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Norway Spruce Picea abies

Fast growing pyramidal tree. Short to medium to dark needles with drooping branchlets. Often planted as a Christmas tree with fast growth characteristics and good response to shearing, but also produces high-quality lumber. Prefers moderately well to well-drained soils. Grows well throughout New Hampshire. Mature height 60 to 90'.

Seed Source:

New Hampshire

Seedling Details
Age Comment per 10 per 25 per 100 per 500 per 1000
2 yr 6-8" N/A N/A $60 $250 N/A
3 yr 8-16" $15 $25 $80 $300 N/A

Available in the Screen/Windbreak Package.

photo of 2-0 norway spruce

Norway Spruce 2-0

photo of 3-0 norway fir seedling

Norway Spruce 3-0

photo of norway spruce courtesy of dr. michael dirr

Norway Spruce

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