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State Prisons - Lakes Region Facility


Lakes Region Facility

Offender population on June 30, 2008 - 316 inmates and 10 Parole Violators in 28-day Parole Enhancement Program.

The Lakes Region Facility is a minimum custody transitional facility. It's capacity is 400 inmates but it averages about 300 male inmates. The Warden of this facility oversees inmates housed here as well as inmates in the Calumet and North End Transitional Housing Units as well as The Transitional Work Center.


  • C-2 Transitional Program. It is designed to better prepare minimum security inmates for their return to the community.
  • 28-Day Parole Enhancement Program. It targets parole violators who risk having their parole revoked while in the community. The program focuses on the needs of offenders on community supervision who have substance abuse and other treatment needs. It includes a cognitive change component that gives participants the opportunity to change their behaviors and improve chances of success in the community.
  • Family Connections Center - Assists inmates and their families in maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Victim IMPACT Program -- strives to improve offender empathy toward crime victims/survivors and understanding about the many impacts of crime. It teaches inmates how crime harms real people -- physically, emotionally, and financially.
Community Service

Lakes Region Facility minimum-security offenders provide over 30,000 hours of community service to state and county agencies and Laconia-area non-profit organizations.

The Lakes Region Facility employs 153 people including 105 Corrections Officers and 48 non-uniformed employees.

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