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The NHU-PAC historically provided information about the holdings of NHAIS libraries. In October 2019 we launched our new NHAIS ILL System which will replace the NHU-PAC. The new system includes a Union Catalog database which contains bibliographic records that NHAIS libraries can download for use in their local systems as well as the holdings of NH libraries that have chosen not to connect their own local systems to the ILL System as Ztargets.

If you have been downloading records from the old NHU-PAC via Z39.50 through your local system you need to change your configurationAdobe Acrobate to pull records from the new system. The old NHU-PAC has not been updated since early October and will be shut down entirely in January 2020.

As we transition to the new system various functions of NHU-PAC will be moved to the new system. In the meantime this page will serve as a holding place for links to various resources that may be useful until the switch to a new system is complete.

Classes offered Prior to Fall 2019

Introduction to NHAIS

This class introduces the resources available to NHAIS member libraries.  At its heart is an exploration of the NHU-PAC, including both basic and advanced searching of the database.  Along the way, attendees get glimpses of the many useful resources linked from the NHU-PAC. The basics of adding and deleting holdings from NHU-PAC are also covered. Prerequisite: your library must be a current NHAIS member.

Review of Boolean Operators Acrobat Symbol icon
Limiting your Searches Acrobat Symbol icon
Using 'My List' Acrobat Symbol icon
MARC Records Request Form
Acrobat Symbol icon(formerly Cataloging Products Profile Form)
Submitting Records to NHU-PAC Acrobat Symbol icon(revised August 2017)
Original Cataloging Program
 Acrobat Symbol icon
Catalog Card FAQ
 Acrobat Symbol icon

Using NHU-PAC for Interlibrary Loan

This course covers locating items you wish to borrow, selecting appropriate lenders, submitting and responding to ILL requests, and managing your ILL transactions within the NHAIS ILL system. This is a lecture format course with no hands-on practice time.

The ILL Main Menu Acrobat Symbol icon
Using the NHU-PAC to Borrow Materials Acrobat Symbol icon
Selecting a Lending Library Acrobat Symbol icon
Developing an Interlibrary Loan Policy Acrobat Symbol icon
Requesting Multiple Copies of an Item Acrobat Symbol icon
When Either a Borrower or a Lender Be Acrobat Symbol icon
NH ILL Protocol Manual Acrobat Symbol icon

Class Followup Materials



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