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Fast Facts and Sources of Information

Note: Click on county name hyperlinks in the table below to go to official county websites. If the county name is not linked, see the "County Government Offices" section further down the page to obtain additional information.
# County Date
(sq. mi.)
Origin of County Name(3)
1 Belknap 1840 401.3 for Jeremy Belknap (1744-98), Portsmouth minister & early NH historian
2 Carroll 1840 933.9 for Charles Carroll of Carrollton (1737-1832), signer of the Declaration of Independence
3 Cheshire 1769 707.5 for Cheshire, England
4 Coos 1803 1,800.6 Indian word meaning "crooked", for a bend in the Connecticut River
5 Grafton 1769 1,713.5 for Augustus Henry Fitzroy (1735-1811), the third Duke of Grafton (England)
6 Hillsborough 1769 876.5 for Wills Hill (1718-1793), Earl of Hillsborough (Ireland/Great Britian)
7 Merrimack 1823 934.5 after the Merrimack River
8 Rockingham 1769 695.2 for Charles Watson Wentworth (1730-82), the second Marquis of Rockingham (England)
9 Strafford 1769 368.8 for William Wentworth, the Earl of Strafford (England), ancestor of NH Governors Benning and John Wentworth
10 Sullivan 1827 537.4 for John Sullivan (1740-1795), Governor of NH


1 - N.H. Manual for the General Court, no. 43 (NH Department of State, 1973); NH county histories.
2 - US Census Bureau, "Table 1. Land Area, Population, and Density for States and Counties: 1990", Released: March 12, 1996. [area is also given in square kilometers]
3 - N.H. Manual for the General Court, no. 43 (NH Department of State, 1973); Dictionary of American Biography; Dictionary of National Biography; NH county histories. Governor John Wentworth (served 1767-1775) named the first five counties in NH after his friends and relatives and places in England.

County Government Offices

New Hampshire Association of Counties
c/o The Dupont Group
114 N. Main Street, Suite 401
Concord, NH 03301

National Association of Counties
Use the drop-down box to select NH.

County Population and Other Demographic Information

US Census Bureau, "New Hampshire Profiles" page:
State and county quick facts available from the US Bureau of the Census.

New Hampshire Office of Energy & Planning, State Data Center:
Easy access to census related information on New Hampshire. Much of the information reported is at the town or city level, rather than the county level, but miscellaneous county information can be found here, such as a listing of NH towns by county.

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