Campton, New Hampshire


Over the West Branch Brook in Campton on Old Stephans Road. The bridge can be reached by driving into the campground just east of U.S. Route 3 and north of N.H. Route 49.
Style of Bridge:
Year of Construction:
Original Cost:
Structural Characteristics:
The bridge is 60'6" long with a clear span of 52'3". It has an overall width of 14'9" with a roadway width of 12'0", and a maximum vertical clearance of 9'11". The bridge is closed to vehicular traffic.
Maintained By:
Private initiative
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Historical Remarks:
The original covered bridge on this site was built in 1874. The bridge's name originates from farmer, Jim Cummings, whose property it served. Cummings property was popularly known as Turkey Jim's Turkey Farm. The bridge was replaced in 1958 by Milton Graton at a cost of $3,700. It was discovered then that due to the deteriorated condition of the structure it could not be repaired but would have to be replaced. In 1964, the bridge washed downstream, was retrieved, and set back on its abutments. It is no longer open to vehicular traffic but is used as a pedestrian crossing and snowmobile crossing in the winter. Turkey Jim's Bridge was constructed in a manner which replicates the traditional style of covered bridges but has not reached the 50 year National Register of Historic Places age criteria.

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