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Winter Survival Package

This package contains bare-root seedlings which will eventually produce persistent fruit when mature that will remain on the plant into the winter months. This provides wildlife with a valuable survival food above deep snow cover through freezing temperatures and strong winds. This package contains wetlands rose, hawthorn, bayberry, European highbush cranberry and European mountain ash.

Specialty packages are $30 each and consist of 25 assorted seedlings (5 plants of 5 species) color coded for easy identification. Each seedling will average at least 4 to 12" tall. Plant descriptions and planting suggestions are provided. These popular packages are suitable for planting statewide. Disclaimer: the majority of plants in these specialty packages are intended primarily for wildlife and songbird use. Some species may contain toxins harmful to humans if consumed.

Price: $30 per pkg.

photo of northern bayberry courtesy of dr. michael dirr


photo of wetlands rose hips

Wetlands Rose

photo of european mountain ash in bloom

European Mountain Ash

photo of hawthorn courtesy of dr. michael dirr


photo of european highbush cranberry courtesy of dr. michael dirr

European Highbush Cranberry

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