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Christmas Tree Sampler

This package contains 25 bare root seedlings (5 each) of the following popular trees: balsam fir, Fraser fir, concolor fir, blue spruce and white spruce. This package allows testing small quantities of different species to see which trees will grow best on a selected site. Conifers also provide cover, nesting habitat, and food for a variety of songbirds and wildlife.

Specialty packages are $30 each and consist of 25 assorted seedlings (5 plants of 5 species) color coded for easy identification. Each seedling will average at least 4 to 12" tall. Plant descriptions and planting suggestions are provided.

Price: $30 per pkg.

photo of 3-0 balsam fir seedling

Balsam Fir 3-0

photo of 2-0 blue spruce seedling

Blue Spruce 2-0

photo of fraser fir 3-0 seedling

Fraser Fir

photo of white spruce 2-0 seedling

Concolor 3-0

photo of concolor 3-0 seedling

Concolor 3-00

photo of 2-0 white spruce seedling

White Spruce 2-0

photo of christmas tree seedlings

Color Coded Bare root Seedlings

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