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Gray DogwoodCornus racemosa

Also known as red panicle dogwood. Mature height: up to 15'.


Wet or dry

Wildlife Value:

A songbird favorite; flowers. This red and gray twigged shrub has small white flowers in June


In the fall the leaves turn reddish and plant produces clusters (panicles) of white berries on red stems.

Seed Source:

New Hampshire

Seedling Details
Age Comment per 10 per 25 per 100 per 500 Per 1000
1-2 yr 6-12" $15 $25 $80 N/A N/A

Available in the Dogwood and Native Species Packages.

photo of gray dogwood seedling

Gray Dogwood Seedlings

photo of gray dogwood courtesy of dr. michael dirr

Gray Dogwood

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