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Dogwood Package


This package consists of 5 kinds of dogwood flowering shrubs native to NH. All are important to songbirds, providing nesting cover in spring and food sources from summer through fall. The package contains alternate-leaf dogwood, gray dogwood, red-osier dogwood, silky dogwood and yellow-osier dogwood.

Specialty packages are $30 each and consist of 25 assorted seedlings (5 plants of 5 different species) color coded for easy identification. Each seedling will average at least 4 to 12" tall. Each package is a 2' x 3' poly-lined paper bag and will easily fit in the trunk of a small car. Flowering shrubs and trees will flower and produce fruit most abundantly when grown in full sunlight.

These popular packages are suitable for planting statewide. Disclaimer: the majority of plants in these specialty packages are intended primarily for wildlife and songbird use. Some species may contain toxins harmful to humans if consumed.

Price: $30 per pkg.

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