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A NHAIS ILL Registration FormAdobe Acrobate containing this agreement is signed by the library director at each participating NHAIS ILL library and is kept on file in NHAIS Services. A new form should be signed and returned (in paper) to NHSL/NHAIS whenever there is a change of library director. ILL contact info changes may be sent by email. Your HSA code must be included on forms and in correspondence about contact info updates. The Contact Lists of NHAIS ILL participants linked below contain the HSA codes for all ILL participants.

NHAIS Interlibrary Loan Agreement

Each NHAIS library that is set up on the system to participate in ILL has agreed to the following on behalf of their library:

1) To act as an ILL supplier within NHAIS

2) To check our ILL requests each day the library is open

3) To answer all ILL requests within 24 hours

4) To notify all ILL users if unable to respond to requests for an extended period

5) To make our ILL policies available to other participating libraries

6) To place comparable or smaller sized libraries first in our library search strings

7) To add holdings for all current acquisitions cataloged by our library to the NHU-PAC in a timely manner

NHAIS Interlibrary Loan transactions are managed through the NHU-PAC ILL system. Discussion of interlibrary loan in New Hampshire, and requests for materials that libraries choose to make outside of NHAIS are found on the NHAIS-ILL listserv. Libraries who participate in NHAIS ILL must act as a supplier within the system (and comply with the other terms of the ILL agreement) Participation in the listserv is optional.

Van Delivery Information

NH Library Directory (searchable by town and library name)

NHAIS Member Libraries (includes links to their websites)

Developing Your ILL Policy Acrobat Symbol icon.

Official ALA ILL formAdobe Acrobate

NH Colleges and ILL

ILL Protocol Manual Adobe Acrobate(last updated in 2019)

Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol Adobe Acrobat Reader format. You can download a free reader from Adobe.
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