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Outline of New Hampshire

First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary

By Hugh Gregg
Hugh, Gregg. "New Hampshire’s First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary", State of New Hampshire Manual for the General Court, (Department of State) No.55, 1997.


Presidential Primary Results 1996

Major Candidates
All filed in person except Clinton
State Total Votes
Lamar Alexander (R) Tennessee 47,148
Patrick J. Buchanan (R) Virginia 56,874
"Bill" Clinton * (D) Arkansas 77,797
"Bob" Dole(R) Kansas 54,738
Robert K. Doman (R) California 529
"Steve" Forbes (R) New Jersey 25,505
Phil Gramm (R) Texas 752
Alan L. Keyes (R) Maryland 5,572
Richard G. Lugar (R) Indiana 10,838
"Morry" Taylor (R) Illinois 2,944

* Stand-in filed
(p) filed in person
(m) filed by mail

Republican Fringe Candidates State Total Votes
Richard P. Bosa (p) New Hampshire 216
Billie Joe Clegg (p) Mississippi 118
Charles E. Collins (m) Florida 42
Georgiana H. Doerschuck (p) New Hampshire 154
Susan Ducey (m) Pennsylvania 151
William James Flanagan (p) Florida 48
Russell J. Fornwalt (m) New York 37
John B. Hurd (m) Ohio 26
Michael Stephen Levinson (p) New York 35
Gerald J. McManus (m) Florida 20
Hubert David Patty (m) Tennessee 17
Tennie Rogers (m) Oklahoma 12
Richard D. Skillen (m) North Carolina 80

* Stand-in filed
(p) filed in person
(m) filed by mail

Democratic Fringe Candidates State Total Votes
Willie Felix Carter (m) Texas 85
"Sal" Casamassima (p) Texas 45
Carmen C. Chimento (p) New Hampshire 656
Bruce C. Daniels (p) Connecticut 312
Michael E. Dass (p) Pennsylvania 57
Robert F. Drucker (p) Pensylvania 81
James D. Griffin (m) New York 307
Ted L. Gunderson (m) Nevada 70
Vincent S. Hamm (m) Colorado 72
Heather Anne Harder (p) Indiana 369
Caroline P. Killeen (p) Arizona 391
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. * Virginia 433
Frank Legas (p) California 63
Stephen Michael (p) District of Columbia 94
David Pauling (m) Florida 74
"Pat" Paulsen (m) California 1,007
John Safran (m) Michigan 42
Ronald W. Spangler (m) California 62
Osie Thorpe (m) District of Columbia 50
Ben J. Tomeo (m) Tennessee 47

* Stand-in filed
(p) filed in person
(m) filed by mail

Libertarian Fringe Candidates
Considered fringe candidates
State Total Votes
Harry Browne (m) Tennessee 653
Irwin A. Schiff (m) Nevada 336

* Stand-in filed
(p) filed in person
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