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Web Site: The Bridge Weekly

Geographic Area: Upper Connecticut River Valley includes: NH towns of Littleton, Lyman, Landaff, Lisbon, Bath, Monroe, Haverhill, Benton, Piermont, and Orford. Vermont towns include: St. Johnsbury, Barnet, Ryegate, Groton, Newbury, Bradford and Fairlee.

General: Free-to-the-reader weekly – Total circulation 9,000 per week with over 7,000 papers mailed free to patrons in NH and VT post offices. The complete paper every week is available online - free.

Search Capabilities: Archived weekly papers.

Special Features: Good news about the residents, businesses and schools in the Upper Connecticut River Valley, as written by our contributors. Obituaries are placed free as a service to families and our readers. The Bridge Weekly’s exclusive aerial photos of the area appear in many editions. The Bridge includes, classifieds, service and business card directories in each edition.

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