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Listed below are all the libraries who are registered members of the New Hampshire Automated Information System (NHAIS). They are sorted by town and the code at the end of each listing is the unique HSA code assigned to that library. The websites listed are the ones provided to NHAIS Services by the individual libraries as part of their NHAIS registration information. To update your library's listing please contact the NHAIS Help Desk.


NOTE: this listing is as of 4-1-2021

Acworth - Silsby Public www.acworthlibrary.org HSDA
Alexandria - Haynes www.facebook.com/hayneslibrary/ HSWQ
Allenstown - A R Dupont School sites.google.com/a/sau53.org/ard/home HDAD
Allenstown - Allenstown Public allenstownlibrary.org HSA8
Alstead - Shedd-Porter Memorial www.sheddporter.org HSDC
Alstead - Vilas Middle School sites.google.com/a/sau60.org/vilas/ HDVM
Alton - Central School www.myacs.org HTII
Alton - Gilman www.gilmanlibrary.org HSDE
Amherst - Amherst Town www.amherstlibrary.org HSDG
Amherst - Souhegan HS http://www.sau39.org/shs HTVK
Andover - Andover Public andovernhlibrary.weebly.com/ HSDI
Andover - Proctor Academy www.proctoracademy.org/ HTHQ
Andover - W A Bachelder andovernhlibrary.weebly.com/ HSEI
Antrim - J A Tuttle http://jatuttlelibrary.org HSDK
Ashland - Ashland Town ashlandtownlibrary.org HSHK
Ashuelot - Thayer Public sites.google.com/site/thayerpublib/ HMTP
Atkinson - Kimball Public www.kimballlibrary.com/kimball/ HTJK
Auburn - Griffin Free Public griffinfree.com HSHM
Barnstead - Barnstead Elementary School www.barnstead.k12.nh.us HDBE
Barnstead - O Foss Memorial oscarfoss.org HSHO
Barrington - Barrington Middle School sites.google.com/a/sau74.org/bms/library HDBR
Barrington - Barrington Public www.barringtonlibrary.com HSDO
Bartlett - Bartlett Public bartlettpubliclibrary.org HSHQ
Bath - Bath Public www.facebook.com/bathpubliclibrary HSDQ
Bedford - Bedford Memorial School sites.google.com/a/bedfordnhk12.net/mem/ HTJR
Bedford - Bedford Public bedfordnhlibrary.org/ HSDS
Bedford - McKelvie Middle School sites.google.com/a/bedfordnhk12.net/mis/ HDMB
Bedford - Ross A. Lurgio MS sites.google.com/a/bedfordnhk12.net/ral/ HMRL
Bedford High School sites.google.com/a/bedfordnhk12.net/bhs/ HDBH
Belmont - Belmont HS bhs.sau80.org/ HTGP
Belmont - Belmont Public www.belmontpubliclibrary.org HSDU
Bennington - G E P Dodge www.dodgelibrary.com HSHS
Berlin - Berlin HS www.sau3.org/BHS.cfm?subpage=497228 HRAA
Berlin - Berlin Junior HS www.sau3.org/BJHS.cfm?subpage=497226 HDBN
Berlin - Berlin Public www.berlinpubliclibrary.blogspot.com HRAB
Berlin - Brown Elementary School http://www.sau3.org/destiny.cfm?subpage=803512 HDBB
Berlin - FCI Berlin www.bop.gov HDBX
Berlin - White Mountains C. C. http://www.wmcc.edu/student-services/fortier-library HTAL
Bethlehem - Bethlehem Elementary School bethlehemelementaryschool.weebly.com/ HTJS
Bethlehem - Bethlehem Public www.bethlehemlibrary.org HSDW
Bethlehem - Profile School profilemediacenter.weebly.com/ HTBA
Bethlehem - White Mountain School www.whitemountain.org HTEE
Boscawen - Boscawen Public www.boscawenpubliclibrary.org HSHU
Bow - Baker Free www.bowbakerfreelibrary.org HSHW
Bow - Bow HS bownet.libguides.com/friendly.php?s=hello HRCQ
Bow - Bow Memorial School bownet.libguides.com/BMShome HDBW
Bradford - Brown Memorial www.brownmemoriallibrary.org HSDY
Brentwood - M E Bartlett Memorial www.brentwoodlibrary.org HSHY
Bristol - Minot/Sleeper www.minotsleeperlibrary.org HSD1
Bristol - Newfound HS sites.sau4.org/nrhslibrary/ HTBE
Brookline - Brookline Public http://www.bplnh.weebly.com HSD3
Campton - Campton Public www.camptonlibrary.com HTKG
Canaan - Canaan Town www.canaanlibrary.org HSH3
Canaan - Indian River School Library https://sites.google.com/a/mvrsd.org/indianriver/media-center HDIR
Canaan - Mascoma Valley Regional HS https://sites.google.com/a/mvrsd.org/mhs/home/media-center HTF5
Candia - Smyth Public www.smythpl.org HSD5
Canterbury - Elkins www.elkinspubliclibrary.org HSD7
Canterbury - Erasmus Institute (no website provided) HMEA
Carroll - Twin Mountain Public www.twinmountain.com/library.php HSH5
Center Harbor - J E Nichols Memorial www.centerharbornh.org/james-e-nichols-memorial-library HSH7
Charlestown - Charlestown Middle School sites.google.com/a/sau60.org/fall-mountain-k-8-library/ HDCM
Charlestown - Silsby Free Public www.silsbyfree.org HSD9
Chester - Chester College (no website provided) HTHK
Chester - Chester Public www.chesterlibrary.com HRAF
Chesterfield - Chesterfield Public www.chesterfieldlibrary.org HSH9
Chesterfield - Chesterfield School che-sau29-nh.schoolloop.com HDCS
Chichester - Chichester Town www.chichesternh.org/Public_Documents/ChichesterNH_Library/townlibrary HRAG
Claremont - Bluff Elem. School sites.google.com/a/sau6.org/bluff-library HDBF
Claremont - Fiske Free www.claremontnh.com/residents/departments/library/default.aspx HSYB
Claremont - River Valley C. C. www.rivervalley.edu/student-resources/charles-p-puksta-library HTAP
Claremont - Stevens HS sites.google.com/a/sau6.org/shs-library/ HTBG
Colebrook - Colebrook Academy www.colebrook.sau7.org/home/ca HTBK
Colebrook - Colebrook Public www.colebrookpubliclibrary.weebly.com HRAK
Concord - Beaver Meadow School sites.google.com/a/concordnhschools.net/bms-tech-and-media/ HMBV
Concord - Bishop Brady HS www.bishopbrady.edu HMBB
Concord - Broken Ground School (no website provided) HMBG
Concord - Conant School (no website provided) HMCS
Concord - Concord Hospital www.concordhospital.org HTHO
Concord - Concord HS www.concordhighlibrary.com HSAO
Concord - Concord Public www.concordnh.gov/index.aspx?NID=588 HSYE
Concord - Dame School (no website provided) HMDS
Concord - Eastman School (no website provided) HMES
Concord - Instructional Materials & RC www.crotchedmountain.org/atech HDIM
Concord - Kimball School (no website provided) HMKS
Concord - Merrimack Valley HS https://sites.google.com/mvsdpride.org/mvhslmc HSWY
Concord - NH ATOD Lending www.dhhs.nh.gov/dcbcs/bdas/library.htm HDAT
Concord - NH Family Voices nhfv.org/how-we-can-help/lending-library/ HRCZ
Concord - NH Historical Society www.nhhistory.org HTJC
Concord - NH Hospital - D M Breene (no website provided) HTHM
Concord - NH Hospital - Patient's (no website provided) HRCD
Concord - NH Law www.courts.state.nh.us/lawlibrary HRBE
Concord - NH State Prison www.nh.gov/nhdoc/index.html HRBC
Concord - NHSL http://nh.gov/nhsl NHSS
Concord - NHTI www.nhti.edu/support-success/library-research-resources HTAR
Concord - Orr & Reno Law http://www.orr-reno.com/ HTJX
Concord - Philbrook Center School (no website provided) HRCN
Concord - Public Health Services www.dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/index.htm HRCU
Concord - Rumford School (no website provided) HMRS
Concord - Rundlett Middle School rms.sau8.org/curriculum/library_learning_commons HMRM
Concord - St Paul's School library.sps.edu HTJW
Concord - Talking Book Services www.nh.gov/nhsl/talking_books/index.html HRBD
Concord - UNH Law library.law.unh.edu/ FKLA
Concord - Walker School (no website provided) HMWS
Conway - Conway Public www.conwaypubliclibrary.org HSCB
Conway - Kennett Jr/Sr HS sites.google.com/a/sau9.org/khs-library/home HTBR
Conway - Kennett Middle School sites.google.com/a/sau9.org/welcomekms/Home/resources/library HDKK
Conway - Mt. Washington Ob. www.mountwashington.org/visit-us/gladys-brooks-memorial-library.aspx HMTW
Conway - Pope Memorial www.northconwaylibrary.com HSEC
Cornish - Cornish Elementary sites.google.com/a/sau6.org/cornish/home HDCE
Cornish - G H Stowell Free www.cornishnh.net/?page_id=129 HRAR
Dalton - Dalton Public www.townofdalton.com/Library.html HSSA
Danbury - George Gamble georgegamblelibrary.wordpress.com/ HSSC
Danville - Colby Memorial www.colbymemoriallibrary.org HSEE
Danville - D. Elementary Sch destiny.timberlane.net/common/servlet/presenthomeform.do?l2m=Home&tm=Home&l2m=Home HDDN
Deerfield - Deerfield Community School www.sau53.org/dcs/dcslib HDDC
Deerfield - Philbrick-James www.townofdeerfieldnh.com/Pages/DeerfieldNH_Library/index HSSE
Deering - Deering Public www.deering.nh.us/public_documents/ HMDP
Derry - Derry Fire Department www.derry.nh.us/fire-department HRFD
Derry - Derry Public www.derrypl.org HSSG
Derry - Parkland Hospital parklandmedicalcenter.com HTH8
Derry - Pinkerton Academy www.pinkertonacademy.org/index.php/library HTI3
Derry - Taylor www.taylorlibrary.org HSSI
Derry - West Running Brook Middle School sites.google.com/site/libderryms/ HTVL
Dover - Dover HS www.dhs.dover.k12.nh.us/ HRCJ
Dover - Dover Public www.dover.nh.gov/government/city-operations/library/index.html HSCE
Dover - McIntosh College (no website provided) HTAI
Dover - Portsmouth Christian Academy www.pcaschool.org HRCS
Dover - St. Thomas Aquinas HS www.stalux.org HTBW
Dublin - Dublin Public townofdublin.org/dublin-public-library2/ HSEG
Dublin - Dublin School library.dublinschool.org/ HTJM
Dummer - Dummer Public www.dummernh.org/library.html HRCY
Dunbarton - Dunbarton Public www.dunbartonlibrary.org HSSO
Durham - Durham Public www.durhampubliclibrary.org HRCR
Durham - Oyster River HS www.orcsd.org/library/orhs HTB1
Durham - UNH www.library.unh.edu NHMM
East Kingston - East Kingston Public ekpublib.wordpress.com/ HSEK
Effingham - Effingham Public effingham.lib.nh.us HREF
Enfield - Enfield Public www.enfieldtownlibrary.org/ HSSS
Epping - Epping Middle HS www.sau14.org/EMS/Library.cfm HTB5
Epping - Harvey/Mitchell Memorial www.eppinglibrary.com HSEM
Epsom - Epsom Public www.epsomlibrary.com HSEO
Errol - Errol Public (no website provided) HSSU
Exeter - Exeter Hospital www.exeterhospital.com HTHU
Exeter - Exeter HS ehs.sau16.org/ehs/lmc/index.cfm HTB7
Exeter - Exeter Public www.exeterpl.org HSYH
Exeter - Lincoln Elementary School lss.sau16.org/index.php/resources/library HMLN
Exeter - Phillips Exeter Academy www.exeter.edu/libraries/553.aspx HRCG
Exeter - Seacoast Hospice www.beaconhospice.com HRSH
Farmington - Farmington HS https://sites.google.com/a/sau61.org/fhs/library HSWW
Farmington - Goodwin www.goodwinlibrary.com HSSW
Fitzwilliam - Fitzwilliam Town www.fitzlib.org HSEQ
Francestown - G H Bixby Memorial www.francestown-nh.gov/Pages/FrancestownNH_Library/index HSSY
Franconia - A Greenleaf www.abbielibrary.org HSES
Franconia - Lafayette Regional School www.lafayetteregional.org HDLS
Franklin - Franklin HS www.franklin.k12.nh.us HTIM
Franklin - Franklin Middle School (no website provided) HTJT
Franklin - Franklin Public https://www.franklinnh.org/franklin-public-library HSCH
Freedom - Freedom Public www.freedompubliclibrary.org HSEU
Fremont - Fremont Public Fremontpubliclibrary.org HSS1
Gilford - Gilford Elementary ges.gilford.k12.n.us HDGE
Gilford - Gilford Middle/HS www.ghs.gilford.k12.nh.us HTIO
Gilford - Gilford Public www.gilfordlibrary.org HSEW
Gilmanton - Gilmanton Iron Works (no website provided) HSS3
Gilmanton Year Round www.gyrla.org HDGL
Goffstown - Goffstown HS www.gofftown.k12.nh.us HTIQ
Goffstown - Goffstown Public www.goffstownlibrary.com HSS7
Gorham - Gorham Middle HS www.sau20.org HTDA
Gorham - Gorham Public www.gorhamnh.org/library.html HSS9
Goshen - O G Pettis www.goshenlibrary.org HSEY
Grantham - Dunbar Free www.dunbarlibrary.org HSE1
Grantham - Grantham Village School www.gvshawks.org HDGR
Greenfield - Crotched Mtn Media Ctr HDCR
Greenfield - Stephenson Memorial www.greenfield-nh.gov/ HSE3
Greenland - Central School www.sau50.org/gcs HDGC
Greenland - Weeks Public www.weekslibrary.org HSE5
Greenville - Chamberlin Public www.chamberlinlibrary.org HRAE
Hampstead - Hampstead Public www.hampsteadlibrary.org HSE9
Hampton - Lane Memorial www.hampton.lib.nh.us HSTA
Hampton - Winnacunnet HS www.winnacunnet.org HSW7
Hampton Falls - Hampton Falls Free www.hamptonfallslibrary.org HSTC
Hancock - Hancock Town hancocktownlibrary.blogspot.com/ HSTE
Hanover - Dartmouth College http://www.dartmouth.edu/~library DRBB
Hanover - Hanover Town www.hanovernh.org HSTG
Hanover - Howe www.howelibrary.org HSCK
Harrisville - Harrisville Public www.harrisvillenh.org HSTI
Haverhill - Cottage Hospital cottagehospital.org/ HMCH
Haverhill - Haverhill Coop. MS hcms.sau23.org HDHM
Haverhill - Patten (no website provided) HSTM
Haverhill - Pike (no website provided) HSTO
Haverhill - Woodsville Free (no website provided) HSHI
Haverhill - Woodsville HS www.sau23.k12.nh.us HTHG
Haverhill Library Assoc. hliba.blogspot.com HSTK
Hebron - Hebron Public www.hebronlibrary.org HRAT
Henniker - H. Community School hcs.sau24.org/ HDHC
Henniker - New England College www.nec.edu NECC
Henniker - Tucker Free tuckerfreelibrary.org HRBX
Hill - Hill Public www.hillpubliclibrary.com HSTQ
Hillsboro - Fuller Public www.fullerlibrary.info HRAP
Hillsboro - Hillsboro/Deering HS www.hillsboro-deering.org HTGT
Hinsdale - Hinsdale Middle/HS www.hnhsd.org/~hhs/ HTDL
Hinsdale - Hinsdale Public https://www.town.hinsdale.nh.us/library HSTS
Holderness - Holderness Free www.holdernesslibrary.org HSFA
Holderness - Holderness School www.holderness.org HTFF
Hollis - Hollis HS www.hbhs.k12.nh.us/library/library.htm HTIS
Hollis - Hollis Social www.hollislibrary.org HSTU
Hollis - Hollis-Brookline MS http://sites.sau41.org/hbms-library-home HDHB
Hooksett - Hooksett Public www.hooksettlibrary.org HSFC
Hopkinton - Hopkinton HS www.hopkintonschools.org/hhs/library/ HTBO
Hopkinton - Hopkinton Town www.hopkintontownlibrary.org HSEA
Hudson - Alvirne HS www.alvirnehs.com HTDP
Hudson - Rodgers Memorial www.rodgerslibrary.org HSFG
Jackson - Jackson Grammar Sch. www.jacksongrammar.org HDJG
Jackson - Jackson Public www.jacksonlibrarynh.org HSFI
Jaffrey - Conant HS (no website provided) HTDT
Jaffrey - Jaffrey Public http://townofjaffrey.com/library HSTW
Jefferson - Jefferson Public www.myjeffersonlibrary.com HSTY
Keene - Antioch New England Grad. School www.antiochne.edu/library HSB5
Keene - Fuller School sau29.org HDJF
Keene - Hist. Soc. of Cheshire County www.hsccnh.org HDCH
Keene - Keene HS www.keene.k12.nh.us/ HTDX
Keene - Keene Middle School http://www.kms.sau29.org HDKN
Keene - Keene Public www.keenepubliclibrary.org HSYK
Keene - Keene State www.keene.edu/academics/library KNMM
Keene - Monadnock Community Connections www.mc2school.org HMCC
Keene - Trinity Christian School tcskeene.org HDTC
Kensington - Kensington Public www.kensingtonpubliclibrary.org HST1
Kingston - D J Bakie Elementary www.sau17.org HDDJ
Kingston - Kingston Community www.kingston-library.org HSFK
Kingston - Sanborn Regional HS web.sau17.org HTI5
Laconia - Laconia HS laconia.k12.nh.us HTD4
Laconia - Laconia Public www.laconialibrary.org HSCN
Laconia - Lakes Region C. C. www.lrcc.edu/student-resources/bennett-library HTAT
Laconia - Lakes Region General Hosp. www.lrghealthcare.org HTH2
Lancaster - W D Weeks Memorial www.weekslib.org HSCQ
Lebanon - Lebanon College www.lebanoncollege.edu HTLC
Lebanon - Lebanon HS www.sau88.net HTD9
Lebanon - Lebanon Middle School www.sau88.net HDSH
Lebanon - Lebanon Public www.leblibrary.com HST3
Lebanon - West Lebanon (no website provided) HST5
Lee - Lee Public www.lee.lib.nh.us HSFM
Lee - Mast Way Elementary www.orcsd.org/ormw/ HDMW
Lempster - Goshen-Lempster Sch gl.k12.nh.us HDGW
Lempster - Miner Memorial www.lempsternh.org HST7
Lincoln - Lincoln Public www.Lincoln.lib.nh.us HST9
Lincoln - Lin-Wood Public School www.lin-wood.k12.nh.us HTHC
Lisbon - Lisbon Public lisbonpubliclibrary.org HSFO
Lisbon - Lisbon Regional School www.lisbon.k12.nh.us HRAX
Litchfield - A Cutler Memorial www.cutlerlibrary.blogspot.com HRAY
Litchfield - Campbell HS www.campbellhs.org/library/ HRDA
Litchfield - St. Francis School www.StFrancisSchoolNH.org HDSF
Littleton - Littleton Hospital www.littletonhospital.org/department_details.php?DeptID=16 HTH3
Littleton - Littleton HS http://sau84.org/schools/littleton-high-school-daisy-bronson-middle-school/ HTEA
Littleton - Littleton Public www.littletonpubliclibrary.org HSCT
Littleton - M. C. Lakeway Elementary HMLE
Londonderry - Leach www.londonderrynh.org HSFQ
Londonderry - Londonderry HS www.londonderry.org/lhs HTIY
Loudon - Maxfield Public www.maxfieldlibrary.com HRAZ
Lyme - Converse Free www.lymenhlibrary.org HRAL
Lyndeborough - J A Tarbell www.jatarbelllibrary.org HSFS
Madbury - Madbury Public www.madburylibrary.org HMML
Madison - Madison madisonlibrary-nh.org/WP/ HSFU
Manchester - Catholic Medical Center catholicmedicalcenter.org HRAD
Manchester - Central HS centrallibrary.mansd.org/ HTEI
Manchester - Community College www.library.mccnh.edu HTAV
Manchester - Currier Gallery of Art www.currier.org/collections/library-archives/ HTKH
Manchester - Derryfield School http://www.derryfield.org/Page/Academics/The-Milne-Library HTEK
Manchester - Devine, Millimet & Branch www.devinemillimet.com HRAN
Manchester - Elliot Hospital www.elliothospital.org HTHT
Manchester - Franco-American Centre www.facnh.com HTHZ
Manchester - Green Acres School greenacres.mansd.org/library HDGA
Manchester - Manchester City www.manchester.lib.nh.us HSIA
Manchester - Manchester Historic Assoc. www.manchesterhistoric.org HTJV
Manchester - McLane Law www.mclane.com HTH5
Manchester - Memorial HS memorial.mansd.org/library HTEM
Manchester - NH Institute of Art www.nhia.libguides.com/home HRAJ
Manchester - NH Youth Development Center (no website provided) HRBF
Manchester - Southern NH University https://libguides.snhu.edu/home HTGM
Manchester - St. Anselm - Geisel www.anselm.edu/library.htm SACC
Manchester - UNH https://manchester.unh.edu/library MVAA
Manchester - VA Medical Center (no website provided) HTIF
Manchester - West HS westlibrary.mansd.org/ HTEQ
Manchester - West Manchester Community www.manchester.lib.nh.us/ HSIW
Marlborough - Frost Free www.frostfreelibrary.com HSUA
Marlow - Marlow Town www.marlownh.gov HSUC
Mason - Mason Public www.masonnh.us HSUE
Meredith - Inter-Lakes HS interlakeslibrary.org/ HTIU
Meredith - Meredith Public www.meredithlibrary.org HSFW
Merrimack - Merrimack Public www.merrimacklibrary.org HSF1
Merrimack - Merrimack School District https://www.sau26.org/Domain/14 HTJI
Merrimack - Thomas More College www.thomasmorecollege.edu HTID
Milan - Milan Public www.townofmilan.org/library.html HSSM
Milford - Milford HS http://mhs.milfordk12.org/library/ HTI1
Milford - Wadleigh Memorial www.wadleighlibrary.org HSYN
Milton - Milton Free Public www.miltonfreepubliclibrary.org HSUK
Milton - Nute nute.sau64.org/ HSUI
Monroe - Monroe Public www.monroetown.com/library.html HSF3
Mont Vernon - Daland Memorial dalandlibrary.wordpress.com HSF5
Moultonborough - Moultonborough Academy ma.sau45.libguides.com/home HTEW
Moultonborough - Moultonborough Public www.moultonboroughlibrary.org HSUM
Nashua - Amherst Street School kirwink.wixsite.com/amherst-library HDNA
Nashua - Bishop Guertin HS www.bghs.org/Page/Academics-/Beaumont-Research-Center HTE1
Nashua - Community College www.nashuacc.edu/academic-services/library-media-services HTAX
Nashua - Daniel Webster College frontier.dwc.edu HTAC
Nashua - Nashua Elementary Schools nsd-libapp.nashua.edu/ HDNL
Nashua - Nashua Hist. Soc. nashuahistoricalsociety.org HRDD
Nashua - Nashua HS www.nashua.edu HTNH
Nashua - Nashua HS North www.nashua.edu/district/ HMNH
Nashua - Nashua Middle Schools www.nashua.edu HDNM
Nashua - Nashua Public www.nashualibrary.org HSYQ
Nashua - Nashua School Distric Libraries www.nashua.edu HMNA
Nashua - Rivier College www.rivier.edu HTA4
Nashua - Southern NH Medical Center (no website provided) HRCX
Nashua - St Joseph Hospital (no website provided) HRCH
Nelson - O Rodham Memorial www.townofnelson.com HSUO
New Boston - Whipple Free www.whipplefreelibrary.org HSF7
New Castle - New Castle www.newcastlenh.org HSF9
New Durham - New Durham Public newdurhamlibrary.org HSUS
New Hampton - Gordon-Nash www.gordon-nash.org HSUW
New Hampton - New Hampton School www.newhampton.org/library HRCO
New Ipswich - Mascenic HS mascenic.com HSA5
New Ipswich - New Ipswich (no website provided) HSUY
New London - Colby/Sawyer College www.colby-sawyer.edu/information/library HTAA
New London - Kearsarge Elementary sites.google.com/kearsarge.org/kresnl-library-media-center/home HDKE
New London - Kearsarge Regional MS www.kearsarge.org/KRMS/site/default.asp KEAR
New London - New London Hospital www.newlondonhospital.org HRCW
New London - Tracy Memorial www.tracylibrary.org HSCW
Newbury - Hay www.thefells.org HRDC
Newbury - Newbury Public www.newburylibrary.net HSUQ
Newfields - Newfields Public www.paulmemoriallibrary.org HSUU
Newington - Langdon www.langdonlibrary.org HRAW
Newmarket - Newmarket Elementary www.newmarket.k12.nh.us HDNW
Newmarket - Newmarket Jr/Sr HS www.newmarket.k12.nh.us HTHI
Newmarket - Newmarket Public newmarketlibrary.org HRBG
Newport - Newport HS www.newport.k12.nh.us HSW2
Newport - Richards Free www.newport.lib.nh.us HSCZ
Newport - Richards School www.sau43.org HDCZ
Newport - Towle Elementary School www.sau43.org HDTS
Newton - Gale www.newton-nh.gov/pages/newtonnh_library/index HSU1
Newton - Memorial Elementary www.sau17.org HDME
Newton - Sanborn Reg Middle School www.sau17.org HDMN
North Hampton - North Hampton Public www.nhplib.org HSU3
Northfield - Hall Memorial (Tilton/Northfield) www.hallmemoriallibrary.org HSG5
Northumberland - Groveton Middle HS http://www.edline.net/pages/Groveton_High_School HTHA
Northumberland - Northumberland Public HSE7
Northwood - Chesley Memorial www.chesleylib.com HSU5
Northwood - Coe/Brown Northwood Academy www.coebrown.org HTJD
Northwood - Northwood School https://sites.google.com/northwood.k12.nh.us/jeanlanelibrary HDNE
Nottingham - Blaisdell Memorial www.nottinghamlibrary.org HSGA
Nottingham - Nottingham School nottingham.k12.nh.us HMNS
Orford - Orford Free http://orfordnh.us/departments/orford-free-library/ HSU9
Orford - Orford Social http://orfordnh.us/groups-organizations/orford-social-library/ HSU7
Ossipee - Ossipee Public www.ossipee.lib.nh.us HRBH
Pelham - Pelham HS www.pelhamweb.org/phslibrary HRBK
Pelham - Pelham Public www.pelhampubliclibrary.org HSGC
Pembroke - NEARA Meggers neara.org HDBK
Pembroke - Pembroke Academy www.sau53.org/net9/library.html HRBL
Pembroke - Pembroke Hill School www.sau53.org/net6 HDPH
Pembroke - Pembroke Town www.pembroke-nh.com/library.asp HRBM
Pembroke - Pembroke Village School www.sau53.org/ HDPV
Peterborough - Mariposa Museum www.mariposamuseum.org HDMM
Peterborough - Peterborough Town www.townofpeterborough.com HSC3
Peterborough - South Meadow School www.conval.edu/schools/sms/www/index.htm HDSM
Piermont - Piermont Public piermontlibrary.blogspot.com HSGE
Pittsfield - Carpenter Memorial www.josiahcarpenterlibrary.org HSVA
Pittsfield - Pittsfield Middle HS www.pittsfield.k12.nh.us HTFA
Plainfield - Kimball Union Academy www.kua.org/library HTET
Plainfield - Meriden www.meridennhlibrary.org HSFY
Plainfield - P Read Memorial www.plainfieldnhlibrary.org HSGG
Plaistow - Plaistow Public www.plaistowlibrary.com HSVC
Plaistow - Pollard School www.pollard school.com HDPL
Plaistow - Timberlane Regional HS (no website provided) HTHE
Plymouth - Mount Prospect Academy mountprospect.org HDMP
Plymouth - Pease Public www.peasepubliclibrary.org HSGI
Plymouth - Plymouth Regional HS www.pemi-baker.sau48.k12.nh.us HTFH
Plymouth - Plymouth State www.library.plymouth.edu PSMM
Plymouth - Reg Sr Ctr - Noyes (no website provided) HDCP
Portsmouth - Athenaeum www.portsmouthathenaeum.org HTH9
Portsmouth - Great Bay C. C. www.greatbay.edu/library HTAZ
Portsmouth - Little Harbour School http://www.cityofportsmouth.com/School/littleharbour/index.htm HDLH
Portsmouth - New Franklin Sch. www.newfranklin.wikispaces.com HDDF
Portsmouth - Portsmouth Hospital www.portsmouthhospital.com HRBP
Portsmouth - Portsmouth HS www.cityofportsmouth.com/school/phs/library.htm HTFK
Portsmouth - Portsmouth Middle School www.cityofportsmouth.com/school/pms/pmslibrary.htm HTKE
Portsmouth - Portsmouth Public www.cityofportsmouth.com/library HSYT
Portsmouth - Strawbery Banke www.strawberybanke.org HTIC
Randolph - Randolph Public https://sites.google.com/site/randolphpubliclibrary130/home HRCM
Raymond - Dudley-Tucker www.raymondnh.gov/library/library.php HSGK
Richmond - Richmond Public (no website provided) HSVE
Rindge - Franklin Pierce College libguides.franklinpierce.edu/dipietro HRCF
Rindge - Ingalls Memorial ingalls.bywatersolutions.com HSVG
Rochester - Frisbie Hospital (no website provided) HTHW
Rochester - Rochester Public www.rpl.lib.nh.us HSC6
Rochester - Spaulding HS https://sites.google.com/a/sau54.org/shslibrarymediacenter HTI7
Rollinsford - Rollinsford Public rollinsfordlibrary.org HDRP
Rumney - B G Merrill www.rumneynh.org HSVI
Rumney - Hunter School www.hunterschool.org HDHU
Rye - Rye Middle School ryejrhigh.org HDRM
Rye - Rye Public www.ryepubliclibrary.org HSVK
Salem - Kelley www.kelleylibrary.org HSZA
Salem - Salem HS www.sau57.org HSBN
Salisbury - Salisbury Free salisburyfreelibrary.wordpress.com HSVO
Sanbornton - Sanbornton Public splnh.com HSGM
Sanbornton - Sant Bani School www.santbani.k12.nh.us HTKI
Sandown - Sandown Public www.sandownlibrary.us HSGQ
Sandwich - S H Wentworth www.town.sandwich.nh.us/library HSVQ
Seabrook - Seabrook www.sealib.org HSVS
Seabrook - Seabrook Elementary School www.sau21.org/sau/ HDSE
Seabrook - Seabrook Middle School https://www.sau21.org/sms HDSK
Shelburne - Shelburne Public (no website provided) HTKU
Somersworth - Somersworth HS somersworthhslmc.wikispaces.com HTFR
Somersworth - Somersworth Public www.somersworth.com HSC9
South Hampton - South Hampton Public (no website provided) HSVU
Springfield - L A Cass Memorial www.springfieldnh.net HSVW
Stewartstown - D Joos Memorial (no website provided) HSVY
Stoddard - Davis Public www.stoddardnh.org/davis-public-library HSV1
Strafford - Hill hilllibrary.org HSV3
Stratford - Stratford Public www.stratfordnhlibraries.com HSV5
Stratford - Stratford Public School https://www.sau58.org/SPS HTI9
Stratham - Wiggin Memorial www.library.strathamnh.gov/pages/index HSGS
Sugar Hill - Richardson Memorial www.sugarhillnh.org HSGU
Sullivan - Sullivan Public www.ci.sullivan.nh.us/library.html HSV7
Sunapee - Abbott www.abbottlibrary.org HSV9
Sunapee - Sunapee Middle HS www.sunapee.k12.nh.us HTFU
Sutton - Kearsarge Regional HS www.kearsarge.k12.nh.us/krhs/site/default.asp HTE3
Sutton - Sutton Free Library www.sutton-nh.gov/ HMSF
Swanzey - Monadnock Regional HS www.mrsd.org/MRHS HTD1
Swanzey - Mt Caesar Union mcul.sharepoint.com HRBB
Swanzey - Stratton Free www.town.swanzey.nh.us HSGY
Tamworth - Chocorua Public www.chocorualibrary.org HRAH
Tamworth - Community School http://www.communityschoolnh.org HTSC
Tamworth - Cook Memorial www.tamworthlibrary.org HSG1
Temple - Mansfield Public (no website provided) HSG3
Thornton - Thornton Public www.thorntonpubliclibrary.org HRBW
Tilton - Tilton School www.tiltonschool.org HTJQ
Tilton - Union-Sanborn Elementary www.wrsdsau59.org/us/index.html HDUS
Tilton - Winnisquam Regional HS www.winnisquam.k12.nh.us HRCB
Tilton - Winnisquam Regional MS www.wrsdsau59.org/ms/index.html HDWR
Troy - Gay/Kimball Public www.troylibrary.us HSG7
Tuftonboro - Tuftonboro Free www.tuftonborolibrary.org HRBY
Unity - Unity Free www.librarytechnology.org/lwc-displaylibrary.pl?RC=21487 HMUF
Wakefield - Gafney www.gafneylibrary.org HSGO
Walpole - North Walpole Branch www.walpoletownlibrary.org HTLA
Walpole - Walpole Elementary www.sau60.org HDWE
Walpole - Walpole Town www.walpoletownlibrary.org HSWE
Warner - Magdalen College northeastcatholic.edu HTH4
Warner - Mt. Kearsarge Indian Msm www.indianmuseum.org HDMK
Warner - Pillsbury Free www.warner.lib.nh.us HSG9
Warren - J Patch (no website provided) HRAU
Washington - Shedd Free www.washingtonnh.org HRBV
Washington - Washington Elementary www.washingtonelementary.com HMWE
Waterville Valley - WV Elementary www.wves.sau48.org HDWV
Weare - J Stark Regional HS www.sau24.org HTF1
Weare - Weare Public https://www.weare.nh.gov/library HSWI
Webster - Webster Free Public www.webster-nh.gov HRBZ
Wentworth - Webster Memorial www.wentworth-nh.org/htm/library.html HSHA
Westmoreland - Westmoreland Public www.wplnh.org HSWK
Whitefield - White Mountains Regional HS (no website provided) HRCA
Whitefield - Whitefield Public https://www.whitefieldnh.org/library HSHC
Wilmot - Wilmot Public www.wilmotlibrary.org HSWM
Wilton - High Mowing School highmowing.org HTGA
Wilton - Wilton Public & Gregg Free www.wiltonlibraynh.org HSHE
Wilton - Wilton-Lyndeboro HS https://www.sau63.org/domain/144 HTGC
Winchester - Conant Public www.conantlibrary.org HSWO
Winchester - Thayer School www/thayer.winchester.k12.nh.us HSW5
Windham - Nesmith www.nesmithlibrary.org HSHG
Windham - Windham HS www.windhamsd.org HDWH
Wolfeboro - Brewster Academy http://www.brewsteracademy.org HTGF
Wolfeboro - Kingswood Regional MS www.govwentworth.k12.nh.us HDKM
Wolfeboro - Kingswood Regional HS www.govwentworth.k12.nh.us HTGH
Wolfeboro - Wolfeboro Public www.wolfeborolibrary.org HRCC
Woodstock - Moosilauke Public https://www.woodstocknh.org/library HRBA
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