 1992)

Another collection of haunted places you can visit, should the spirit move you! You can have "haunting experiences" at the Sheafe Street Inn, Portsmouth, N.H. & the Alton Town Hall, or eat in ghostly company at the Horseshoe Tavern, Hopkinton, N.H. & the Studio Restaurant, Exeter, N.H. Information provided includes hours the places are open, telephone numbers, directions & the times the ghosts have appeared.

The Northern Forest
Dobbs, David & Richard Ober
(Chelsea Green Publishing Co., 1995)

The Northern Forest spans 26 million acres including northern New Hampshire. Heavy logging and developing of wild areas are causing upheaval and controversy. The book focuses on several Northern Forest area residents who have an intimate working relationship with the land. The forest is their livelihood, but they also understand the need for conservation. The authors contend that environmentalists need to change their approach to land-use questions, and create respectful alliances with residents of the special areas they would protect.

The Orchids Of New Hampshire
Brackley, Frances E.
(Published in Rhodora, journal of the New England Botanical Club, January 1985)

Originally published as a thesis, this work identifies the orchids to be found in N.H., & discusses distribution, pollination ecology & habitats. Unfortunately, no illustrations are included.

Our Forest Heritage: A History Of Forestry And Recreation In New Hampshire
Brown, William R.
(New Hampshire Historical Society, 1958)

A compact account of the early history & development of the forestry program in N.H., including improved conservation practices, establishment of the White Mountain National Forest & the development of state parks & other recreation areas in the state.

Out On The Shoals
Randall, Peter E.
(Peter E. Randall Publisher, 1995)

This is an exquisite book of photography of one of the most beautiful locations in southern New Hampshire and Maine -- the Isles of Shoals. From sunrises to sunsets, with photographs of all four seasons.

Ponds & Lakes Of The White Mountains: From Wayside To Wilderness
Smith, Steven D.
(Backcountry Publications, 1993)

This all-season hiker's and visitor's guide describes 68 ponds and lakes of the White Mountains. Each description includes a summary of hiking facts, pond and lake statistics, activities and fish species, directions to road or trailhead access, and notes on visiting in winter. The book contains a special chapter on fishing for trout in mountain ponds written by local fishing expert, David Nelson.

Rock Climbs In The White Mountains Of New Hampshire
Webster, Ed
(Mountain Imagery, 1987)

This pocket-sized guide describes the technical difficulty of each climb & who climbed it first. Photographs of various rock climbs accompany the text.

Rock Climbs In The White Mountains Of New Hampshire (3rd ed.)
Webster, Ed
(Mountain Imagery, 1996)

Now in its third edition, this technical rock climbing guidebook records for the first time many modern sport climbs, and first free ascents pioneered in the eastern portion of the White Mountains in the last nine years. Information on where to buy climbing gear, climbing schools, and other services in the area are included.

Seat In A Wild Place: Seasons On A Northern Pond
Brown, Erik
(William L. Bauhan, 1982)

Erik Brown became a converted birdwatcher after he discovered this pond not far from his farm in southern N.H. His journal of observations through the seasons brings the natural world to life for the reader.

Selecting Trees For Urban Landscape Ecosystems: Hardy Specimens For Northern New England Communities
(NH Dept. of Resources & Economic Development, 1995)

Approximately 50% of the community trees planted each year in NH are planted incorrectly, poorly chosen, planted in the wrong location, planted too deeply, pruned improperly. This publication lists the tree species that will survive in the northern New England urban landscape ecosystem, providing information such as their physical characteristics, environmental tolerance, recommended soil conditions, susceptibility to diseases, and the best areas for planting.

Set For Life: The Only Complete Guide To Retirement Living In New Hampshire
Allen, Wilma L.
(Wellington Allen Group, 1993)

Many people retire at a younger age, & live longer. Those who enjoy an active life could not do better than retire in N.H. This book describes the beauty of the state, cultural & recreational activities, how to find a place to call home, community involvement, finding a part-time job, health care & managing your finances.

Song Of The White-Throat
Danforth, Ed   (the author, 1977)

Nature anecdotes mainly based on Mt. Monadnock & Jaffrey, N.H.

A Sportsman's Guide To The Freshwater Fishes Of New Hampshire
Carpenter, Ralph G. & Hilbert R. Siegler
(New Hampshire Fish & Game Commission, 1947)

A handbook to provide the layman with a means of identifying each of the 62 known species & sub-species of fresh-water fish found in N.H. waters.

Trees And Shrubs Of New Hampshire
Foster, John H.
(Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, 1960)

A descriptive handbook giving the varieties of trees & shrubs found in N.H., grouped by families, with characteristics for identification, uses & other pertinent information about individual species.

The Valley: Meadow, Grove And Stream
Milne, Lorus & Margery
(Harper, 1963)

Study of the plants, animals &landscapes in the Oyster River Valley around Durham, N.H. & the University of New Hampshire by a distinguished husband and wife team.

Walks And Climbs In The White Mountains
Harrington, Karl P.
(Yale University Press, 1926)

The author, one-time supervisor of trails for the Appalachian Mountain Club, suggests good climbs.

Waterfalls Of The White Mountains: 30 Trips To 100 Waterfalls
Bolnick, Bruce & Doreen
(Backcountry Publications, 1990)

This guidebook provides maps & directions to the waterfalls, plus information on the natural & geologic features. For many years the authors have devoted their spare time to exploring the White Mountains. Photographs of the falls & drawings of the flora & fauna complement the text.

White Mountain Mushrooms: A Visual Guide To The Mushrooms Of The Northeastern Woods
Hurley, Jean
(Birchfield Books, 1983)

Describes 115 of the most common mushrooms indicating the best ones for eating. Mushrooms are indexed by cap color. Information includes when & where to look for mushrooms, how to collect them, which ones are edible or poisonous, what mushroom names mean & mushroom lore.

The White Mountain Ride Guide
Basch, Marty
(Top of the World Communications, 1998)

Marty Basch, author of Against the Wind and Above the Arctic Circle has written another bike book. This guide covers 40 bicycle rides in the White Mountains, including maps, ride descriptions, and driving directions.

The White Mountains: Heroes And Hamlets
Vose, Arthur W.
(Barre, 1968)

Word & picture tour capturing the historic & contemporary scene of the White Mountain region.

The White Mountains: Names, Places & Legends
Mudge, John T.B.
(The Durand Press, 1992)

This fascinating book identifies 200 places in the White Mountains, including mountains, rivers & trails, providing historical background on their names. Historic photographs & engravings of the White Mountains, plus 4 color photographs of White Mountain art illustrate the text.

The White Mountains Of New Hampshire
Nyiri, Alan
(Down East Books, 1987)

More than 70 magnificent photographs capture the ever changing colors of the mountains, the rocks, the waterfalls, the foliage, the sky.

The White-Tailed Deer Of New Hampshire
Siegler, Hilbert R.
(New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, 1968)

A history of the white-tailed deer in N.H., followed by reports of studies of habitat, feeding habits & reproduction, etc.

Wildlife In The Blue Mountain Forest
Baynes, Ernest H.
(Macmillan, 1931)

The story of Corbin Park near Newport, N.H. where buffalo, elk & wild boar live with animals native to N.H.

The Winter Woods
Quinn, John R.
(Chatham Press, 1976)

Artist-naturalist Quinn takes us on a journey through the N.H. woods in winter. The beauties of nature are depicted by the author's pen & ink drawings.

Yankee Wildlife
Siegler, Hilbert R.
(Equity Publishing Corporation, 1982)

Siegler is the retired chief biologist of the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department. The rich lore of animal, bird & aquatic life is recorded here, illustrated with a profusion of pen-and-ink sketches.

The Year Of The Turtle: A Natural History
Carroll, David M.
(Camden House Publishing, 1991)

The secret world of turtles is opened up for us by the author, a resident of Warner, N.H. who has studied these creatures for many years. By means of journal entries he writes down his observations, following their yearly life cycle. The flora & fauna who inhabit their wetland world are also captured in words & illustrations. Color paintings & black-and-white drawings by the author make this an excellent acquisition for nature lovers. skip navigation
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Books About New Hampshire