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Through the OCLC membership maintained by the NH State Library (under the symbol hsa) all NHAIS member libraries have access to OCLC cataloging records through the NHU-PAC. Records that are not included in NHU-PAC can be requested using the online record request form. In order to to obtain cataloging records for new materials as quickly as possible and to make those records available to all NHAIS libraries through the NHU-PAC, NHSL makes available to qualifying libraries direct access to OCLC cataloging at minimal cost to the individual library. Libraries with direct OCLC access through NHAIS are expected to follow the same rules that NHAIS Services staff follows when selecting records for addition to NHU-PAC.

If your library acquires a large amount of material that is not included in the NHU-PAC by the time you receive the materials then this may be a good option for your library. Other factors to consider are: do you have enough staff to have someone spend time searching a second system, does your staff have the necessary skills (or the time to learn those skills) to search OCLC efficiently, how reliable is your Internet connection, are your computers powerful enough to run OCLC software.  Most libraries will find that searching NHU-PAC will meet most of their cataloging needs and that submitting requests through holdings maintenance covers the rest.

There are several resources and online tutorials available from OCLC that can help you learn the skills you would need to use the OCLC Cataloging service effectively.

Searching WorldCat
The Searching WorldCat Quick Reference: Connexion provides an overview of how to search Worldcat. Details of all available indexes and labels are included in Searching WorldCat Indexes. The MARC Code Lists for Languages and Countries may be useful in constructing search keys.

Software Information
Connexion Client Basics provides information about how to configure and use Connexion client software.

Copy Cataloging
Connexion Client Cataloging Documentation includes links to Quick Reference documents on searching, updating records, and batch processing as well as links to Bibliographic Formats and Standards (the authoritative source on OCLC MARC records, and thus on NHU-PAC records), and the OCLC Technical Bulletins (which explain MARC format changes and other Worldcat database updates).

Connexion Client Tutorials includes links to numerous online tutorials. To participate in the NHAIS OCLC program you should be comfortable with the material covered in these tutorials:

  • Introduction to MARC Tagging
    Explains the MARC format; what it is, how it is used, and how to read MARC bibliographic records.
    Toolbook II application. 98 pages. Approximate time to complete: 40 min.
  • Connexion Overview
    Shows how to logon, details the user interface, and explains how to setup preferences for cataloging and administrative features of the Connexion client. Web-based. 29 pages. Approximate time to complete: 10 min.
  • Searching WorldCat
    Shows how to search for WorldCat bibliographic records using the various indexes. Flash-based. 58 pages. Approximate time to complete: 22 min.
  • How to use the Local Save File
    Shows how to save records to the local file, search for them, and more. Flash-based. Approximate time to complete: 10 min.
  • Editing Bibliographic Records (for the purposes of the OCLC Expert Community program)
    Covers editing, adding and working with fields in bibliographic records, diacritics and special characters, and how to display holdings. Web-based. 37 pages. Approximate time to complete: 13 min.
  • Taking Final Actions on Bibliographic Records
    Shows how to validate a record, updating holdings, export records, and more. Web-based. 26 pages. Approximate time to complete: 12 min.
  • Batch Processing
    Shows how to process bibliographic records in batches. Covers searching, online record actions, export, and label printing, as well as batch processing reports. Flash-based. 30 pages. Approximate time to complete: 15 min.

Note: The NHAIS OCLC program requires that you use the OCLC Connexion Client for cataloging access to OCLC WorldCat, so information about other access methods is not included here. The system requirements for Connexion are included in Getting Started with the OCLC Connexion Client Adobe Acrobate

NHAIS libraries who participate in the direct OCLC program agree, by signing an annual memorandum of understanding, to the following:

To ensure database quality, provided at reasonable costs, we will:

  1. Search the NHU-PAC thoroughly for all items immediately prior to searching for those items on OCLC. NHU-PAC and OCLC searching for an item should occur on the same day.
  2. Follow the rules for selecting OCLC records for NHU-PAC listed at www.nh.gov/nhsl/nhais/selectingrecordsfornhupac.html
  3. Use the latest available version of OCLC Connexion for all OCLC searching and processing.
  4. Update all records exported from OCLC to reflect that HSAN holds the item.
  5. Make NO changes to OCLC records prior to sending them to NHSL-NHAIS Services for addition to the NHU-PAC. (Exceptions: an 852 tag may be added to reflect your local holding information and upgrades should be made to records according to the terms of the OCLC Expert Community program.)
  6. Send all records exported from OCLC by e-mail to NHSL-NHAIS Services the day the records are exported, for inclusion in the NHU-PAC.
  7. NOT allow anyone access to the OCLC cataloging system using the authorization number and password assigned to us by NHSL except the individual to whom the password was assigned.
  8. NOT add any original records to the OCLC database for any reason.
  9. Pay the NHSL $15.00 per year (billed each January) to cover a portion of our costs for accessing the OCLC cataloging system via the internet (no other access method is allowed).
  10. NOT allow any third party to take these OCLC records from our library or its local system for any purpose other than to perform some enhancement of the data for our library’s use. A written agreement with any third party engaged for such work will be required. Please contact NHSL-NHAIS Services to obtain the appropriate OCLC agreement before any records are transferred for processing.  

If your library would like to participate in this program, please contact Mary Russell to start the process of certifying a member of your staff as an authorized OCLC user. A written skills check, of the material covered in the tutorials and of the NHAIS OCLC policies outlined above, will be required before an authorization number is issued.

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