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White Spruce Picea glauca

Hardy, symmetrical and naturally dense evergreen. Needles 1/2" to 1", blue-green, angled and sharp tipped. Important for timber and Christmas trees; also used for erosion control and site reclamation because it is adaptable to wide range of planting sites but prefers moderately well to well-drained loamy soils. Grows well throughout New Hampshire. Mature height to 70'.

Seed Source:

New Hampshire

Seedling Details
Age Comment per 10 per 25 per 100 per 500 per 1000
2 yr 4-8" $10 $20 $60 $250 N/A
3 yr 8-16" $15 $25 $80 N/A N/A

Also available in the Christmas Tree Sampler and Screen/Windbreak Packages.

White Spruce 3 year old - Low inventory as of January 15, 2020

photo of 2-0 white spruce seedling

White Spruce 2-0

photo of 3-0 white spruce seedling

White Spruce 3-0

photo of white spruce seedbeds

White Spruce Seedbeds

photo of sheared white spruce

Sheared White Spruce

photo of white spruce courtesy of dr. michael dirr

White Spruce

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