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> Granite State Readers Recommend

Durham, NH

Zelda Moore [Spring 2007]

Terrorist by John Updike. I thought he did a splendid job and I was particularly engaged with the ending chapter. A masterful piece of writing — an illuminating examination of what it’s like to be human and be living in today’s world.

Michael Horton [December 2006]

The book Journey Toward Justice by Dennis Fritz is a memoir and John Grisham calls it compelling and fascinating. Dennis Fritz is the real character in John Grisham's Book The Innocent Man. The Innocent Man mostly is about his co-defendant Ronnie Williamson who was sentenced to death. Dennis Fritz who was sentenced to life behind bars and Ronnie Williamson were exonerated in 1999 after 12 desperate and tortuous years in prison, Ronnie Williamson passed away a few years later..

Zelda Moore [January 2006]

If you like surreal, metaphysical, contemporary Japanese novels (and WHO doesn't?), try Haruki Murakami's Kafka On the Shore. What fun!

Cicely Buckley [March 2005]
Editor, Oyster River Press

Under the Legislature of Stars: 62 New Hampshire Poets, would be the book I would consider of greatest interest to your readers. It includes Maxine Kumine, Donald Hall, other known and new poets. My second recommendation would be Robert J. Duffy's Ordinary Lies.
In order to put four children through college he is a self employed plumber -- from Franklin NH. He is a largely self-taught poet from age 15. He has just won a prize from the Austin Texas international poetry contest where he will perform his poems in April -- like a Shakespearean actor.
Walking to Windward: Twenty Poets of New England, I will modesty consider to be our third success story at our cooperative Oyster River Press. Some were previous poet laureates (Robert Dunn and Kate Barnes) and other prize winners (Rhina Espaillat and Elizabeth Tibbetts). Financially it does not sell well but it is an excellent collection of diverse styles and belongs in the libraries. I should not omit from my recommendations a fourth book, John Perrault's new collection of his poems, due back from the printers next week! HERE COMES THE OLD MAN NOW.

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