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Outline of New Hampshire

First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary

By Hugh Gregg
Hugh, Gregg. "New Hampshire’s First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary", State of New Hampshire Manual for the General Court, (Department of State) No.55, 1997.


New England Community Action Association Presidential Forum

       Since 1972 the New England Community Action Association has played a major supporting role in the success of the New Hampshire presidential primaries. It has sponsored & Presidential Forum in which each candidate is offered an hour-long opportunity to address members on any subjects of their choice. Officially held at the New Hampshire Highway Hotel in Concord the Forum grew from its first audience of less than 250 to well over 1,300 by the fourth one.
      Every candidate who files is invited to participate; the attendees represent voters of all political persuasions; open to the media, proceedings extend over three days, long enough to fit everyone’s campaign schedule. It has been the perfect podium for fringe candidates to proclaim their platforms. On the final day of the Forum in 1996, five candidates remained in the room to hear the last speaker from their group, even though the total audience had shrunk to thirty listeners. | privacy policy | accessibility policy | site map | contact us Copyright (c) State of New Hampshire, 2012