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The following is a list of known functionality issues in the NHU-PAC. In some cases SirsiDynix has told us a problem will be fixed with the next software upgrades and in other cases we've been told that's just the way it works.


  • Routine outages: The NHU-PAC is restarted every Monday morning as part of a backup procedure. Beginning at 6:00 a.m. each Monday you may not be able to connect to the NHU-PAC or may find search functions not working. Service is usually restored by 6:10 a.m. The NHU-PAC is also restarted on the last Tuesday of each month. This is usually done as early as possible in the morning but may happen during business hours depending on NHAIS staff schedules. We will attempt to post a System Messages alert on the NHAIS Notes blog in advance of the outage, which should last less than 15 minutes. Also, it is occasionally necessary to rebuild NHU-PAC’s searching indexes, leading to a brief (5 minute) searching outage to install the newest indexes. This is usually done before 7:45 a.m. on weekdays. A System Messages alert will be posted on the NHAIS Notes blog just prior to the outage.
  • Some users report titles disappearing from My List. Although we haven't found a consistent pattern that applies to all users experiencing this problem, we can share a couple of observations which may be useful. We have noticed that titles tend to be dropped when switching from one tab to another, most frequently when changing between the Welcome to NHU-PAC tab and the Advanced Searching tab. One user reports no lost titles by doing all searching from the Advanced Searching tab. Another user reports no more disappearing titles as long as, during each NHU-PAC session, the first two titles are added to My List from the MARC Display. Another user reports no My List problems since she began using Firefox as her browser. NHAIS Services makes absolutely no promises that these approaches will work for you but you're welcome to try them if you run into this problem.


  • If you're working with a MARC record with an exceptionally long title field (tag 245)--as frequently occurs on major video releases--you may see just a blank space where the title should be when viewing the bibliographic summary in Holdings Maintenance. This display issue has no effect on what you get if you're exporting records from the NHU-PAC.
  • Records for some Internet resources (including downloadable books) may not display Add Holding or Delete Holding buttons below their bibliographic summaries in Holdings Maintenance. Information for several titles may run together. This display issue has no effect on what you get if you're exporting records from the NHU-PAC. Although you could use the batch add or delete holding functions offered near the top of the Export/Add/Delete Holdings from NHU-PAC page, you are not obligated to add holdings for Internet resources that cannot be lent through the interlibrary loan program.
  • Bibliographic records for kits whose physical descriptions are spread across multiple lines (tag 300) may display multiple Add Holding or Delete Holding buttons in Holdings Maintenance. This display issue has no effect on what you get if you're exporting records from the NHU-PAC.

Interlibrary Loan

  • 13-digit ISBNs may not display on all ILL pages. You may see either a blank space or a 10-digit ISBN next to the ISBN label on the Availability screen.   You can still search by 13-digit ISBNs in the ILL program.
  • Holdings are sometimes repeated on the Availability and Select Union Lenders pages so that an item with, for example, 6 holdings may appear to have 12. Ignore the duplicate holdings. They do not represent extra copies of the same title.
  • Diacritics may not display properly in the ILL program. For example, Brontë appears as Brontèe and GrandPré becomes GrandPrâe.
  • On the Set to Shipped:Loans page, you'll get an error message if you hit your keyboard's Enter key after entering data. On this page you must use your mouse to click the Submit Input button after entering data.
  • The Select Union Lenders page can display a maximum of 100 locations. Because some popular titles have more than 100 holdings in the NHU-PAC, there may be times when your preferred lender doesn't show up on the Select Union Lenders page even though other pages in the NHU-PAC indicate the library holds the desired item. In such cases, it is possible to add the library to your lender string on the Request Summary page. Type the HSA code (using upper case letters) in the box immediately to the right of the blue plus sign under Lender String Information, then click on the plus sign. Please verify that the location in question holds the item before typing in the HSA code.
  • Under certain circumstances, it may be possible for parties other than the borrowing and lending libraries to change the status of a transaction to Received or Returned. Every time NHAIS Services has looked into instances of this happening, the problem was a mistyped Request Number. Please be careful to enter the correct Request Number when setting these statuses so you're only affecting your own transactions.
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