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> Literary Awards in the Granite State

Cochecho Readers’ Award

The Cochecho Readers’ Award is sponsored by the Children’s Librarians of Dover, New Hampshire. The award is named after the Cochecho River which runs through the heart of Dover. This award is given each year to an author whose book receives the most votes from third and fourth graders in the city. Each year a team of school and public librarians select 26 titles published within the last three years for the children to vote on. The criteria for selection are quality of writing and child appeal. Children are required to read or listen to at least three of the titles on the list in order to vote. Children then vote for their favorite book during National Library Week in April at the school libraries. Ballots are also available at the Dover Public Library for home schooled children and for those attending private schools.

The Flume: NH Teen Readers' Choice

Sponsored by the New Hampshire Library Association, the newest statewide book award is called The Flume: NH Teen Readers' Choice. Each spring students in grades 9-12 are invited to vote for their favorite of the nominated titles. Voting will take place in school and public libraries around the state. In the fall librarians will be collecting nominations from high school students for the next year's list. To be considered for the list, a nominated title must be either a work of fiction or nonfiction appealing to teens in grades 9-12 and published no earlier than two years before the year of nomination. If a nominated book is part of a series, it must be able to stand on its own. Students can submit nominations to their school or public librarian.

Great Stone Face Book Award

The Great Stone Face Book Award is given annually to an author whose book receives the most votes from students in grades 4-6 throughout New Hampshire. The purpose of the award is to promote reading enjoyment, to increase awareness of quality contemporary writing, and to allow children a chance to honor a favorite author. The award is sponsored by CHILIS (Children's Librarians of New Hampshire), a section of the New Hampshire Library Association.

Isinglass Teen Read Award

The Isinglass Teen Read Award was begun in 2001 by the Barrington Public Library and the Barrington Middle School in order to promote teen reading, the participation of teens in the creation of their own reading list, and to honor those authors whose works speak to youth. Voting is open to all New Hampshire libraries that are interested in participating and occurs in April of each year. Recommendations for the list will be accepted from any 6-8th grader in the state.

Ladybug Picture Book Award

Sponsored by the Center for the Book at the New Hampshire State Library, the Ladybug Picture Book Award was established in 2003 to promote early literacy and honor the best in recent children's picture books.

New Hampshire Literary Awards

Presented every other year, the New Hampshire Literary Awards honor outstanding literary achievements, recognize, and promote public interest in, New Hampshire writers. The award is sponsored by the New Hampshire Writers' Project.

Sarah Josepha Hale Award

Presented annually since 1956 by the Trustees of the Richards Free Library in Newport, New Hampshire, this award goes to a writer who, through his or her life work, maintains a connection to New England. The Hale Award honors the contribution of one of 19th century America's most powerful women, a Newport author who shaped the opinions of American women for 40 years through her editorials in Godey's Lady's Magazine.

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