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Plant Images

Courtesy of Dr. Michael A. Dirr

In response to customer requests for pictures of "mature" plants, quality tree and shrub photos were placed online in the fall of 1999 thanks to the courtesy of Dr. Michael A. Dirr. Dr. Dirr's photos were used to create tiled images by Division of Forests and Lands staff- the tiled images are marked "Courtesy of Dr. Michael A. Dirr".

Copyright photographs by Dr. Michael A. Dirr. All rights reserved. All photographs used with permission from Dr. Michael A. Dirr – any use of photographs on this web site provided by Dr. Michael A. Dirr — including downloading, distribution, storage, reuse, reposting, or modification —is prohibited.

State Forest Nursery Images

Additional plant images were added to this website in the fall of 2000 from the State Forest Nursery image collection– thanks go to Howard Lewis and Ray Boivin. Many of the State Forest Nursery images are marked "NHnursery.com" and may be used for non-commercial purposes with appropriate credits.

Other Images

Where images have been provided by other sources they are so noted. We appreciate the opportunity to use images provided to us from other sources that are helpful to our customers and provide educational value to the public. If you have an interest in using any image provided to us from other sources we ask that you please contact the provider noted for permission where appropriate. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions regarding images used on this web site or about the website itself, please feel free to contact us.

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