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> Applying for a 2012 Grant

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General Information

Grant applications must be prepared following the format guidelines provided below and must answer all the questions listed. Grants will be evaluated based solely upon the information provided in the application. Incomplete or incorrectly formatted applications will NOT be considered. Handwritten applications will NOT be considered. Submitted applications become the property of Granite State Reads.

A set of five (5) copies of your application must be sent to us by U.S. Mail and must be postmarked no later than December 1, 2011. Emailed applications will NOT be accepted.

Please mail your grant application to:
Center for the Book at the NHSL
attn. Granite State Reads
20 Park Street
Concord, NH 03301

Format guidelines

  • Applications must be submitted on white 8.5x11 paper (double-sided printing is fine).
  • Your organization name must be at the top of each page and the pages must be numbered.
  • Font must be no smaller than 11-point and text should be double-spaced.
  • Each question (there are 26) should be included, with its number, immediately before your answer.
  • Most questions have a maximum word count; do not exceed it.
  • 5 duplicate copies of your application are required.


1 - Name of person writing application:

2 -Job Title:

3 - Organization or Company:

4 - Mailing Address:

5 - Phone:

6 - Email:

7 - Organization's web site:

8 - Date of Application:

9 - Project title:

10 - Please describe the purpose of your organization, its structure and governance and any formal affiliations. (No more than 150 words.)

11 - Has this organization applied for a Granite State Reads grant in the past? If "yes," was it funded?

12 - Has this specific project received funding from Granite State Reads in the past?

13 - Please describe the specific project for which you are requesting funding. (No more than 100 words.)

14 - Please identify the literacy problem in your community that this project addresses. (No more than 100 words.)

15 - Please explain how this project will help to solve the problem described in question 14. (No more than 100 words.)

16 - Please identify any libraries who will be partners in your project and explain what role they will have. If no libraries are involved, please explain why not. (No more than 100 words.)

17 - Please list all non-library partners involved in this project and explain the role of each. (No more than 250 words.)

18 - Please discuss the specific activities you will undertake to complete this project. (No more than 250 words.)

19 - Please explain how your organization will measure or evaluate the success of this project. (No more than 150 words.)

20 - Do you anticipate this project extending beyond the grant year? If so, how do you plan to support this project in the future? (No more than 100 words.)

21 - What is the total grant amount being request from Granite State Reads (GSR) for this project? (Just provide a dollar figure, details will be covered in later questions)

22 - Will any of the requested GSR grant money be used for personnel expenses (including consultants or speakers)? If "yes" indicate who will be paid, what they will be doing, at what rate they will be paid, and for how many hours.

23 - Will any of the requested GSR grant money be used for travel expenses? If "yes" indicate what those travel expenses will be and for whom (Note: Mileage rates may not exceed the Federal rate at the time of travel)

24 - Will any of the requested GSR grant money be used to purchase equipment or supplies (including books) ? If "yes" indicate what exactly will be purchased, at what cost, and how it relates to this project.

25 - Please describe any other expenses you plan to cover with GSR grant money. If the items in questions 22-24 don't add up to the amount in question 21 please explain the discrepancy here.

26 - What sources of revenue (besides this grant and including in-kind contributions) will be used for this project and how will they be used?

Questions? Please send us an email or call 603-271-2866


Dec. 1, 2011
Deadline for 2012 applications

Feb. 6, 2012
Grant applicants for 2012 will be notified of funding decisions

Nov. 15, 2012
Deadline for 2012 grant report



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