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2021 New Hampshire IMLS LSTA ARPA nhaisLOCAL Sub-grantIMLS logo

This is a New Hampshire State Library subgrant offering which is part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).


Through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is able to provide funding to support library services in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the Territories. In New Hampshire, those funds are administered by the New Hampshire State Library in the form of statewide initiatives. The American Rescue Plan Act funds given to IMLS in FY21 are being distributed to all of those listed above, using the same formula as the annual allotments, through the LSTA program. NHSL received $2,297,692, which will be used not only for statewide initiatives, but for sub-grant opportunities for public libraries throughout the state. The nhaisLOCAL sub-grant project adheres to the goals and activities of the NHSL LSTA 5 Year Plan and the federal IMLS ARPA funding priorities.

In the NHSL LSTA 5 Year Plan, 2017-2022, under Goal I: Equity of Access, this project is part of Project 5, “Facilitate an open source ILS solution for small libraries.” This project fits into the third federal IMLS ARPA funding priority: “to support library services that meet the needs of communities throughout the U.S., including costs such as personnel, technology, training, materials, supplies, equipment, and associated indirect costs.” [quoted from the Official Award Notification Letter to Michael York, NH State Librarian from IMLS via email on 4/9/2021]


nhaisLOCAL began in 2011 as a project to automate small and under-automated NH libraries with an open-source ILS. We partnered with ByWater Solutions to implement Koha systems for these libraries and our first group of libraries went live with their systems in 2013. Those libraries are still part of the program which currently includes 14 libraries. The nhaisLOCAL blog includes information on Koha and the project. The project includes a set annual fee for hosting and support, regular updates to the ILS and support from both NHAIS Services and ByWater Solutions. This sub-grant project is building on that existing program to include more libraries and to provide funding for the implementation, training, data-loading, and first year of support and hosting for included libraries. Our priority is to automate those libraries that have not yet implemented an ILS that allows them to connect their local catalog directly to the NHAIS ILL System as Z-targets. That direct connection to the system provides complete, real-time availability information for ILL participants throughout the state. It also saves the participating library time and effort as holdings do not need to be maintained both locally and in the statewide catalog. Libraries selected for this project will need to pick up the annual costs of support and maintenance after the first year (see budget section of these guidelines for details). The implementations take approximately 6 months and will be done in groups of up to six libraries at a time with go-live dates ranging from November 1, 2021 to July 11, 2022. Libraries who receive this funding will be expected to commit to staying in the nhaisLOCAL program through December 2024.


The expenses for this sub-grant project are expected to be paid directly by NHSL from the grant funds for the whole group of libraries included in the sub-grant project based on normal nhaisLOCAL participant costs which are detailed here.

Libraries participating in this sub-grant project will have the the following items covered by the grant and through support from our partner, ByWater Solutions:

  • New system configuration and implementation
  • Implementation training (held virtually in groups of up to 6 libraries at a time)
  • Data migration
  • Hosting and support from July 2021 through the 1-year anniversary of their individual go-live date
Libraries included in the sub-grant project will be responsible for the following costs:
  • Pro-rated Hosting and Support from the 1-year anniversary of their individual go-live date through December 31, 2022 at the rate of $215 per month.
  • Annual Hosting and Support for fees for January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2024 (2 years) at the rate of $2,650 per year.
  • Paying for the equipment and infrastructure required to use Koha in your library will be the responsibility of your library (computers, up-to-date web browsers, reliable, high-quality internet access, etc.) The equipment and connectivity needed to successfully use the NHAIS ILL System is appropriate for this as well.
  • There are supporting items that your library may want to purchase to make using Koha more efficient. This might include new barcode readers, label printers, and additional barcode labels for patron cards and materials. Paying for these items, if you choose to include them, will be the responsibility of your library.


There is a maximum of 54 spots available in the project and they will be allocated based on the following priorities:

  • Only current NHAIS ILL participants will be considered.
  • Public libraries without any Integrated Library System (ILS) in place will be given top priority for inclusion.
  • Public libraries with an Integrated Library System (ILS) in place that cannot connect to the NHAIS ILL System as a Z-target will be given secondary priority for inclusion. See the NHAIS ILL System web page if you want information on Z-targets.
  • Public and Special Libraries with an Integrated Library System (ILS) in place, other than Koha, that is (or could be) connected to the NHAIS ILL system as a Z-target but that wish to switch to a nhaisLOCAL Koha system will be considered if there are available spots remaining in the project. Volume of ILL activity in the NHAIS system (as a percentage of requests received) may be considered in deciding among applicants in this group. This data will be extracted from the NHAIS ILL System by NHSL if necessary.


March 15, 2021 IMLS announces ARPA funding for libraries; purchases made on or after this date that reflect the grant priorities and the State Library LSTA activities are eligible for this sub-grant.
April 9, 2021 NHSL receives notification that they will receive $2,297,692 in ARPA funds through IMLS
May 28, 2021 @ 3 pm Online application OPENS for nhaisLOCAL sub-grant. Interested eligible libraries must submit an application in order to be considered for inclusion in this project.
June 3, 2021 @ 2pm "nhaisLOCAL ARPA Subgrant Q&A Session #1” will be held.
June 15, 2021 @ 10am “nhaisLOCAL ARPA Subgrant Q&A Session #2” will be held.
June 20, 2021 @ 11:59 pm Online application CLOSES for for nhaisLOCAL sub-grant.
June 23 – June 29, 2021 Grant award notifications begin as long as all state approvals for NHSL ARPA money have been obtained. Libraries who are notified that they have been selected for inclusion in the project will have 24 hours to return to NHSL a signed nhaisLOCAL agreement. If a library doesn’t return the agreement another applicant will be offered the spot in the project.
June 30, 2021 @4pm Deadline for return of signed nhaisLOCAL agreements for all participating libraries to NHSL.
July 1, 2021 ByWater Solutions will be provided with the final list of libraries participating in this project.
July 2, 2021 Implementation will begin for the first group of libraries.
September 20, 2022

Implementations will be complete and all funds allocated to this project will have been expended.



Information about your preference for which of the 9 possible go-live dates you library would be scheduled for is being collected as part of the subgrant application. Libraries will be assigned to groups based on a variety of factors including this preference indication. The go-live date is the Monday (it is always a Monday) on which your new Koha system will be up and running with live data for the first time. All other scheduling is based on the go-live date. The whole process takes about 6 months start to finish. Listed below are the planned timelines for each implementation group. Please consider this information when selecting your preferred go-live date.

#1 - Go Live date of Monday, 11/1/2021

  • Kick off project July 2021
  • Data extraction done in Aug. 2021
  • Testing and mapping in Sept. 2021
  • Training in October 2021

#2 - Go Live date of Monday, 12/6/2021

  • Kick off project July 2021
  • Data extraction done in Sept. 2021
  • Testing and mapping in Oct. 2021
  • Training in November 2021

#3 - Go Live date of Monday, 1/10/2022

  • Kick off project Aug. 2021
  • Data extraction done in Oct. 2021
  • Testing and mapping in Nov. 2021
  • Training in December 2021

#4 - Go Live date of Monday, 2/7/2022

  • Kick off project Sept. 2021
  • Data extraction done in Nov. 2021
  • Testing and mapping in Dec. 2021
  • Training in January 2022

#5 - Go Live date of Monday, 3/7/2022

  • Kick off project Oct. 2021
  • Data extraction done in Dec. 2021
  • Testing and mapping in Jan. 2022
  • Training in February 2022

#6 - Go Live date of Monday, 4/4/2022

  • Kick off project Nov. 2021
  • Data extraction done in Jan. 2022
  • Testing and mapping in Feb. 2022
  • Training in March 2022

#7 - Go Live date of Monday, 5/2/2022

  • Kick off project Dec. 2021
  • Data extraction done in Feb. 2022
  • Testing and mapping in March 2022
  • Training in April 2022

#8 - Go Live date of Monday, 6/6/2022

  • Kick off project Jan. 2022
  • Data extraction done in March 2022
  • Testing and mapping in April 2022
  • Training in May 2022

#9 - Go Live date of Monday, 7/11/2022

  • Kick off project Feb. 2022
  • Data extraction done in April 2022
  • Testing and mapping in May 2022
  • Training in June 2022



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