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NHAIS Services periodically offers training, free of charge, on how to use various aspects of the NHU-PAC. Typically classes are offered in the spring and the fall. Courses may be offered online (using GoToMeeting) or at various locations around the state. Please contact the NHAIS Help Desk at 271-2141 if you have any questions.

How to Register for Classes

Please note that registration for NHAIS classes closes 24-hours before the start of the class (or on the last workday immediately preceding the class).

  1. Visit the registration site to see a listing of dates and times that classes are being offered.
  2. Click the "view" link next to the class you want to take.
  3. If you want to sign up for just one class click the "sign up" link at the bottom of the class description. Using the "add to cart" link will let you sign up for multiple classes at once.
  4. Complete the requested information on the sign up form and click the "update" button.
  5. Answer any additional questions that display and make sure your info is correct then click the "continue" button.
  6. Review your info once more to make sure it is correct then click the "Yes, sign up" button.
  7. Information about your class registration will display. You may want to print this page for your records.
  8. Once your class registration has been confirmed by NHSL staff the system will send you a registration email.
    Class registration confirmations are processed WEEKLY (and right before the class registration closes). Most of the time you will get into the class you register for, if it is full you will be notified.
  9. If you have not gotten an email confirming your registration within 2 weeks please contact the NHAIS Help Desk to verify that your registration has been received.
  10. If your class is being held ONLINE then on the business day before the class you will also get an email from NHAIS Services with the link you need to join the class.

If you are attending an online class, it may be helpful to you to view the GoToMeeting Attendee Quickstart Video ahead of time. This video explains the various controls and options available to you as an attendee in a GoToMeeting session.

Class Descriptions

Introduction to NHAIS

This class introduces the resources available to NHAIS member libraries.  At its heart is an exploration of the NHU-PAC, including both basic and advanced searching of the database.  Along the way, attendees get glimpses of the many useful resources linked from the NHU-PAC. The basics of adding and deleting holdings from NHU-PAC are also covered. Prerequisite: your library must be a current NHAIS member.

Review of Boolean Operators Acrobat Symbol icon
Limiting your Searches Acrobat Symbol icon
Using 'My List' Acrobat Symbol icon
MARC Records Request Form
Acrobat Symbol icon(formerly Cataloging Products Profile Form)
Submitting Records to NHU-PAC Acrobat Symbol icon(revised August 2017)
Original Cataloging Program
 Acrobat Symbol icon
Catalog Card FAQ
 Acrobat Symbol icon

Using NHU-PAC for Interlibrary Loan

This course covers locating items you wish to borrow, selecting appropriate lenders, submitting and responding to ILL requests, and managing your ILL transactions within the NHAIS ILL system. This is a lecture format course with no hands-on practice time. Prerequisite: your library must be a current NHAIS member and you should be familiar with the NHAIS ILL Protocol Manual Acrobat Symbol icon.

The ILL Main Menu Acrobat Symbol icon
Using the NHU-PAC to Borrow Materials Acrobat Symbol icon
Selecting a Lending Library Acrobat Symbol icon
Developing an Interlibrary Loan Policy Acrobat Symbol icon
Requesting Multiple Copies of an Item Acrobat Symbol icon
When Either a Borrower or a Lender Be Acrobat Symbol icon
NH ILL Protocol Manual Acrobat Symbol icon

Class Followup Materials

Additional Training Opportunities

  • LYRASIS offers a variety of classes and events, including many online training opportunities.
    NOTE: As of July 2013 the NH State Library no longer maintains a LYRASIS membership, so these courses will be at non-member rates unless your library is a LYRASIS member.
  • OCLC offers a variety of training including live-online webinars and Web-based tutorials and demonstrations. The tutorials are often free of charge and open to anyone with a web browser. Other courses may require an OCLC membership. If you are part of the NHAIS Direct Cataloging program and want to sign up for training please contact Mary Russell to arrange this. Note that your library will typically be responsible for any costs associated with this training.

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