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Victim Services

Publications - Probation and Parole


Academy - A year long intensive, community program of both punishment & rehabilitation. Available in each county, it includes: (1) a core curriculum of living skills courses such as parenting, stress management, budgeting, and nutrition; (2) employment or active job search; (3) alcohol/drug screens; (4) counseling, educational and vocational courses; (5) close supervision by PPO. Offenders who do not comply are promptly incarcerated;

Adult Parole Board - Members are appointed by the Governor, with Executive Council consent; responsible for paroling inmates from prison and legal custody of persons on parole;

Annul - When a Court issues order of annulment, the person is treated in all respects as if never arrested, convicted or sentenced; however, annulled records may be considered in determining a sentence for any new conviction after the annulment was granted;

Capias - Orders any sheriff or law enforcement agency to detain a defendant and cause the subject to appear before the Court;

Conditions - Restrictions and limitations established by the court for the conduct and behavior of persons sentenced to probation, or by the adult parole board for parolees released from prison;

Due Process - Individual rights to: (1) receive written notice of alleged violations; (2) personally appear at any hearing; (3) cross-examine witnesses; (4) present witnesses, testimony and documentary evidence; (5) legal counsel; (6) hearing and written decision by an impartial body;

Economic Loss - Out-of-pocket losses or other expenses incurred as a direct result of a criminal offense, including: (1) reasonable charges incurred for reasonably needed products, services and accommodations; (2) loss of income by the victim or the victim's dependents; (3) the value of damaged, destroyed, or lost property; (4) expenses reasonably incurred in obtaining ordinary and necessary services in lieu of those the injured or deceased victim would have performed; (5) reasonable expenses related to funeral and burial or crematory services for the decedent victim;

Electronic Monitoring - A tool which enhances supervision of offenders by the PPO to enforce home confinement; a tamper-proof electronic bracelet is worn by the offender to verify presence in the home at required times; the offender must pay for use of this device;

Inmate - Any adult committed by law to the custody of the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections;

Interstate Compact - Agreement between States and other jurisdictions which permits corrections agencies to send and receive offenders between jurisdictions;

Offender - Any adult person convicted of a crime or offense under the laws of this State;

Parole - Conditional release from state prison which allows a prisoner to serve the remainder of the sentence outside the prison, contingent upon compliance with terms and conditions established by the parole board;

Probation - Sentence ordered by the court allowing an offender to remain in the community with supervision and guidance of a PPO, under such conditions as the court may impose;

Probation-Parole Officer (PPO) - (1) officer of the court, investigates & makes recommendations as requested by the court, the parole board, or the commissioner; (2) provides supervision to persons on probation or parole; (3) reports to the court or parole board violations of probation or parole conditions; (4) enforces criminal laws and arrests or causes the arrest of any probationer or parolee as required; (5) collects and disburses fees, fines, or restitution payments as ordered;

Restitution - Money or service provided by the offender to compensate a victim for economic loss, or to compensate any collateral source subrogated to the rights of the victim;

Revocation - After hearing, the Court or Adult Parole Board may find the offender violated the conditions of probation or parole, violated the law, or associated with criminal companions; the approved term of probation or parole may be voided and the offender may be incarcerated;

Victim-Witness Advocate - Provides information & support services to crime victims or witnesses during the investigation, prosecution, sentencing and corrections phases of the justice system.

Work Release - Release from prison for the purpose of obtaining and working at gainful employment; during this status inmates usually reside at a DOC Community Corrections Center or County House of Correction with restrictions on activity beyond the facility

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