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What is NHAIS ?

The New Hampshire Automated Information System (NHAIS) was established in 1983 by an act of the legislature to allow New Hampshire library management the ability to assume additional responsibility for the availability, accuracy and validity of data accumulated and processed locally and to allow New Hampshire libraries to utilize distributed data processing solutions necessary to satisfy end-user needs within the policies and procedures developed by the New Hampshire Automated Information Systems Board. Envisioned, but not defined, in the act was a statewide information network.

Over the past 15 years NHAIS has developed a statewide union catalog of more than 1.2 million titles and representing the holdings of more that 176 libraries. It provides libraries with electronic interlibrary loan and electronic mail. In 1997, NHAIS became the official state government locator service. NHAIS has also begun offering library access to full text periodical titles.

Mission Statement

The N.H. Automated Information System shall promote and improve access to library and information resources for and about New Hampshire.


1. Provide a program of services that connects people and libraries to information resources.

2. Eliminate barriers to access to information.

3. Ensure the long term viability of NHAIS and assure managerial efficiency of the system.

4. Advocate for the public right to information.

Guiding Principles

1. Libraries provide a place for people without computers to get access to information.

2. Libraries must become gateways to information resources.

3. Information seekers will demand the ability to receive what they need when and where they want it and in a form which meets their needs.

4. A cooperatively developed telecommunications backbone and library network is in the best interest of the citizens of New Hampshire.

5. Statewide coordination of automation activities will ensure the greatest return on the investment in library automation technologies.

6. Funding for automated circulation control systems (either stand-alone or multi- library) is the responsibility of each library or group of libraries.

7. The ability to link library systems is necessary for the development of automated library resource sharing.

8. Libraries will rely more and more on the ability to electronically transfer documents as the need for ownership gives way to the ability to access information.

9. A combination of state, local, federal, and private funds will be necessary to sustain library activities.

10. Intellectual freedom is a prerequisite to full, fair, and equal access to information.

Provide a program of services that connects people and libraries to information resources.

OBJECTIVE 1.1 Provide New Hampshire residents access to state, regional, national, and international resources 1.2 Facilitate the efficient and timely exchange of information and encourage community networking 1.3 Make more electronic information available.

Eliminate barriers to access to information

OBJECTIVE 2.1 Establish standards of connectivity Z39.50 2.2 Assure that every library is equipped with basic technology (Public Access Computer in every library by 2002) 2.3 Develop a telecommunications plan and implementation strategy 2.4 Encourage and explore avenues of education and supports for the effective use of technology and electronic information resources

Ensure the long term viability of NHAIS and assure managerial efficiency of the system.

OBJECTIVE 3.1 Study the organizational structure of NHAIS and present recommendations to NHAIS 3.2 Support state and federal funding for NHAIS services 3.3 Seek alternative sources of funding

Advocate for the public's right to information

OBJECTIVE 4.1 Take a leadership role in providing affordable access to information 4.2 Encourage all N.H. libraries to fully participate in the programs of NHAIS

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