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Red OakQuercus rubra

A large tree capable of producing some of the most valuable lumber in the northeast. Prefers fertile, well-drained soils from central New Hampshire southward. Oak acorns are a valuable source of winter food and eaten by deer, bear, turkeys, and squirrels. These seedlings were root pruned to stimulate fine root growth. Mature height 70 to 80'

Seed Source:

New Hampshire

Seedling Details
Age Comment per 10 per 25 per 100 per 500 per 1000
1 yr 5-10" $15 $25 $80 $300 $500

Available in the Deciduous Tree Package.

SOLD OUT as of April 4th 2022

photo of red oak seedbeds

Red Oak Seedbeds

photo of red oak courtesy of dr. michael dirr

Red Oak

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