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Web Dewey is an online version of the complete Dewey Decimal Classification system available by subscription from OCLC. Using a standard Web browser, Web Dewey subscribers have unlimited access to an enhanced version of the DDC 22 database, including Relative Index terms and built numbers not available in the print edition. OCLC has created an online tutorial which provides more details about how this product works. Complete WebDewey documentation is also available.

Connect to WebDewey (requires an authorization number and password).

NHAIS Services has set up a group subscription to this product which makes it available to all NHAIS libraries at a discount over the price otherwise offered to libraries who are not cataloging members of OCLC.

  • The subscription runs from May 1st through April 30th.
  • Subscribing libraries each get a single authorization number and password. These are unique to your library, not to an individual, but only one person at a time may use your authorization.
  • NHAIS libraries can subscribe to Web Dewey through NHAIS Services for $220 per year (as of 2013 subscription year).
  • Web Dewey works independently of the OCLC cataloging software (Connexion) so you don't have to use OCLC cataloging to use Web Dewey.
  • Web Dewey subscriptions at the group price can ONLY be set up during the subscription renewal period each spring.
  • The renewal period for the 2013/2014 subscription is OPEN until 4pm April 12, 2013.
    Next year's renewal period is expected to open in March 2014.
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