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ILL Policies Directory

This page was created by NHAIS Services at the NH State Library as a place where New Hampshire libraries who participate in Interlibrary Loan (ILL) through NHAIS can post their Interlibrary Loan policies.

This allows all the libraries in the system to see what the terms of the loans they request are and to make their terms easily accessible to other libraries. Each library controls its own ILL policy, and the links below are to pages on the web sites of the individual libraries. If you need help crafting an ILL policy for your library, check out Developing Your ILL Policy Acrobat Symbol icon.

If your library is listed below but is not a link to your ILL policy, please send the link (along with your HSA code so we are sure we connect it to the right library) to nhu-pac@dcr.nh.gov

The list of NHAIS ILL participants (as of 12-2-2011) is arranged alphabetically by town.
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Acworth - Silsby Public (HSDA)

Allenstown - Allenstown Public (HSA8)

Alstead - Shedd-Porter Memorial (HSDC)

Alton – Gilman (HSDE)

Amherst - Amherst Town (HSDG)

Amherst - Souhegan HS (HTVK)

Andover - Andover Public (HSDI)

Andover - Proctor Academy (HTHQ)

Andover - W A Bachelder (HSEI)

Antrim - J A Tuttle (HSDK)

Ashland - Ashland Town (HSHK)

Atkinson - Kimball Public (HTJK)

Auburn - Griffin Free Public (HSHM)

Barnstead - O Foss Memorial (HSHO)

Barrington - Barrington Public (HSDO)

Bartlett - Bartlett Public (HSHQ)

Bath - Bath Public (HSDQ)

Bedford - Bedford Public (HSDS)

Belmont - Belmont HS (HTGP)

Belmont - Belmont Public (HSDU)

Bennington - G E P Dodge (HSHS)

Berlin - Berlin Public (HRAB)

Berlin - White Mountains C. C. (HTAL)

Bethlehem - Bethlehem Public (HSDW)

Bethlehem - White Mountain School (HTEE)

Boscawen - Boscawen Public (HSHU)

Bow - Baker Free (HSHW)

Bow - Bow HS (HRCQ)

Bradford - Brown Memorial (HSDY)

Brentwood - M E Bartlett Memorial (HSHY)

Bristol - Minot/Sleeper (HSD1)

Bristol - Newfound HS (HTBE)

Brookline - Brookline Public (HSD3)

Campton - Campton Public (HTKG)

Canaan - Canaan Town (HSH3)

Canaan - Indian River School Library (HDIR)

Candia - Smyth Public (HSD5)

Canterbury - Elkins (HSD7)

Center Harbor - J E Nichols Memorial (HSH7)

Charlestown - Silsby Free Public (HSD9)

Chester - Chester Public (HRAF)

Chesterfield - Chesterfield Public (HSH9)

Chichester - Chichester Town (HRAG)

Claremont - Fiske Free (HSYB)

Claremont - River Valley C. C. (HTAP)

Claremont - Stevens HS (HTBG)

Colebrook - Colebrook Academy (HTBK)

Colebrook - Colebrook Public (HRAK)

Concord - Concord Public (HSYE)

Concord - Merrimack Valley HS (HSWY)

Concord - NH ATOD Lending (HDAT)

Concord - NH Family Voices (HRCZ)

Concord - NH Hospital - D M Breene (HTHM)

Concord - NH Hospital - Patient's (HRCD)

Concord - NH Law (HRBE)

Concord - NH State Prison (HRBC)

Concord - NHSL (NHSS, NHSD, HTJU, and BBAG)

Concord - NHTI (HTAR)

Concord - Public Health Services (HRCU)

Concord - Talking Book Services (HRBD)

Conway - Conway Public (HSCB)

Conway - Granite State College (HRBU)

Conway - Mt. Washington Ob. (HMTW)

Conway - North Conway Public (HSEC)

Cornish - G H Stowell Free (HRAR)

Dalton - Dalton Public (HSSA)

Danville - Colby Memorial (HSEE)

Deerfield - Philbrick-James (HSSE)

Derry - Derry Public (HSSG)

Derry - Pinkerton Academy (HTI3)

Derry - Taylor (HSSI)

Dover - Dover HS (HRCJ)

Dover - Dover Public (HSCE)

Dover - Portsmouth Christian Academy (HRCS)

Dublin - Dublin Public (HSEG)

Dublin - Dublin School (HTJM)

Dummer - Dummer Public (HRCY)

Dunbarton - Dunbarton Public (HSSO)

Durham - Durham Public (HRCR)

Durham - Oyster River HS (HTB1)

East Kingston - East Kingston Public (HSEK)

Effingham - Effingham Public (HREF)

Enfield - Enfield Public (HSSS)

Epping - Harvey/Mitchell Memorial (HSEM)

Epsom - Epsom Public (HSEO)

Errol - Errol Public (HSSU)

Exeter - Exeter HS (HTB7)

Exeter - Exeter Public (HSYH)

Farmington - Goodwin (HSSW)

Fitzwilliam - Fitzwilliam Town (HSEQ)

Francestown - G H Bixby Memorial (HSSY)

Franconia - A Greenleaf (HSES)

Franklin - Franklin Public (HSCH)

Freedom - Freedom Public (HSEU)

Fremont - Fremont Public (HSS1)

Gilford - Gilford Middle/HS (HTIO)

Gilford - Gilford Public (HSEW)

Gilmanton - Gilmanton Iron Works (HSS3)

Gilmanton Year Round (HDGL)

Goffstown - Goffstown HS (HTIQ)

Goffstown - Goffstown Public (HSS7)

Gorham - Gorham Public (HSS9)

Goshen - O G Pettis (HSEY)

Grantham - Dunbar Free (HSE1)

Greenfield - Crotched Mtn Media Ctr (HDCR)

Greenfield - Stephenson Memorial (HSE3)

Greenland - Weeks Public (HSE5)

Greenville - Chamberlin Public (HRAE)

Hampstead - Hampstead Public (HSE9)

Hampton - Lane Memorial (HSTA)

Hampton - Winnacunnet HS (HSW7)

Hampton Falls - Hampton Falls Free (HSTC)

Hancock - Hancock Town (HSTE)

Hanover - Hanover Town (HSTG)

Hanover - Howe (HSCK)

Harrisville - Harrisville Public (HSTI)

Haverhill - Patten (HSTM)

Haverhill - Pike (HSTO)

Haverhill - Woodsville Free (HSHI)

Haverhill - Woodsville HS (HTHG)

Haverhill Library Assoc. (HSTK)

Henniker - New England College (NECC)

Henniker - Tucker Free (HRBX)

Hill - Hill Public (HSTQ)

Hillsboro - Fuller Public (HRAP)

Holderness - Holderness Free (HSFA)

Holderness - Holderness School (HTFF)

Hollis - Hollis Social (HSTU)

Hooksett - Hooksett Public (HSFC)

Hopkinton - Hopkinton HS (HTBO)

Hopkinton - Hopkinton Town (HSEA)

Hudson - Rodgers Memorial (HSFG)

Jackson - Jackson Grammar Sch. (HDJG)

Jackson - Jackson Public (HSFI)

Jaffrey - Conant HS (HTDT)

Jaffrey - Jaffrey Public (HSTW)

Keene - Keene Public (HSYK)

Keene - Keene State (KNMM)

Kensington - Kensington Public (HST1)

Kingston - Nichols Memorial (HSFK)

Laconia - Laconia HS (HTD4)

Laconia - Laconia Public (HSCN)

Laconia - Lakes Region C. C. (HTAT)

Lancaster - W D Weeks Memorial (HSCQ)

Lebanon - Lebanon College (HTLC)

Lebanon - Lebanon Public (HST3)

Lee - Lee Public (HSFM)

Lempster - Miner Memorial (HST7)

Lincoln - Lincoln Public (HST9)

Lincoln - Lin-Wood Public School (HTHC)

Lisbon - Lisbon Public (HSFO)

Lisbon - Lisbon Regional School (HRAX)

Litchfield - A Cutler Memorial (HRAY)

Littleton - Littleton Public (HSCT)

Londonderry - Leach (HSFQ)

Loudon - Maxfield Public (HRAZ)

Lyme - Converse Free (HRAL)

Lyndeborough - J A Tarbell (HSFS)

Madbury - Madbury Public (HMML)

Madison - Madison (HSFU)

Manchester - Community College (HTAV)

Manchester - Derryfield School (HTEK)

Manchester - Hesser College (HTAG)

Manchester - Manchester City (HSIA

Manchester - Southern NH University (HTGM)

Manchester - UNH (MVAA)

Manchester - West Manchester Community (HSIW)

Marlborough - Frost Free (HSUA)

Marlow - Marlow Town (HSUC)

Mason - Mason Public (HSUE)

Meredith - Meredith Public (HSFW)

Merrimack - Merrimack Public (HSF1)

Milford - Milford HS (HTI1)

Milford - Wadleigh Memorial (HSYN)

Milton - Milton Free Public (HSUK)

Milton - Nute (HSUI)

Monroe - Monroe Public (HSF3)

Mont Vernon - Daland Memorial (HSF5)

Moultonborough - Moultonborough Academy (HTEW)

Moultonborough - Moultonborough Public (HSUM)

Nashua - Community College (HTAX)

Nashua - Nashua Public (HSYQ)

Nelson - O Rodham Memorial (HSUO)

New Boston - Whipple Free (HSF7)

New Castle - New Castle (HSF9)

New Durham - New Durham Public (HSUS)

New Hampton - Gordon-Nash (HSUW)

New Hampton - New Hampton School (HRCO)

New Ipswich - Mascenic HS (HSA5)

New Ipswich - New Ipswich (HSUY)

New London - Colby/Sawyer College (HTAA)

New London - Tracy Memorial (HSCW)

Newbury - Newbury Public (HSUQ)

Newfields - Newfields Public (HSUU)

Newington - Langdon (HRAW)

Newmarket - Newmarket Public (HRBG)

Newport - Richards Free (HSCZ)

Newton - Gale (HSU1)

North Hampton - North Hampton Public (HSU3)

Northfield - Hall Memorial  (Tilton/North (HSG5)

Northumberland - Northumberland Public (HSE7)

Northwood - Chesley Memorial (HSU5)

Northwood - Coe/Brown Northwood Academy (HTJD)

Northwood - Northwood School (HDNE)

Nottingham - Blaisdell Memorial (HSGA)

Orford - Orford Free (HSU9)

Orford - Orford Social (HSU7)

Ossipee - Ossipee Public (HRBH)

Pelham - Pelham HS (HRBK)

Pelham - Pelham Public (HSGC)

Pembroke - Pembroke Academy (HRBL)

Pembroke - Pembroke Town (HRBM)

Peterborough - Peterborough Town (HSC3)

Piermont - Piermont Public (HSGE)

Pittsfield - Josiah Carpenter Library (HSVA)

Pittsfield - Pittsfield Middle HS (HTFA)

Plainfield - Kimball Union Academy (HTET)

Plainfield - Meriden (HSFY)

Plainfield - P Read Memorial (HSGG)

Plainfield - Runnemede School (HDRS)

Plaistow - Plaistow Public (HSVC)

Plymouth - Pease Public (HSGI)

Portsmouth - Athenaeum (HTH9)

Portsmouth - Great Bay C. C. (HTAZ)

Portsmouth - Portsmouth Public (HSYT)

Randolph - Randolph Public (HRCM)

Raymond - Dudley-Tucker (HSGK)

Richmond - Richmond Public (HSVE)

Rindge - Ingalls Memorial (HSVG)

Rochester - Rochester Public (HSC6)

Rollinsford - Rollinsford Public (HDRP)

Rumney - B G Merrill (HSVI)

Rye - Rye Public (HSVK)

Salem - Kelley (HSZA)

Salisbury - Salisbury Free (HSVO)

Sanbornton - Sanbornton Public (HSGM)

Sandown - Sandown Public (HSGQ)

Sandwich - S H Wentworth (HSVQ)

Seabrook - Seabrook (HSVS)

Shelburne - Shelburne Public (HTKU)

Somersworth - Somersworth HS (HTFR)

Somersworth - Somersworth Public (HSC9)

Springfield - L A Cass Memorial (HSVW)

Stoddard - Davis Public (HSV1)

Strafford - Hill (HSV3)

Stratham - Wiggin Memorial (HSGS)

Sugar Hill - Richardson Memorial (HSGU)

Sullivan - Sullivan Public (HSV7)

Sunapee - Abbott (HSV9)

Sunapee - Sunapee Middle HS (HTFU)

Swanzey - Monadnock Regional HS (HTD1)

Swanzey - Mt Caesar Union (HRBB)

Swanzey - Stratton Free (HSGY)

Tamworth - Chocorua Public (HRAH)

Tamworth - Cook Memorial (HSG1)

Temple - Mansfield Public (HSG3)

Thornton - Thornton Public (HRBW)

Tilton - Tilton School (HTJQ)

Troy - Gay/Kimball Public (HSG7)

Tuftonboro - Tuftonboro Free (HRBY)

Unity - Unity Free (HMUF)

Wakefield - Gafney (HSGO)

Walpole - Walpole Town (HSWE)

Warner - Magdalen College (HTH4)

Warner - Mt. Kearsarge Indian Msm (HDMK)

Warner - Pillsbury Free (HSG9)

Warren - J Patch (HRAU)

Washington - Shedd Free (HRBV)

Waterville Valley - WV Elementary (HDWV)

Weare - J Stark Regional HS (HTF1)

Weare - Weare Public (HSWI)

Webster - Webster Free Public (HRBZ)

Wentworth - Webster Memorial (HSHA)

Westmoreland - Westmoreland Public (HSWK)

Whitefield - White Mountains Regional HS (HRCA)

Whitefield - Whitefield Public (HSHC)

Wilmot - Wilmot Public (HSWM)

Wilton - High Mowing School (HTGA)

Wilton - Wilton Public & Gregg Free (HSHE)

Winchester - Conant Public (HSWO)

Windham - Nesmith (HSHG)

Wolfeboro - Brewster Academy (HTGF)

Wolfeboro - Wolfeboro Public (HRCC)

Woodstock - Moosilauke Public (HRBA)


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