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Seven Tips for Stronger Applications

  1. Read all of the application questions before you begin writing. This will help you identify the issues that need to be addressed in the application and will help you avoid redundancy.
  2. Don’t assume that the grant committee knows anything about your project or your organization. The committee only knows what you tell them in your application.
  3. If you are proposing a project typically done by another organization in your community, address the reason for this duplication of effort and spending.
  4. If you are seeking funding for an ongoing project, describe the track record of this program. For example, you might indicate how long the project has been in existence and how many people have been served. Or, you could describe the feedback you’ve received about the success of the project.
  5. In discussing the specific activities and expenditures needed to complete the project, please explain any activities that involve "extra expenses" such as paying staff to work hours when you are normally closed.
  6. Have someone unfamiliar with your project read your application. The questions he/she has are likely to be ones the grant committee has. Answer those questions in your application. Also avoid jargon and acronyms without explaining them.
  7. Edit your work carefully.
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