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Victim Services

Our Principles

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections strives to continuously improve assistance and support for people who are crime victims or survivors. Collaboration with community and statewide stakeholders helps us stay responsive to the interests of victims as we fulfill our public safety responsibilities. With respect for the rights and experiences of crime victims and survivors, we are committed to keeping interested citizens informed, involved, and safe.

Victim advocacy through the NH Department of Corrections is promoted in a manner consistent with our agency mission and values. The Victim Services Bureau maintains the following principles:

New Hampshire supports a seamless system of advocating for crime victims throughout the justice system;

Further trauma for victims and families is minimized through:

- non-judgmental, compassionate and timely interactions by trained staff;

- information about correctional processes and case-specific progress;

- information about available resources;

Victim input into relevant correctional decision-making processes is encouraged;

The principles and practices of community justice are supported by:

- acknowledging the harm caused by crime;

- listening to victims and survivors of crime;

- addressing the relationship between victims, offenders and communities;

- providing opportunities to promote victim empowerment and offender change;

- supporting the role and interest of communities in achieving justice;

Collaborative partnerships are essential with victim advocates, national and state coalitions, community organizations, and other public and private agencies.

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