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> Granite State Readers Recommend

Center Barnstead, NH

John Reed [July 2006]

The Fist of God - Fredrick Forsyth
The background of this espionage thriller is eerily prescient, in light of current events - it is set in the days before the first Gulf War, and starts with the bizarre (mostly true) story of Gerald Bull, the artillery genius. Forsyth is an excellent craftsman - characters are drawn with a deft hand, the story is well plotted, and fits history well. A good read - makes you wonder what some folks was thinkin'....

John Reed [March 2005]

William Gibson, Pattern Recognition
The future is now... and it's a little scarier than we thought! Gibson is a superb writer, and his tale of newsgroups, 9/11, marketing, and a heroine who can only trust her online friend "Parkaboy" is poignant and compelling.

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