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Publications - Probation and Parole


Probation-Parole Officers (PPO) investigate a variety of matters referred to the DOC by New Hampshire courts, the Adult Parole Board and corrections agencies from other states.
The following are investigations typically conducted by PPO's:

Pre-sentence: To provide information to the Superior or District Court judge before sentencing, the PPO contacts police, crime victims, the offender, and others in the community. A report is provided to the court with a victim impact statement, a summary of defendant's family, education, employment, and prior record with police and courts. The PPO also offers a sentencing recommendation.

Pre-Parole: When the Adult Parole Board determines an inmate is appropriate for release from prison, the PPO verifies the inmate's proposed parole plan, including residence, employment and participation with counseling or other agencies.
The PPO inspects the home and contacts the employer to determine whether they will provide an opportunity for positive adjustment in the community. The PPO recommends the plan be accepted or rejected by the Parole Board.

Annulment: Certain persons may petition the court to annul a record of arrest, conviction and sentencing. Records of violent crime (and other exceptions) cannot be annulled. The PPO reports to the court arrests or convictions of the defendant, and any information which may aid the judge in determining if annulment "will assist in the defendant's rehabilitation and will be consistent with the public welfare."

Out-of-State: PPO's may also be requested to provide investigations or supervision through the Interstate Compact. This occurs when an offender proposes to live and work in another State while under probation or parole supervision. PPO's in every State work cooperatively to promote public safety and offender accountability.

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