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Medical & Forensic Services Division

Paula L. Mattis, Director
105 Pleasant Street, Third Floor
Concord, NH 03302
PO Box 1806 (Mailing)
Concord, NH 03302-1806
(603) 271-5563
Fax: (603) 271-5539

For the Office of the Forensic Examiner
Phone: (603) 271-7457 Fax: (603)224-1097

For Medical Records Inquiries
(603) 271-6063

Medical Records ROI
Fax: (603) 271-5295

The mission of the Division of Medical & Forensic Services is to provide appropriate and professional behavioral, dental and medical treatment and prevention services to incarcerated offenders of the NHDOC while fostering positive communication about health care to all.

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The Division of Medical & Forensic Services provides for the health and behavioral health needs of inmates and civilly committed patients housed in facilities operated by the State Department of Corrections. The Division is obligated under the Eighth Amendment to provide prisoners with adequate medical care inclusive of behavioral health services. This principle applies regardless of whether the medical care is provided by governmental employees or by private medical staff under contract with the Department. Our services are comparable to the community standards of care which means that we provide multiple levels of care. The Department works with community partners to provide services that exceed the provision of services available in our facilities as the needs arise including services such as hospital based services, specialty assessments, and dialysis.

The Division is comprised of an Administration unit that oversees the policies and procedures that govern the services we provide. These activities are done in collaboration with several clinical leadership positions. The Division employs a diverse cross section of professionals as outlined in the table below:

 Medical Forensic
Medical Providers Psychiatric Providers


  • Registered Nurse Managers
  • Registered Nurses
Licensed Practical Nurses


  • Social Workers,
  • Psychologists,
  • Licensed Alcohol Drug Counselors,
Clinical Mental Health Counselors
Dietician Specially Trained Correctional Officers
Physical Therapy Forensic Examiners
Dental Hygienists
Dental Assistants

Pharmacy Staff:

  • Pharmacists
  • Pharmacy Technicians

Medical Services

  • Our health services staff handle daily medical concerns that are common in the community at all levels of acuity. These medical issues range from major to minor problems, emergent to chronic illnesses that require on-going care. We have policies to treat chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiac disease as well as preventative health care and end-of-life care. Nursing Services provide care to male and female inmates across all the facilities. This is done through two (2) 24hr in-patient infirmaries, one (1) 24hr psychiatric unit, and three health services clinics who have sick call hours to provide face-to-face contact with a member of the nursing staff to triage health concerns.

Correctional Nurses mange acute illness and emergencies, provide assessment and education, perform health screenings, deal with mental health issues, and provide clinical and hospice nursing care at the inpatient sites.

Health Information

  • The Health Records unit functions as the primary component of the Division's health information management tracking system. The Health Records unit ensures the Department’s compliance with State and Federal standards regarding the maintenance of medical information. This area is responsible for processing admissions to the prison system, coordinating outside consultant activities and scheduling and coordinating access to services such as optometry services. Our Health Records area processes requests for health information from inmates, attorneys, vocational rehabilitation, SSI disability determination and other correctional and health care facilities. This staff ensures policies of confidentiality and access to health care information are strictly observed.

NHDOC Form: Authorization to Disclose Health Information adobe acrobat reader symbol


  • Pharmacy Services are centralized and distribute all medications to our facilities. Our Pharmacy staff is responsible for managing an electronic pharmacy database that provides for electronic prescribing by our providers, tracking medication compliance, and drug utilization. Prescription medications are distributed to inmates using three methods:
    • Keep on person medications – medication needed for emergent issues but not likely abused
    • Nurse Administered by a licensed nurse to the inmate and tracked on a medication administration record
    • Self-Administered by the inmate and observed by the officer; secured and monitored by the pharmacy

The Pharmacy processes over 200,000 prescriptions a year to treat medical and psychiatric diagnoses.

Behavioral Health Services

  • The Behavioral Health unit consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatric social workers, alcohol and drug counselors, and mental health counselors. The staff provides a variety of services ranging from individual and group therapy to medication evaluation and management to treatment mental health diagnoses inclusive of substance use disorders.

Every inmate admitted to the NHDOC is seen for a mental health intake screening. From this, inmates are referred to any of the full range of treatment services offered. These services include substance use assessment and treatment, individual and group psychotherapy and/or psychological assessment.

Services are also available for the severely and persistently mentally ill. These inmates are provided services including but not limited to in depth evaluation, structured treatment, medication management and discharge planning for these inmates. An intensive outpatient treatment program focusing on inmates with severe behavioral problems will soon be implemented. This program will consist of structured group treatment, medication management and structured activities groups.

The behavioral health staff provides specialty services to the inmates in restrictive housing due to their classification. In these units, clinical staff completes rounds five days a week to enable inmates to access services. Additionally, inmates on psychiatric medications are seen individually every 14 days while housed in these units. Groups interventions are offered as outlined in their treatment plans and screenings are completed before being assigned a bed in these units. Services are enhanced to assist in reducing their time in these units. These services include individual consultation and treatment, medication evaluation and management and group therapy focusing on impulse control.

The Division operates several treatment units including the Secure Psychiatric Unit, Residential Treatment Unit, Wellness Units, and Focus Units. These modified therapeutic communities were established to treat inmates with mental health diagnoses and/or substance use disorders with the goal of helping them successfully transition into step down units or facilities to continue with their treatment needs. A summary of Behavioral Health Services offered by the Department. Adobe Acrobat

Crisis Intervention Services

  • Crisis intervention services are provided to the inmate population 24 hours a day through a diverse set of staff, including behavioral health staff, nursing staff, and on-call psychiatric providers as well as our trained correctional officers. Behavioral health staff is on-call Monday through Friday during the day to deal with crises which typically surround issues of suicidality or self-harm. In the course of responding to these crises, trained staff performs suicide risk assessments and arrange for housing placements to maximize the safety of inmates in crisis.

Dental Services

  • Dental Services are provided to all inmates. Dental Services staff consists of a Chief of Dentistry, consulting oral surgeon, dentists, hygienists and assistants. Dental Services serves as a training site for approved college affiliates such as Tufts University and the New Hampshire Technical Institute's Hygienist and Dental Assistant Program.

Every inmate is provided with a dental intake and comprehensive oral examination upon coming into the facilities and follow-up care including hygiene services. The Department provides on-site Oral surgical interventions as medically necessary and other restorative services as outlined in an inmate dental record

Helpful Links to Assist with Re-Entry Services

Secure Psychiatric Unit Visiting Schedule

Visits may be contact or non-contact based upon the resident's treatment status.

Visiting Schedule

Unit Date and Time
RTU Tuesdays from 5pm - 7pm
SPU Wednesdays from 5pm - 7pm

Attorneys should notify the Secure Psychiatric Unit 24 hours prior to their visit

Sending Mail to a Resident or Patient

The mailing address for residents in the Residential Treatment Unit is:

Individual Name
Residential Treatment Unit
PO Box 14
Concord, NH 03302

The mailing address for residents of the Secure Psychiatric Unit is:

Patient Name
Patient #
Secure Psychiatric Unit
PO Box 2828
Concord, NH 03302

Secure Psychiatric Unit Rules

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