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Article I ~ Name

The name of this corporation/(hereinafter referred to as an association) shall be Friends of the Randolph Public Library, Inc.

Article II ~ Purpose

Section 1. The purpose of this association shall be:

  1. To work in cooperation with both the librarian and the library trustees, in support of the library.
  2. To maintain an association of persons interested in good library service.
  3. To assist in development, promotion, and completion of library services, facilities, and programs.
  4. To act as liaison between the community and the library.
  5. To increase public awareness and stimulate the use of the library’s resources.

Article III ~ Membership

Section 1. Membership in this association is open to all individuals, organizations, or clubs in agreement with the purposes of this association.

Section 2. Annual dues for the Friends of the Randolph Public Library, Inc., shall be determined by a majority of the members present and voting at the annual meeting.

Section 3. Each paid membership shall be entitled to one vote.

Section 4. Library trustees and the librarian of the Randolph Public Library shall be considered non-dues-paying members, and are welcome to participate in all meetings and activities. Trustees and the librarian [NOTE: and other staff] are not eligible to be officers of the association.

Article IV ~ Officers

Section 1. The officers of this association shall be:


Section 2. Officers shall be elected by majority vote of the membership present at the annual meeting for the term of one year, but not more than two successive terms

Section 3. The term of officers so elected shall begin with the next meeting following the annual meeting, and shall continue until their successors are elected.

Section 4. A vacancy in any office shall be filled for the remainder of the term through appointment by the remaining officers, pending ratification by the membership at the next meeting.

Section V ~ Duties of Officers

President: The President shall facilitate all meetings for the membership.

The President shall serve as the primary channel of communication with the librarian and the library trustees.

The President shall facilitate the appointment of committees and ensure that the goals and purposes of the membership are realized.

The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

The President shall have the power to pursue resources, pending ratification by the membership.

Vice-President/President-elect: The Vice-President/President-elect shall act in the capacity of the President in the President’s absence.

The Vice-President/President-elect shall share leadership responsibilities with the President in preparation for a smooth transition of leadership from year to year, and shall become President of the association at the end of the previous President’s term.

Secretary: The Secretary shall record attendance, take the minutes of all meetings, and maintain a file of meeting minutes for reference at future meetings.

The Secretary shall maintain files which will include press releases, flyers, newsletters, announcements of programs and activities, and any other pertinent information relative to the Friends association.

The Secretary shall conduct necessary correspondence for the association.

The Secretary shall keep a list of the membership together with addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses, and shall notify the members of the time and place of meetings.

The maintenance of the membership list and the meeting notices can be delegated to a working committee or designated member when deemed expedient and if agreeable to the membership.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection, safekeeping, and disbursement of all funds and assets.

The Treasurer shall keep and maintain financial records of all financial transactions of the organization.

The Treasurer shall submit a financial accounting of the association’s transactions and financial status at the annual meeting and at other times when requested.

The Treasurer shall prepare any necessary documents for the IRS and the NH Attorney General related to the finances of the association, as required by statute or regulation.

Article VI ~ Meetings

Section 1. Meetings of the Friends shall be held twice annually unless otherwise voted on by the membership.

Section 2. Business can be conducted if a quorum is present. A quorum shall be defined as no fewer than five (5) members.

Section 3. The annual meeting of the association shall be held in August.

Section 4. Special meetings of the association may be called at any time by the President or by two officers of the association, with proper notification of the membership.

Section 5. The membership shall be notified of all meetings by surface mail and/or by e-mail, at least ten (10) business days before the meeting date. [NOTE: This is not actually in Randolph’s bylaws, but a similar clause should be in all bylaws.]

Article VII ~ Funds and Liability

Section 1. All funds shall be deposited to the account of the Friends of the Randolph Public Library and shall be disbursed by the Treasurer as authorized by the President, acting on behalf of the membership.

Section 2. Adequate records of accounts shall be maintained by the Treasurer.

Section 3. No member of the association shall be liable except for unpaid dues, and no personal or financial liability shall in any event be attached to any member of the association in connection with any of its undertakings.

Section 4. No part of the funds from the association shall benefit any individual of the association, except that the association may pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance of the purposes of the association.

Section 5. Upon the dissolution of the association after paying or making provisions for the payment of the liabilities of the association, any remaining assets shall be disbursed in accordance with Article 4 of the Articles of Agreement.

Section 6. The fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31.

Article VIII ~ Amendments

These bylaws may be amended, with thirty days’ prior notice to the membership, at any meeting of the association, by a majority vote of the members present.

Article IX ~ Parliamentary Procedure

Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition, shall govern the proceedings of the association unless they are in conflict with the Articles of Agreement or these bylaws.

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