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Victim Services

Publications - Probation and Parole

Respect for Victims

Consistent with its mission and values, the Department of Corrections views respect for victims and survivors as essential for justice to be served. Sensitivity toward victims and families, and awareness of their needs, are important elements of our work.

Victim Impact Statements | Victim Notification | Restitution | Domestic Violence | Information & Support

Victim Impact Statements

In addition to information about the offender, the pre-sentence investigation and report provides an opportunity for crime victims and survivors to inform the Court about the personal impact of crime upon them and/or their family. The PPO will ask victims for statements about the physical, emotional and financial impact of the crime. The victim may also offer an opinion about an appropriate sentence for the offender, including restitution to the victim.

At times, these impact statements may be coordinated with the Victim-Witness Advocate who supported the victim during the criminal prosecution.

Upon written request, the Adult Parole Board Provides an opportunity for victims and survivors to address the Board prior to its decision about an inmate's release from prison. Interested victims may choose to personally appear before the Parole Board or may submit a written statement to the Board prior to hearing.

Victims may choose to be accompanied to the parole hearing by a victim-witness advocate or other supportive person. The victim may choose to speak with the Board with or without the inmate present.

Victim Notification

The Department of Corrections is committed to keeping interested crime victims informed and involved during the corrections phase of New Hampshire's justice system. Upon written request, crime victims and survivors will be informed when inmates are eligible for parole consideration.

The Adult Parole Board provides victims an opportunity to address the Board prior to its decision about an inmate's release on parole.

Victims and survivors may also be notified when prison inmates are released, transferred or escaped, and when they return to prison for violating conditions of parole.

\Victim requests for notification are confidential and cannot be accessed by offenders.


Recognizing the serious impact of crime upon its citizens, New Hampshire law emphasizes restitution by offenders to help ease the burden of victims caused by criminal acts.

By law, there is a presumption that the victim will be compensated by the offender. The Court may order reimbursement for economic losses suffered.

Orders for restitution remain in effect until paid in full by offenders. The DOC and courts have authority over offenders for purposes of enforcing restitution until the restitution order is satisfied. Offender payments are prorated to victims by DOC.

An administrative fee is added to each offender's restitution account. Paid by the offender, a portion of this fee is added to the funds of the New Hampshire Victim Assistance Commission.

Domestic Violence

When offenders are known to physically or emotionally abuse household members or intimate partners, PPO's collaborate with other community agencies to enhance victim safety.

Such offenders are frequently considered high risk for violence. Supervision by the PPO, offender attendance at batterers programs, and victim assistance through domestic and sexual violence support centers can all help reduce the risk of further abuse.

Although the DOC's supervision of an offender may be legally unrelated to domestic violence, victims of domestic violence are urged to inform the PPO and police when they feel at risk or when a batterer has breached a court's domestic violence protective order.

Information & Support

Respect for the dignity of crime victims is fundamental to the work of DOC employees.

Together with victim/witness advocates, crisis centers and law enforcement agencies throughout New Hampshire, our Probation-Parole Officers are available to help address safety and other concerns of the citizens most directly affected by crime. Victims are encouraged to contact the DOC and other agencies for appropriate support.

Probation-Parole Office locations and telephone numbers are included on the back panel. The DOC Victim Services Coordinator is also available at (603) 271-1937.

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